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ATH Magazine Issue #1 Cover Artist

We at Arts to Hearts Project are finally ready to share with you some incredible stories by female artists. With our inaugural issue, we strive to bring together all the women artists and form a community where you can find support and strength. Inside this issue, you will find artists from diverse background who talk about their art and vision. From writers to sculptor to gallerists, get some inside scoop on how to manage your art and business!

For our very first issue, we had the pleasure of having Rithika Merchant as our cover artist. With her cover artwork ‘A moment to us’, Rithika really sets the tone for ATH Magazine. So let’s take a moment to honor all these amazing women in arts!

About Rithika

Rithika Merchant is a visual artist from Bombay (Mumbai), India. Her work explores the common thread that runs through different cultures and religions. Similar myths, stories and ideas are shared by cultures all around the world, her paintings explore this concept while also featuring creatures and symbolism that are part of her personal visual vocabulary. Nature plays a pivotal role in her work and is emphasized by the use of organic shapes and non saturated colors. Her paintings and collages are made using a combination of watercolor and cut paper elements, drawing on 17th century botanical prints and folk art, to create a body of work that is visually linked to our collective pasts.

Get some art expertise

Get inspired!

Find how a female gallerist found her way into the world of art industry and was able to overcome all obstacles.

Know how to sell your art

Get your business rolling like a pro!

Find out about the customizable plug & play templates, and start your journey to success.

Say no to unsolicited advice

No need too listen to naysayers and march to the beat of your own drum!

How many times have you heard people give you advice that was not always the most genuine or wise? If you are new at creating art, some of these advices will be more harmful than useful, and other times, they will need to go in one ear and out the other. Find out what other artists have had to endure!

Know your value

Don’t know how to price your art? We’ve got you covered on that front!

While pricing your art, you have to make sure that you are set to get maximum profit out of it. For that to happen, you will need to take some necessary steps, which we cover in our issue.

A date for an artist

Find out the perfect artist date activities that are designed for the artist in you!

It is important to take a break every once in a while and nurture our own creativity. In this issue, you will find activities that you can participate in to rejuvenate your inner creative.

Interviews with the artists

Stay motivated!

With our 14 curated artists, we share with you their work, process and inspiration Find out how they manage their own creative journey.

By getting your ATH magazine copy today, you will be able to read about all of it and more!

Once again, we are grateful to Rithika for sharing her magic with us, and making our magazine cover one of its kind!

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