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Selected Artists in Arts to Hearts Magazine Issue 1

Arts to Hearts Project is thrilled to finally list down names of the selected artists of its inaugural issue! It is an honor to feature all these strong women in our magazine who exude confidence and positivity. We hope that you will enjoy reading our magazine as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Selected Artists

Emily Mullet

Emily Mullet is a mixed media artist based in Phoenixville, PA. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting and Graphic Design from College of the Ozarks in 2012. She uses printmaking techniques to explore her interest in floral imagery and the female form. Much of Emily’s work is influenced by contemporary street artists, drawing inspiration from aerosol paints, stencils, and wheat pastes. Emily completed an apprenticeship at Moravian Pottery and Tile Works and has been featured by PxP Contemporary, Arts to Hearts Project, Grace Go Bloom, SHOWFIELDS, and CandyFloss Magazine.

In her current collection, Concrete Mind Blooms, Emily created a body of work that resembles abandoned architecture to conceptually explore returning to your past self. 

Caitlin Cartwright

Caitlin Cartwright is a social change artist whose vibrant narrative works combine painting, drawing, and collage to explore the stories that connect people of all cultures and ages. Although her intimate works deal with themes of loss and isolation, each piece also contains elements of community, comfort, and hope. Many years spent living and working with vulnerable populations in locales such as Madagascar, Namibia, India, and elsewhere influence both the emotional and geographical scope of her pieces. Caitlin earned her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art, as well as a masters in sustainable international development from SIT, and recently completed a six-month residency at the Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft in Columbia, NC. In combination with a long career in sustainable development, she uses art as a storytelling tool for economic empowerment, peace building, and healing and wellness. Caitlin is currently based in Ohio, and her works and collaborative community projects continue to be shown both nationally and abroad.
Caitlin is represented by Brandt-Roberts Gallery.

Malin Gyllensvaan

Malin Gyllensvaan is a textile designer and illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden, known for her intricate designs featuring flowers, animals and nature. 

She has a passion for gouache and graphite pencil and often combines the two in her work. Her focus on colour and texture creates lush, ethereal, and exotic pieces that she hopes will transport the viewer into a world of natural beauty and wonder, evoking a sense of calm and serenity.

Malin has a degree in printed textiles at Chelsea College of Arts in London and spent twelve years working as an in house textile designer before starting her freelance career.

She draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including vintage botanical illustrations and the patterns of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Her work is characterised by a deep appreciation for the natural world and a keen eye for detail.

Over the years, her creations have adorned everything from art prints, stationery, puzzles, packaging, textiles for both home and fashion, as well as illustrations for books.

Her clients include: IKEA, Anthropologie, Eeboo, , Bespoke press, Amber Lotus, Design House Greetings, Holt Renfrew, Running Press, Smith College, H&M, Åhléns, Cappelen Damm and Berghs förlag to name a few.

Sarah Detweiler

arah Detweiler is a Philadelphia area-based visual artist translating her experiences into figurative and narrative mixed media paintings. She has a BFA in Visual Communications from University of Delaware and a masters degree in Art Therapy from Pratt.

​Sarah is an award-winning artist who has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries across the country and virtually. She exhibits regularly at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia where she has had 2 sold out solo exhibitions. Her work has also been seen on television and film, clothing, books, album covers, and projected onto a building in Times Square, NYC. Sarah has been published in Hi-Fructose, Create, Arts to Hearts, Visionary Art Collective, Artit, MILKED, and Uppercase Magazines, and featured on art blogs including Colossal and The Jealous Curator. She has also been interviewed for multiple art podcasts including The Jealous Curator’s podcast, Art For Your Ear. 

Sarah works out of her home studio undulating between her art practice and motherhood. She explores beyond the traditional boundaries of painting by including various hand embroidery techniques and mixed media materials into works based on themes of motherhood, nostalgia, and human connection.

Joanna Pilarczyk

Joanna Pilarczyk is a London-based contemporary figurative painter. Born in Poland, Pilarczyk studied at the Art University in Zielona Gora, where she earned a Master’s degree in Visual Arts and Art Education.

