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Arts to Hearts Project Announces “ATH Magazine Issue 4 Selected Artists”

We’re thrilled to announce that the fourth issue of ATH Magazine is going to be a special one, curated by none other than the incredibly talented artist, Dina Brodsky. We are honored to have her on board, bringing her unique perspective and artistic flair to our magazine.

Before revealing the names, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the artists who participated in this call. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and passion for art have left us awestruck. We were overwhelmed by the number of submissions and the diverse range of talent displayed. Thank you for sharing your art with us and making this decision incredibly challenging.

We are delighted to unveil the names of the selected artists for this issue. Each of these individuals has showcased exceptional talent, creativity, and originality in their submissions. We can’t wait to share their spectacular work with our readers.

ATH Magazine Issue 4 Selected Artists

Jodie West

Jodie M. West is an award-winning, modern impressionist landscape artist residing in Sandy, Utah. Exploring the mediums of watercolor and oil, her artwork represents the influence of the Early California Impressionists Theodore Compton, Aldro Hibbard, Hanson Puthuff, and the more recent Irby Brown to name just a few of her favorites.

Linda Chido

Linda Chido is an American-born and Austin-based artist, who is widely recognized for her skillful approach to representational painting. Her paintings traverse various styles, encompassing figurative, surreal, and abstract elements, while consistently delving into deeply personal subject matters.

Anna Luetke

Anna Luetke has enjoyed painting since a young age, a subject over which she and her grandfather bonded. After her first son was born in 2018, her husband encouraged her to return to her art.

Gena Brigham

My name is Gena, I’m a photographer and digital painter. I experienced the world as very loud and overstimulating, and I began photography to help me manage the impact.


Alice d’Apolito is an Italian illustrator, animator, and oil painter who lives, works, and studies the Japanese language in Leeds. In her paintings, every time she creates a new image of herself, she embraces the idea that creation is a process that never ends. Most of her works are autobiographical in nature, describing feelings, dreams, childhood memories, and concepts inspired by current affairs.

Yochi Yakir Avin

Yochi Yakir-Avin is a multidisciplinary artist with a primary focus on representation. Born in Poland and raised in Israel, she is currently based in South Florida.

Yakir-Avin is a resident artist, art instructor, and mentor at Studio 18 Art Complex in Broward, Florida.

Linnea Pergola

I have had a love of art my whole life. That love mixed with my passion for animals and travel has really shaped my life. I grew up in Los Angeles and graduated with a degree in History from California State University at Northridge.

Robin Raznick

Robin Raznick is a versatile artist who works in oil, acrylics, mixed materials, and clay. She explores the colors, and textures of the natural world, translating them into thickly impasto’ed paintings and ornate ceramic vessels.

Marianna Dullum

My passion for art began at a young age making watercolors with my grandmother and has only grown over the years. After two decades working as a portrait photographer, and capturing memories with my camera, I was inspired to pursue oil painting.

Carrie Pearce

I was born and currently live in Peoria, Illinois. I combine paint and assemblage to create a marriage of my inspiration and passion. I follow my stream of consciousness allowing a portrait and narrative to develop naturally on its own. Often, the portrait is prompted by the found objects and a possible narrative about its history or culture

Debbie Daniels

Debbie Daniels is a self-taught oil painter who has been painting for nearly four decades. She is a member of the Oil Painters of America, Women Artists of the West, and a signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists.
She has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the country.

Linda Mann

Linda Mann lives and works in Bellevue, WA. Mann studied at the Gage Academy of Art (Seattle, WA) and The Academy of Art College (San Francisco, CA). She has had solo exhibitions at Quent Cordair Fine Art (Jackson, WY) and the Hyatt Regency (Bellevue, WA). Her oil paintings were featured in Create! Magazine issues #33 and #37, and Arts to Hearts Magazine, issue #2.

Jill Ackiron Moses

I am inspired daily by the vibrance and diversity of my new neighborhood.
The bright colors, interesting faces, and fascinating cultures continue to inform my work in new ways.

I enjoy working in a variety of media including ballpoint pen, gouache, and oils.

Valeri Larko

Valeri Larko is known for her densely painted landscapes of the urban fringe, all of which she paints on location. She is attracted to the decaying and abandoned structures that populate the outskirts of America’s urban centers and the stories these places tell about contemporary life and culture

Hannah Zimmerman

Hannah Zimmerman is an artist and educator based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She earned her MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a BFA and BS in Art Education from Miami University.

Ellen Hopkins Fountain

The first time I noticed my surroundings, as a child, I was dazzled. The colors and shapes and light! I knew somehow I would have to put all those feelings down on paper.

I eventually earned a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Carnegie Mellon University. I worked as a scenic artist, painting from Sesame Street to the Santa Fe Opera.

Marissa Childers

Marissa Childers was born and raised in the small town of Florence, Alabama. She attended the University of North Alabama, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on ceramics.

Marissa’s work has been shown at numerous galleries across the United States.

Katie Koenig

Katie Koenig is an acrylic artist who has been drawing and painting her whole life, telling her mom at just five years old that Katie was going to be an artist when she grew up.

