For centuries, jewelry has been an integral aspect of a woman's life, representing her beauty, femininity, and strength. However, beyond the captivating sparkle and shimmering details, jewelry carries with it a deep-rooted cultural symbolism, signifying the traditional gender roles imposed on women. This symbolism has often led to the oppression and suppression of women, curtailing their autonomy and independence.

The brilliantly curated art exhibition, "Modern Maharani" by Charuka Arora, aims to celebrate the fortitude, grace, and resilience of women, reimagined through the lens of traditional Indian jewelry. Charuka's art pieces are a perfect tribute to the intricate patterns and designs of Indian culture and royalty, re-envisioned in a more invigorating and expressive way. The collection entails exceptional handmade paintings of traditional Indian jewelry, embellished with various textures and shimmering details, capturing the essence of the beauty of Indian women.

The attention to detail in each painting is awe-inspiring, fusing traditional Indian jewelry with a post-modern and contemporary outlook. Charuka's stunning art pieces have an enchanting and mysterious element, drawing you into the curious depths of each painting. The meticulous brushstrokes showcase intricate details in each piece of jewelry, turning it into more than just an object but a personification of women themselves.

Charuka has created "Modern Maharani" as a tribute to her mother and every woman who defies tradition to chart her path to success. The exhibition is a celebration of the beauty and strength of women, highlighting their enduring power and resilience in the face of cultural oppression. Charuka encourages the audience to look beyond the jewelry and recognize the true essence of women's beauty and strength, defying the societal norms that objectify women.

In conclusion, "Modern Maharani" is a stunning exhibit that showcases the power, resilience, and beauty of women, celebrating those who have defied tradition and found their own path to success. Through her artwork, Charuka has magnificently captured the cultural significance of traditional Indian jewelry and the symbolism it carries for women. Don't miss this unforgettable exhibition, it is an invigorating and inspiring experience to behold.

Charuka Arora

Charuka Arora is a pioneering artist whose work has gained global recognition and international acclaim. Her art is an ode to femininity, celebrating the strength and resilience of women. Her work has been published in prestigious publications such as Platform Mag (India), Create! Magazine (USA), Malaysian Times, and Jealous Curator (USA), to name a few.

Charuka's paintings are more than just art; they are an unapologetic statement on gender parity and female empowerment. Her unique brushstrokes and vivid color palette create a surreal world, inviting the viewer to celebrate women and their heritage.

As Charuka says about the MAHARANI Paintings:

"I want you to be lured by them, get so enchanted by their beauty. I want you to fall in love with them for your family. I want them to become a part of your story. And, then someday tell yours to many. I want you and your generations to come share your love with these paintings for years to come."


MAHARANI originates from the stunning panels of Charuka’s ‘Heirloom’ Paintings (2019), immersing viewers in his world of beauty, womanhood & Heritage.

The MAHARANI series currently features 27 works in different sizes and mediums. The utlimate MAHARANI HAAR is the queen of queens is adorned with kundans on oil paintings and is priced at 900$. There are 6 beautifully Panelled work , titled and numbered, approx measure 21 x 29cm cm, and are priced between 600-700$ each. The other smaller works and other drawings are also available for about 200$.

Each painting has been signed and titled by Charuka . The paintings are on cardled panel & water color paper embellished with embroideries collected from varied parts of India.

Shop the Series

All MAHARANI paintings are available to purchase for a limited time on https://shop.artstoheartsproject.com/collections/rani


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