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First Shortlisted 100 Artists: Emerging Woman Artist Award (Fall Edition)

We at Arts to Hearts Project are so excited to share the selected 100 artists list for our Emerging Woman Artist Award (Fall Edition). we got an overwhelming response and trust me it was so difficult to come up with the final 100 artists.

In an exciting twist, we’ve introduced a voting system alongside our blind jury. The votes and jury’s decision will narrow down the top 50 artists. From that group, three will be selected for the physical award, and one lucky artist among them will clinch the cash prize.

Here is the link where you can vote:

Names of 100 Selected Artists

  1. Rix Wellmann
  2. Jenna Mishler
  3. Leia Davies
  4. Alisa Sokolov
  5. Mirela Ivanciu
  6. Sofia Lipskerova
  7. Stefanie Angelina Allison
  8. Leigh Brooklyn
  9. Julie Fordham
  10. Seonyoung Lee
  11. Diti Mistry
  12. Zoe Dawes
  13. Emily Navarro
  14. Heidi Brueckner
  15. Rosa Burgess
  16. Isabella Covert
  17. Jihye Lee
  18. Daisy Sud
  19. Cleo Wolfus
  20. Margaret Zox Brown
  21. Hari Lualhati
  22. Zara Kand
  23. Jena Ataras
  24. Xiaozhu Shen
  25. Rebecca Hargreaves
  26. Kathryn Ashleigh
  27. Sara De Pasquale
  28. Hannah Cole Dahar
  29. Annieo Klaas
  30. Penny Shearer
  31. Anna Pluda
  32. Jacquelynn Perkins
  33. Deborah Scott
  34. Sandra Cavanagh
  35. Erin Smith Glenn
  36. Jelena Petkovic
  37. M Kate H Shark
  38. Carolin Wood
  39. Luz Angela Medina
  40. Zhanna Martin
  41. Michelle Cyr
  42. Inga loginova
  43. Georgina Cox
  44. Giovanah Faraco
  45. Sophie Adair
  46. alice Colin
  47. Chen Gao
  48. Jasmine viana
  49. Rocío González
  50. Haley Manchon
  51. Julia Silvas
  52. Jasmine Best
  53. Ivana Bukovac
  54. Angelika Kollin
  55. Sabrina Cabada
  56. Clara Ortega
  57. elena niklander
  58. Jesse Zuo
  59. Sean Tyler
  61. Madhawi Algwaiz
  62. Victoria Peloubet
  63. Steph Blondet
  64. Amberly Hood
  65. Kate Muse
  66. Juheon Cho
  67. Yimei Zhu
  68. Ingrid Wells
  69. Jenny Reinhardt
  70. Ksenia Sandesko
  71. Natasha Zraikat
  72. Kathryn Last
  73. Brit Borcher
  74. Georgia Loring
  75. Carrie Pearce
  76. Svetlana Kornilova
  77. Brady Sloane-Duncan
  78. Jessica Nap
  79. Sam Jacobs
  80. Yixuan Cai
  81. Casaundra Beard
  82. Aurore Le Ludec
  83. Kareena Zerefos
  84. Deming Harriman
  85. katharina Wenk
  86. Sara Atrouni
  87. Kimberly Montalvo Calcano
  88. Chantal Coetzee
  89. susanna rose sykes
  90. Caitlin Carney
  91. Liana Zermani-Weber
  92. Sarah Renzi Sanders
  93. Neena Buxani
  94. Marina Chisty
  95. Jennifer Agricola Mojica
  96. Zorhia Allen
  97. Wendy Wagner
  98. Sofia Wicks
  99. Fatima Khan
  100. Ritina Ansurkar
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