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Studio Visit Book Vol 2. Cover Artist

The second volume of our Studio Visit Book not only showcases the beautiful works of artists, but provides an opportunity to get to know these women better. Learn about their passions, challenges and dreams. Dive with us into the creative process of these amazing and inspiring women who are ready to give a glimpse into their lives.

For this volume, Anhelina Holembivska’s heavenly cover art is a sight for sore eyes. Her ability to transfer bright emotions to the canvas really brings life to our book’s cover.

About Anhelina

Anhelina Holembivska was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1996. She studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv, Ukraine. Here, she laid the foundation for her artistic career. Upon receiving the bachelor’s degree, she moved to Florence, Italy, to continue working and developing as an artist at the origins of Renaissance art. Italy had a strong influence on her vision of the world. Living in a city filled with masterpieces of the Renaissance, she often referred to them in her work. Exquisite flowers in paintings by Ghirlandaio and Botticelli from the Uffizi Gallery became her source of inspiration.

Inside our Studio Visit Book

Guest curator

Our guest curator Ekaterina Popova shares her own experience of working in different spaces. Learn about the evolution of her creative process and how she found the strength to follow her vision.

Cover artist

Anhelina talks about maintaining details in her art works and how she achieves that level of concentration. She spills the beans on how she finds inspiration in fleeting moments and what her focus is on.

Award winner

Read about Ali Hval’s journey of her art style and how it has evolved over time. From color pallets to art materials, Ali shares the intimate details of how she has grown as an artist.

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We are thankful to Anhelina Holembivska for sharing her magnificent artwork for our cover!

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