Rachel Bensimon

Rachel Bensimon, a Toronto native, pursued her fine art studies in New York City where she honed her skills at The Arts Students League before completing an MFA at The New York Academy of Art. From a young age Rachel found solace in drawing, a creative outlet that later fueled her artistic pursuits. Her exploration encompasses spirituality, entwined with conventions of beauty, composition, and design elements.

Gabriella Quiroz

Gabriella Quiroz is an Omaha Nebraska-based artist. Her work has been featured in numerous group showings throughout Omaha and its surrounding areas. Gabi works primarily in oil paints and colored pencils developing works of symbolic imagery through flora and fauna.

Ellen MaidmanTanner

Ellen studied at the Philadelphia College of Art and received her BFA at York University in Toronto. In 2019, she completed a juried residency at Cuttyhunk, MA, as well as several continuing education courses at the New York Academy of Art in 2020 – 2022.

Stephanie Danforth

I am a self-taught artist. I believe life is made up of different chapters. My first chapter was that of a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for twenty years, then embracing art full-time.

Rohini Sen

Rohini Sen is a representational painter who explores natural history as it intersects with her family history and her contemporary experience. Born in New Zealand and living and working in the United States.

Lynne Gaetz

Lynne Gaetz is a visual artist based in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Originally an oil painter, she now integrates mixed media, words, gold and silver leaf, and sometimes tiles, glass, wood, and stone in her work. Her works have surreal and mystical elements, featuring people with horns, antlers, wings, and tall hats.

Lyubena Fox

Lyubena Fox born in 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria is an oil painter working in a classical realism style. She studied painting at the Angel Academy of Art, in Florence, Italy, and graduated in 2016.


Watching my own creative process- 30 years Professional artist. Three full scholarships to art universities. Winner special 2008 Olympic Arts award for my work, has led me to ponder. Art of the hand mind-from 2 directions. The experience of creating is bold-exciting — it captures me.

Laura Haberer

Laura Haberer is a self-taught artist living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Laura has her master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago and works as a therapist. Laura is a member of the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art and a winner of the Palette and Chisel Annual Scholarship Competition 2022.

Elizabeth Livingston

Elizabeth Livingston was born in Miami, Florida in 1979. She is a painter primarily working in oil on canvas.  Livingston majored in Fine Art at Yale University in 2001, and then went on to complete her MFA at Boston University in 2006.  She has been represented by Alpha Gallery in Boston since earning her MFA.

Beatrice Karpovic

Sometime in the past, I took my great-grandpa’s film camera on my first solo travel. While it was just a pastime activity, I ended up falling in love with the visual stories I took home.

Growing from that point on and merging with my passion for film and cinematography, my photography today reflects my joy for capturing the atmosphere within environments and how we shape emotions within them.

Natalie Eslick

Natalie Eslick is an Australian fine artist and writer. Her work centers on wildlife the wild world, and our relationship with the land – from embodying curiosity and wonder at the place we are planted, to reverence and reciprocity with our more-than-human relatives, to examining and celebrating our connection to the wild through folk stories myth, and archetype.

Rachel Davis

In her Asian-inspired abstraction, portraiture celebrating women, and figurative work exploring memory, Davisis’s work invites the viewer to search beneath richly layered and textured surfaces. The freedom to move back and forth between mediums and moods is central to keeping joy at the helm of her creative process.

Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos

Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos was born in Brooklyn, New York. After attending Art And Design High School in Manhattan, she received a BFA from Parsons School Of Design.

Ms. Kolitsopoulos has had solo shows at Pleiades Gallery and Prince Street Gallery in NYC. She has also shown in numerous group exhibitions in Taiwan, France, and the United States. Her work is in the collections of The Hammond Museum, The New York Public Library, The Newark Public Library, and The Art Students League.

Alexandra Saunders

Wildlife and nature are at the core of my being. The gift of wonder and diversity of life was given to me from an early age and it’s my love for animals and nature that inspires me in everything that I do.

Although I’ve worn many hats in my lifetime, my world revolves around my love for the natural world.

Chasity Colón

Chasity is a Nuyorican visual artist born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn in New York City. At a young age, she began drawing comics and creating her own worlds as an escape from the adversity present in her household.

She was most recently selected as one of June’s winners of the Boynes Monthly Art Award, as well as a finalist for Acrylicworks 10: The Best of Acrylic.

Patricia Halsell

Patricia Halsell is a Seattle oil painter who came to her art career later in life. After practicing law for twenty years, she trained at Seattle’s Gage Academy of Art, culminating in four years full-time in the Aristides Atelier under Juliette Aristides and other master painters such as Jordan Sokol, Michael Grimaldi, Carlos Madrid, and Edmond Praybe.

While we conclude this announcement, remember, that the artistic journey never ceases. We’re excited to inform you that another call for art “100 Artworks From Emerging Artists: 2023 Women Edition” is currently open. So, if you missed out this time or if you’re brimming with more creative ideas, this is your chance. Head over to our submissions page and apply right away.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to our selected artists. We are continually inspired by your talent and creativity, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Stay tuned for ATH Magazine Issue 4, curated by Dina Brodsky. It’s going to be a feast for the eyes and the soul. Happy creating!

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