Pilarczyk’s artistic talent has earned her recognition and accolades. She was the recipient of the Boynes Monthly Artist Award and a finalist for the International FiKVA Award for Figurative Painters and also for the Women United Art Prize in both 2022 and 2021. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at prestigious venues like Mall Galleries at Women in Art Fair, Start Art Fair in Saatchi Gallery and the Other Art Fair in Truman Brewery, London. Additionally, she showcased her newest paintings at a solo show with Oink Gallery, featuring pieces from her ‘My Paradise’ series. Furthermore, Joanna actively participated in the Spring and Summer editions of the Other Art Fair in 2022.

Her artworks have even crossed international borders, with her paintings from the ‘Intimate Times’ series being exhibited at 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago and Mixx Atelier Gallery in Telluride, USA. Moreover, she contributed her art to the ‘Memories in Hindsight’ group show at J/M Gallery in Notting Hill, London. Pilarczyk’s paintings have been featured in publications including Create! Magazine, Art Seen, Women United Art Magazine and Boynes Artist Award.

Leah Guzman

I’ve written 3 art therapy books, “The Art of Healing and Manifesting: Creative Exercises to Living an Abundant Life, “Essential Art Therapy Exercises: Effective Techniques to Manage Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD”, and a children’s book, “RAD is SMAD!!” .

My signature program, Art of Healing and Manifesting, supports individuals by healing any emotional wounds and transforming energy to be your most authentic self. I also have other online courses such as the Creative Soul Society, a monthly art making group. I focus on the law of attraction. spirituality, and cognitive-behavioral art therapy techniques. Everything in life is interconnected. I’m here to support you in up leveling every area of your life.

It’s an honor to have helped thousands of individuals find more joy, wealth, and peace in their lives through my books, individual, and group programs.

I have a consistent art making practice. My art is mixed media paintings that embody high energy, richness in color, visual harmony and beauty. I live in Miami, Florida with my husband, Jorge, and two beautiful children, Joaquin and Carmen. My art has been collected by Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Jackson South Hospital, Society of Vascular Interventional Neurology and private collectors. I’ve partnered with brands like Bombay Sapphire, Athleta, Sacred Space Miami, Superfine Art Fair, and West Elm. I’ve also been featured in Spirituality & Health and Self magazines.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio sculpture from Georgia State University, then studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. Later, I earned a Master’s degree in Art Therapy at Florida State University, became a Board Certified Art Therapist.

Rachel Le Roux

Rachel Le Roux is a British-Filipina multidisciplinary fine artist and interior architect based in Manila, Philippines. She proudly holds a BA Honours Degree from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, UK. With over a decade of experience in the local architectural and design industry, she now wholeheartedly embraces her passion as a full-time artist but alongside her creative endeavours, Rachel continues to share her design expertise as a freelance interior designer and stylist.  

She primarily works with pencil and oil on canvas in her art practice and intricately weaves body language with fabric to exude feminine fluidity, revealing concealed emotions within each artwork. Rachel’s work expressions serve as a tribute to the allure and intricacies of womanhood and her profound admiration for the female form. Simultaneously, her passion for abstract art finds its place as She breathes life into the remnants of leftover paint from her figurative works, using them to continue to explore the essence of movement within each composition. Through this dualistic approach, she finds a balance that allows continuous growth within her art practice.

Rachel’s artwork has been featured in online and local group exhibits like the South Arts Festival Art Fair Manila and Leon Gallery Manila. Her work can be found in private collections worldwide and has been featured in multiple publications such as The Huts, Arts To Hearts Project, Clover + Bee, Art Seen and Create Magazine.  

Furthermore, Rachel actively participates as a contributing writer for Women United Arts Magazine.

Fatema Ibrahim

Fatema is a Bangalore based Fine Artist specialising in oil painting. She enjoys painting food, things at home and her surroundings and places she has visited.

Elisa Vita

Elisa Vita is a visual artist based in Montreal, Canada. She has graduated with an MFA in Visual Art from York University (2023) and a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Concordia University (2021). Awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship in 2022 for her research exploring the relational nature of folklore, painting, and environmentalism, Vita’s work honours the more-than-human world.

Sydney Herndon

Sydney Herndon from Russellville, Kentucky, focuses on millennial women and symbology that allows the viewer a glimpse into the mental worlds of the paintings.

