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ATH Magazine Issue #3 Cover Artist

Arts to Hearts Magazine issue 3 is here and its a treat to look at. The Summer Issue is a bold, bright, and beautiful celebration of female artistic prowess where we dive into the art world of some of the most amazing female artists.

The cover artist for our third issue is Rachel Burke who has masterfully crafted a cover that looks nothing less than magical. Much like her bold and bright cover, we also hope to spread some color into the world!

About Rachel

Rachel Burke is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. Burke’s process-driven, performative work moves between wearable art, sculpture, contemporary painting, and installation to navigate themes of identity, memory, and obsession. Her practice re-imagines the mundanity of the every day through ornamentation and transformation of the ordinary. Using nostalgic, colorful materials centered in craft and play, these artworks serve as ‘portals’ for personal introspection and transcendence, highlighting the complicated tenderness and frailty of memory. Burke mobilizes abstraction alongside repetitious mark-making to manifest emotions in whimsical mixed-media works. Tactile paintings, swathed in glitter, beads, and sugary pastel colors, often sit alongside hand-crafted pompoms, and fanciful garments adorned with multi-colored tinsel.

What to expect from this issue

Meet the ATH experts

For our usual dose of inspiration, read how Ekaterina Popova and Alicia Puig created their own path in the industry. Learn how they started their business and how they balance their business demands with their creative vision.

AI: friend or foe?

Join us as we tackle a very contemporary debate on whether AI can be used to empower artists. Here, we tell you 5 ways in which AI can assist you for the better.

Craft your own artist statement

Every artist knows what an artist statement is, but do you know how to make one? It’s a skill not everyone may have, but we here at Arts t o Hearts Magazine talk about about how you can share your personal story while keeping it simple.

Why collaboration is important

Learn why collaboration is important for artists and what is the best way to go about it. In this issue, you will find some pearls of wisdom on why it’s time to reach out to your community and join hands!

Are you an aspiring collector?

If you haven’t started your own art collection, but want to, we have Liz Lidgett here to guide you. Liz is an art advisor and founder of Liz Lidgett Gallery + Design, and she is here to tell how to to haggle with gallerists/artists and how you can can set a realistic budget for your art collection.

Get to know artists from around the world

We have a fresh list of female artists that will take you along on their creative journey! Join them as they talk in detail about the lessons they have learned and what brings out their creativity.

Get your hands on the ATH Magazine issue #3 today!

Once again, we show our gratitude to Rachel Burke for letting us color our magazine cover with her magic!

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