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How Childhood Songs Influenced Today’s Artists: Echoes of the Past

Artwork by Phyllis Gorsen

Our memories play a vital role in everything we do in life, and even the career path we choose to walk on is affected by our experiences. How we form relationships, our likes and dislikes, all of these things are affected by the smallest things that we may or may not remember. It could be the house we used to live in as a kid or our favorite meal that our mother would make especially for us, but these small moments and memories always stick by us.

This week we decided to post a light-hearted question on our Instagram (@artstoheartsproject) where we asked our artist community about a song they remember that was sung to them as a kid.

When we think back on our childhood, there is one song that would always stand out, and even though, we as adults, don’t remember much of that lifetime, it’s these few moments that define that chapter of our life for us. Every time we listen to that tune or those lyrics, it triggers a rush of memories and puts a smile on our face. So let’s look at the comments from our followers and immerse ourselves in nostalgia!

Many artists mentioned the famous song You Are My Sunshine in the comments, and while it may or may not have been sung to you as a child, I’m sure you must have heard of it. With its soft tone, it’s a great lullaby for children and no wonder it stuck by all these artists after all these years.

Artwork by Elyse Jokinen

When we talk about songs that artists remember from their childhood, it’s not possible to not mention one that is full of magic and wonder. As a child, hearing about a magic dragon living in a faraway land and frolicking in the autumn mist would be a treat to your imagination. As you try to picture the land of Honah Lee, you let your imagination run wild, and that’s something that is sure to spark any child’s creativity!

Remembering the name of a song is something, and then remembering its lyric even after so many years sure is impressive! User writes down the lyrics of the song A bushel and a Peck, and which baby doesn’t like a sweet hug and a peck?!

For some people, it was their grandma who would sing these songs/nursery songs to them, which is super sweet. When you think about it, Somewhere Over The Rainbow is not only captivating, but in a way, it’s the perfect song to sing to children who’ll understand that it’s okay to dream big as they can always come true; a lesson we should all remember!

Artwork by Leslie Song

The song Moon River is full of symbolism and metaphors, something that we see artists translating into their art as well. It’s interesting how even though children don’t really understand the meanings of the songs, they still become part of their core memories.

As @mari_brown_virtanen mentions, sometimes these songs can have a bigger impact and are more than just our childhood songs. Sometimes, we still subconsciously hum to them as we are out jogging, hiking or working. Maybe, over time, these songs even become anthems for us artists in our studios, pushing us forward!

Artwork by Mara Magyarosi-Laytner

Have a look at some more responses that we got from our amazing followers!

Here’s an idea. Now that you’ve read everybody’s response, you can think about the song that was sung to you as a child, and create a piece of art that reflects your feelings and emotions triggered by that song. It would be a fun activity, and it would allow you to do something that will radiate warmth and comfort. As artists, sometimes our life can get so busy balancing business and creativity that we forget to think back on these mundane, albeit significant, moments. And what would we not give to relive that time once again, where all we cared about was a broken shoe lace or a missing cap?! We hope that you were able to take a road trip down memory lane through these responses and went back to those moments that were so carefree and happy!

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