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How do artists define their artwork: by it’s beauty or meaning?

Art is a fascinating world where beauty and meaning come together in special and captivating ways. Each artist looks at the world in their own way, and their creations show this unique perspective.

For some, the main goal of art is to create things that are just plain beautiful and pleasing to the eye. They paint scenes that take us to peaceful, sunny fields or make sculptures that delight us with their graceful shapes. These artists invite us to enjoy the beauty of the world through their eyes.

Others take a different path. They put deep meanings and messages into their work. Their creations can be a way to inspire action, a mirror reflecting the truths of society, or a voice for those who are often ignored. These artists use their skills to start conversations, challenge what’s usual, and make us think.

In the end, whether it’s a tranquil masterpiece or something that makes us stop and think, art is a treasure trove of different expressions.

At the Arts to Hearts Project on Instagram,we often ask thought-provoking questions to spark engaging conversations and shed light on the art world’s intricate tapestry. This week, we asked a question that has echoed through the ages: 

The responses from our passionate artists have been nothing short of enlightening. Art, they say, is a radiant source of pleasure, a treat for the senses that touches our emotions. Yet, it’s also a powerful language that communicates ideas, feelings, and stories.

But, should art be judged?

The Girl 1950 Dorothea Tanning 1910-2010

@rim.creativenergy said:

Should art be judged at all? I don’t think so. Everyone is free to interpret art as they want, that’s the beauty of art.” 

Rim made a good point. Whether we should judge art is an ongoing debate. In the art world, it’s important to remember that everyone sees things differently. Art can make us feel things, think, and connect on a personal level. What one person loves, another might not, and that’s okay. 

Some say that judging art can limit creativity and freedom. Art doesn’t always fit neatly into categories or rules. However, offering feedback and talking about art can help us understand it better and see it from different angles. This can help artists get better at what they do and let viewers see art in new ways.

Whether we should judge art or not, what matters is that we engage with it, talk about it, and share our thoughts. It’s all part of how we understand the world and ourselves through the language of art.

Meaning Matters

These two members believe that there’s something special about art when it has a story or meaning behind it, more than just looking pretty.

Think of it like this: it’s like reading a book. Sure, the cover might catch your eye, but it’s what’s inside that truly matters. Art with a story or message is like the pages of a book, revealing a deeper world. It’s the difference between a pretty picture and a work of art that can move your heart and mind.

When art has a story, it can help us understand the artist’s thoughts, emotions, or even a message they want to share with the world. It’s like having a conversation with the artist through their work. We might look at a painting and see colors, but with a story, those colors might represent love, struggle, or hope.

So, for many of us, the art with a story feels more alive. It’s not just something to admire from afar; it’s an invitation to step closer, explore, and connect with the artist’s vision. It’s like finding the heart in the art, making it more than just pretty pictures. It’s about finding the soul within the strokes and colors, a piece of the artist’s heart that they’ve shared with the world.

“For me it’s the beauty that draws me in and the meaning that keeps me there.”

For Jess art is a bit like a double-sided coin. One side is beauty, and the other is meaning. Both are essential, but they play different roles in how we connect with art.

Let’s break it down. The beauty of art is like the sparkly wrapping on a gift. It’s what draws you in at first. When a piece of art is visually appealing, it’s like a magnet for your eyes. It can be the colors, the shapes, or just the way it makes you feel good inside. Beauty is what makes you stop and say, “Wow, that looks amazing.”

But beauty is just the beginning.Beauty catches your attention, but meaning keeps you hooked. It’s the perfect pairing that makes art so fascinating and personal. Beauty gets you through the door, and meaning makes you want to stay and explore the world within the art.

Every viewer has their unique perspective 

As explained by Linda,

When we stand in front of a piece of art, we naturally make a judgment. We might think, “I like this” or “I don’t like this.” The question is, why do we feel this way? Is it because the art looks good to us, or does it make us feel something special? Maybe it’s the colors, the message it conveys, or the image itself.

The truth is, our judgments about art are personal. What one person finds beautiful or meaningful, someone else might not. It all depends on each viewer’s unique perspective. Some may see a masterpiece where others see something entirely different. And that’s okay because art can mean many things to many people

In the end, the only judgment that truly matters is the artist’s. They ask themselves, “Did I achieve what I set out to do?” The rest of us bring our own thoughts and feelings to the artwork, making it a rich tapestry of personal interpretations. Art is a conversation where every voice, including the artist’s, plays a crucial role.

Art should be both beautiful and meaningful 

As @margotroiart said,

Making connections to both beauty and personal meaning is a goal for me”

For many people who love art, the main goal is to feel a connection between the beauty in art and what it means to them personally.

Beauty here isn’t just about good looks, but it’s more like the warm feeling you get when you see something in art that makes you happy or touches your heart.

Personal meaning is about how art can remind you of your own life – like a painting that feels like it understands you or a poem that feels like your own story. These connections are personal and unique, showing that art can help us connect with our own feelings and what we all go through as people.

The idea is to find both beauty and meaning in art, to see the beauty in unexpected places, and to recognize our own stories in the work of others. It’s a reminder that art, in all its forms, can bring us together by showing us what’s beautiful and what’s deeply meaningful in our lives.

To read the other community member’s answers to this question or any other from our community please click here and follow our Instagram community the @artstoheartsproject.

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