Ana Sneeringer

Ana Sneeringer is a Slovenian artist residing in Alabama, USA. Having started her career in documentary journalism as a director of an environmental television station, Ana’s experiences across Jordan, France, Russia, The USA, The Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, and India, led her to express her observations & learnings in her contemporary artworks. Women or the female presence form the epicenter of her artistic exploration and stories.

Living around the world and engaging with women from different cultures, Ana’s encounters resonated with the similarities of emotions and experiences everywhere, rather than the disparities of race or color. As a result, her artistic canvas is a vivid, kaleidoscopic world of thoughts, emotions, and experiences shared by the modern woman. Entirely self-taught, Ana finds liberation in employing free will and speaking from her heart, unconfined by a learned discipline. Whether in watercolor, acrylic, or oil paints, she gives herself the freedom to experiment based on her subject matter.

Ana’s art has been exhibited internationally in the United Arab Emirates, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Switzerland. All She Makes, Create! Magazine and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine; highly recognizable art platforms for contemporary artists of the 21st century and World of Interiors; the most influential design and decoration magazine from Conde Nast had featured her work. She had been interviewed by Adobe2 and many other magazines. One of her projects was collaborating with LIDL Slovenia and Europa Donna to raise awareness of breast cancer through her artwork. In 2020 one of her artworks was exhibited and is now part of their collection in one of three National museums in India, Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad, India. In December 2022 her artwork was exhibited on the screens of Times Square, NYC.

Shivangi Ladha

Shivangi Ladha is an artist from India. Through her work, she likes to question the true identity of our beloved human race.

Anne Von Freyburg

Anne von Freyburg’s practice rethinks textile and the decorative within the tradition of painting. It embraces and subverts the female gaze, the feminine and pretty. Historically, craft and decoration have been perceive as lesser than the “intellectual” fine arts. By combining them, von Freyburg challenges this underlying hierarchical system.

At the same time, the artist reclaims the female history of textiles, the feminine, the pretty, decoration, the domestic and female nude. “I paint with materials,” observes von Freyburg.

Embellishment has been associated with the feminine, frivolous, and excessive, and was thus repressed within the rhetoric of Modernism. Detailing and fabric were viewed as decorative extras.

von Freyburg recent work translates old masters paintings from the Rococo period into paintings constructed of a mixture of tapestry and contemporary fashion fabrics. With these works von Freyburg attempts to raise questions about taste, femininity, high and low art and the constructs of female identity. Her work is a celebration of the sensual, textural and visual pleasures of materials and ornaments. Besides its visual pleasures it can also be read as a comment on excessive consumerist’s behaviour and self-indulgence.

Through her work, she seeks a renewed significance and meaning of the decorative, detail and fabric while celebrating the feminine. Von Freyburg is part of a group of artists seeking a renewed significance and meaning around crafted materials.

Karen Turner

Karen Turner is an award winning figure and portrait artist whose oil paintings are a commentary on the weight of expectations.  Focusing on the physical body and the scrutiny to which it is commonly subjected, her paintings explore what society expects of a woman, the ways in which a woman’s shape is often considered to define her, and the impact that this has on her life and sense of self.

An examination of the inherent bias against, and at times discrimination of, fat bodies, Karen’s work challenges the traditionally narrow view of who can be considered beautiful, as she sensitively presents her subjects in a way that both celebrates and normalises.

Born in London in 1978, Karen attended Hampstead Fine Arts College before going on to a career in the City.  Since returning to art in 2020 she has been awarded the President’s Prize by the Insitute of East Anglian Artists, the Professional Artist Award by the Visual Artists Association and the Art Fluent Evolution Grant.

Karen exhibits with The Other Art Fair in London, and in 2022 was included amongst the Fair Director’s Picks.  In the same year she was invited to participate in one of Art on a Postcard’s celebrated auctions, and more recently she was approached by fashion and fine art photographers Inez and Vinoodh to join Double Dutch.  An online charity gifting platform, her work features alongside the likes of Cindy Sherman, Gary Hume, Es Devlin and Lady Gaga.

In August of 2023 Karen was selected as one of 12 Dubel Prize Finalists.  Devised to recognise emerging British artists, the Dubel Prize provides each of its Finalists with a solo event in London, and the opportunity to spend 12 months working with Red Eight Gallery.

You can also get your very own copy of Arts to Hearts Magazine Issue 1.

We would like to thank all the artists who put their trust in us and were kind enough to share this magnificent journey with us!

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