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How to deal with self-doubt and criticism in your art journey

Artists often feel torn between enjoying other people’s art and questioning their skills. Nowadays, with many art groups, classes, and social media, it’s easy to find lots of art to inspire new ideas. But it can also make artists unsure about their abilities and wonder if they should try different artistic paths.

Also, artists often work alone in their studios, focusing on their art. This alone time can lead to self-doubt and make them feel less confident. This happens to artists, whether they’re just starting or have been making art for a while. Self-criticism can hold them back and make them miss great opportunities because they’re too nervous or think they’re not good enough.

So, what can artists do to keep a positive mindset and constructively handle these doubts?

This week, we reached out to our Arts to Heart Project community to discuss how they navigate self-doubt and criticism in their journeys. We were truly touched by the incredible responses we received from our members, who generously shared their insights and personal stories. 

The feedback we gathered revealed not only the challenges artists face but also the remarkable resilience they possess. Many shared their struggles,

Here are the top responses:

But some also emphasized the growth and inner strength that emerge from overcoming these obstacles including:

So, we decided to help our community with self-boosting tips to help them overcome self-doubt and emerge as more confident artists.

Avoid Constantly Measuring Yourself Against Other Artists.

As mentioned by one of our community members:

Social media is a wonderful tool for artists. It’s a place to find inspiration in the work of other artists. However, avoiding getting caught up in the cycle of ceaseless comparisons is essential. Sometimes, it can be disheartening when you’ve been honing your craft for years and seeing other artists seemingly creating incredible pieces overnight.

But here’s the thing – don’t let that get to you!

Remember, you are your unique artist on your journey, and you can’t truly understand someone else’s path just by looking at a screen. Instead of dwelling on comparisons and feeling down about your work, use their talent to motivate you to dive back into your practice.

It’s important to recognize that there will always be artists more skilled than you, just as there will be those who are less skilled. However, constantly measuring yourself against others won’t change that. The key to improvement lies in focusing on your journey, growth, and practice. That’s what will truly make you better.

Taking breaks is like a reset button for your well-being:

Sitting in one spot for hours can take a toll on your body. That’s when it’s time to hit the pause button!

Take a moment to stretch your body and step outside for a quick walk. It’s like a mini adventure for your body and mind. And when you find yourself stuck or frustrated with your work, this becomes even more important.

Walking isn’t just about physical exercise; it’s a mental refresh, too. It clears out the mental cobwebs, flushes away those toxins, and does wonders for the muscles in your hands by giving them a fresh supply of blood.

Plus, when you return, it’s as if you’re seeing your work with brand-new eyes. Breaks aren’t a luxury; they’re necessary for your body, mind, and art. So, when you’re in the creative zone, don’t forget to pause and recharge – your creativity will thank you!

Consider joining a group.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this can be a game-changer for some artists. Look for a group, whether online or in your local community, and participate. You’ll be surprised at the valuable insights you gain about your work when you see it through someone else’s eyes!

What you perceive as significant aspects of your art might not align with what others notice. It’s like unlocking a new dimension of understanding and growth for your creativity. So, if you’re up for it, give joining a group a shot – you might discover fresh perspectives that enhance your journey.

Explore the world of podcasts and art-related content as a helpful tool for your journey. These platforms offer a variety of insights, letting you learn from other artists’ experiences. You can listen on the go, making it easy to fit into your daily routine. You’ll find in-depth discussions and practical tips, all while connecting with fellow artists. 

Stay updated on the art world’s changes, and check out the ATH Project podcast. In it, we chat with artists who share their stories and insights on different topics, making it a great source of inspiration and learning.

Remember, during your art journey, there will be days when you doubt yourself and feel a bit down. This is completely normal, and all artists go through it. But here’s the bright side: don’t let these moments bring you down. Instead, see them as chances to grow. Use those times of doubt to boost your creativity and make yourself even tougher. 

It’s all part of being an artist, where every color, even the darker ones, adds to your story. Keep creating, keep pushing through, and you’ll come out of those moments even stronger and more inspired than before. Your art journey is a path of continuous growth and discovering yourself. 

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