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Creative success: How can you measure your progress as an artist?

Artwork by Kathleen Steegmans

If we want to be successful in any field, it’s natural that we keep track of where we are headed and how far we have come. We want to know how our skills have improved, or if we have achieved our monthly/yearly goals yet. Are we heading somewhere or are we at the same spot we were years or months ago? Creative success is something that measured differently by each artist. For some, it’s about the money they make, and for others, their social media reach is of utmost importance.

Today we are not debating whether creative success/progress should be measured by a certain aspect, but rather, how the artists in our community measure it. So we asked them this question on our Instagram account @artstoheartsproject, and as always, we received some pretty interesting responses.

creative success

Evaluating creative success as an artist

@lorifaristart has an interesting take where she says, that for her, it’s the technical aspect that shows her how far she has come. The reason why she doesn’t view money and economics as barometer is because they fluctuate too much, and we kind of agree with her. With our unpredictable economy, money is no longer the standard for many artists to test their progress. While a stable income is certainly something you can work towards, it cannot dictate your creative success and standing as an artist.

@thesecretgarde­n_­collection considers aspects like money, marketing, skills and personal growth in order to get a measure of their creative success. This is also a wise way to assess the situation, since these are some of the things that we as artists actively work to improve. We all want to expand our skill set over time, and we all want to invest more in marketing our art as it can lead to more exposure.

Another important point @thesecretgarde­n_­collection raises is letting go of values and beliefs that do not serve their creativity. Some artists can lack the foresight of considering this as something important. While we can make more money, spend time learning new skills, and market our work, we must not forget to focus on personal growth as well. Getting stuck mentally with certain values, that are in no way serving our creativity, can have consequences which can lead to our stunted progress overall.

Artwork by Elody Gyekis

For @thelunarsheeep, their creative success is all about the love they receive, and we admire that. After all, the true essence of our art is always about creating change and touching people’s life. While being financially stable is an important aspect of our art career, the reason we choose this field in the first place is because we want to share with the world our emotions and vulnerabilities. So, for someone like @thelunarsheeep, being recognized for their hard work, and getting compliments for their art, is something they are constantly striving for!

Some people take this business pretty seriously and are quite thorough with the work they are doing. Artists like @carlosfentanes believe in the statistics, and at the end of the day, you can never go wrong with that approach. If you are seriously thinking about progressing as an artist, then you must learn to document everything as you go. From budgeting to sales, note down every penny you make, and keep a track of everything that is happening on a daily business, and we promise you that it will give you a good evaluation of where you are as an artist.

We love @theeclecticcurator’s response, as this is again something that reflects the essence of art and what it is about. As artists, art brings us joy. It brings a sort of light into our life that makes everything better. When we feel down, being in our studio/work space and creating something out of it can feel heartening. When we feel happy, letting out that happiness somehow adds to our excitement. At the end of the day, if our art is still bringing us the joy we crave, and more importantly, if it’s also bringing that joy to other people, then what else matters?!

Over time, artists can sometimes feel stuck or blocked. We are gifted immensely in a way that we are able to create something out of nothing, and yet, sometimes, creating can be a challenge on its own, and it’s okay. It’s a process, and artists must learn to face and overcome such obstacles. If today, you are able to create things that are authentically you, and you are able to do the work from your heart, then consider that an accomplishment. You are on the right track, and it means that you are one of those artists that are feeling lucky today!

Here are some other responses of our followers on how they measure their progress/success.

In the end, there is also no harm in just enjoying the moment like @mix.art_vanja’s adv, where all you need to do is create and live in the moment!

With these responses, we hope that you got some great ideas on how you can measure your own progress and success as an artist. If you are struggling on how to keep track of your growth, you can take these amazing artists for their word, and try to implement these tips in your own life. Remember, that whatever the day brings, there is always a new tomorrow, and a new chance for you to start things over and chase your dreams!

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