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An artist’s playlist: What to listen to in your studio

Nadine Tralala

As artists, the most exciting part of the day can be when we finally get to our studio and are able to work in peace. Our studio is our haven, and it’s the one place where we feel like ourselves. We feel like letting ourselves go and create something that represents what we are thinking and feeling. Each artist also has a different way of doing that. While some artists prefer to let their inner creative out in silence, others love to have their own artist’s playlist for their art studio.

We were curious about what the artists in our community preferred. Silence, music, or the sound of nature? What is it that makes their work even more interesting? So, we asked our followers on Instagram (@artstoheartsproject) what they listen to when they create in their studio. As we scrolled through hundreds of comments, we got to read some interesting responses. From listening to jazz to classical songs to podcasts, each and every artist had their own interests and dislikes. This week, we are sharing some of those responses so our readers can get some ideas on what they can add to their artist’s playlist which they can listen to in their studio!

artist's playlist

Ideas for your next artist’s playlist

Brown noise

If you are someone with ADHD you will relate to this big time. People with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often prefer having some background noise as they work, and usually, it is something they are familiar with. The reason is that such sound can act as ‘brown noise’, which can then stimulate the brain, allowing you to concentrate better on your task. If you also have a hard time focusing/concentrating on your work in a quiet environment, we recommend that next time you play your favorite comfort movie in the background, and see how it helps.


As we talk about people who need brown noise to help them concentrate, some people prefer the complete opposite. For them, noise can either be distracting or it is something that impedes their creativity. Such people go the extra mile to make sure that there is complete silence while they work, and any kind of noise or sound can seriously interfere with their creative process. So if you are someone who prefers silence, that’s completely fine because many other people feel the same!

Inner voice

Whether you prefer silence or not, do you know what’s the best thing you can hear as you work? Your own inner voice! As creatives, it’s important that we do not ignore our inner child and let it express itself freely. If you notice, it is when you listen to your inner self that you are able to create some of your best work. Our advice is to not ignore that tiny voice and listen to your intuition always!

Sounds of nature

Nature has the strange ability to calm us down, it’s like connecting back to our roots and who we are. Going out in nature feels like rebooting our brains, so it’s very much possible that nature sounds can have the same kind of effect. Artists like @drchristinegeier and @aimee_joaristi like to listen to the sound of nature as they work. If you have ever been to the countryside, you will notice how calming bird sounds can be. So next time you are contemplating what to add to your artist’s playlist, try playing some nature sounds that are now widely available on the internet!

80’s music

80s and 90s kids will understand what music from that time period means to us. Whether you are from South Asia or some other part of the world, old songs will always hit differently to us 90s kids, and that’s a fact. It’s like a splash of nostalgia!

It was a much simpler time back then when we were not pinned to our mobile screens. When we used to rent DVDs and get cassettes of our favorite songs, the information was not at our fingertips, and yet we were able to enjoy each day and appreciate the slow lifestyle. So next time you are wondering what to listen to in your art studio, try creating an artist’s playlist that feels nostalgic to you and it will definitely help you create something magical!


Some people like to let their creativity flow by listening to other creatives. Listening to artists’ podcasts and or interviews is another way to open up your mind. When we hear about other people’s experiences, their creative journeys, and how they overcame their struggles, it helps boost our morale as well. Creating art while listening to such inspirational voices is never a bad idea, and we definitely recommend doing that. If you are also someone who loves to listen to artists’ interviews and podcasts in your studio, you can check our Arts to Hearts Podcast, where each week, we have artists talk about their creative journey!

We hope that by reading these comments, you got some fresh ideas for your new artist’s playlist for your art studio. The bottom line is, that no matter what you decide to listen to, choose whatever makes you feel best. You have a lot of potential, and it’s your job to do anything you can to make sure that you fan the flames of that creativity!

If you have any more thoughts to share, feel free to visit our Instagram page and drop a comment. We always appreciate our fellow artists giving us feedback!

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