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ATH Magazine Issue #4 Cover Artists

Arts to Hearts Magazine issue #4 is here and we cannot wait for you to get your hands on it! As the weather changes and the skies begin to darken, our 4th issue is here to help you and your art smoothly transition into fall.

The cover art for ATH magazine issue #4 is by Welder Wings (Francisco and Nuria) and we can’t take our eyes off it! This cover art has really captured the mood of this issue of ATH magazine, and sets the tone for what you’re about to find on those pages!

About Welder Wings

Francisco Abril and Nuria Velasco, also known as Welder Wings, are a creative couple who began their joint collaboration by making digital collages together. Their medium is digital collage with a pinch of illustration. Both of them believe that creativity is developed by working, and so for them, Welder Wings is not just a job, but one of the greatest sources of happiness and pleasure they have in life!

“We are an artistic couple and also in real life. We started creating just a few years ago and we are passionate about what we do.” – Welder Wings

What to expect from this issue

Form your business plan

Are you struggling to establish your at business? Fret not, because with the help of our ATH community, we bring to you valuable tips that will help you make money with your art. Navigate the business side of art with our step-by-step guide, and take control of your life!

Get your hands on a startup worksheet

As you form a viable plan for your art business, use our art business startup worksheet to get started. From goal setting to pricing to marketing, streamline the entire process with the help of our super handy checklist.

Embrace the magical power of art

As autumn arrives, embrace the changes that come with it and introspect on how this enchanted atmosphere affects you and your art. Curl up in your favorite blanket with a hot cup of cocoa, and go out for a walk and appreciate the crunching sound of the dead leaves on the ground as you walk on them. Let your creative journey evolve with the season!

What it means to communicate through art

Find our what our artist community hopes to convey through their art and how they want to spread hope, joy, and love. Learn that being an artist means that your work will be immortalized, forever spreading the message that you hope to leave in the world.

Set the right tone of your studio this fall

As fall arrives, welcome it with open arms by making a statement. Read interviews of some of the most amazing artists on how they are preparing for the end of the year by making changes in their work spaces. Learn how they stay motivated at this time of the year, and which rituals and routine helps them in winter.

Explore the creative journey of 35 artists

Lastly, join us as 35 female artists from different background talk about their ‘go-to’ source of inspiration, how autumn influences their creative process , and the advice they would like to give their fellow artists.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the ATH Magazine issue #4 today!

Once again, we express our deep gratitude to Welder Wings for creating a cover art that goes perfectly with the mysterious vibes of our ATH magazine issue #4!

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