GAZE: A Virtual Art Exhibit with 30 International Women Artists

Exhibiting Artists

Erica Podwoiski | Rachel Le Roux | Karla Thomas | Sydney Herndon | Corrine Forrester |

Larkin Cook | Mara Magyarosi Laytner | Rachel Kremidas | Nina Meledandri | Dana Oldfather |

Jennifer Epperson | Karen Turner | Carson Kowr | Ana Sneeringer | Phyllis Gorsen | Leigh Brooklyn |

Tracy Leena Soreng | Rhea In | Alexia Smit | Chantal Lesley | Mary Jo Matsumoto | Kristen Anderson |

Sharon Wensel | Caterina Leone | Heidi Bakk | Cynthia Zeman | Julie Atkinson | Maggie Meiners |

Anne Sophie Plume | Eva Lewis

Exhibition Essay

  • By Aradhita Maheshwari

Women are often subjected to a gaze which shapes their identity. This gaze is from men, other women, and society at large which makes a woman feel conscious about herself. It signifies a woman to be The Other as she is excluded from the community. The theme for the exhibition is this ‘gaze’, of being a woman, a woman of colour, a person identifying as a woman, an outsider, and any other way of depicting hierarchy.

Our goal is to document multiple varied voices leading to a strong single female voice by showcasing various perspectives/experiences of defining this “Gaze”. This exhibit with international womxn artists is an attempt to construct a visual and vocal message with the support of art & women artists. Documentation of ‘the gaze’ that has stopped them, broken them, hurt them, and also set the fire in them to come forward.

Curator’s Note

Men have been making decisions for women for centuries. With the rise of agriculture and unequal distribution of resources, the gender disparities started to grow more evident. Historically, men created a double standard when it comes to gender expression for women – we are to be the objects of male’s desire and male’s disposal; however, we are not to express ourselves in similar ways by choice, especially if not for men.

In our show, Gaze, women created and showed art by taking the power back. The artists took control and ownership of their bodies, thoughts, and expressions. They showed the viewer what they see, feel, and experience without asking for permission or worrying about the perception. They invited you into their own existence.

Through this exhibit, you have access to artists’ most vulnerable visions and thought processes without the lead of society’s expectations. I encourage you to visit their websites and read their artist statements to get familiar with more personal stories behind each work. Huge thanks to Charuka, Arts to Hearts, and all participating artists for allowing me to be the curator of such powerful exhibition. I am thankful for the permission to see into your world.

  • Svitlana Matrynjuk, Founder of All SHE Makes

Editor’s Note

A big thank you for the support we have received so far.
I am truly grateful to my beautiful community for making what Arts To Hearts is today.
If you like this exhibit and what we do please don’t forget to share this and help us spread the word.
It will truly mean a lot to us and help us reach a wider audience.
Until, we meet again.
Sending my best to you always x

  • Charuka Arora, Founder Arts To Hearts Project

What is GAZE ?

Hear these 30 artists talk about what Gaze means to them!

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