How to position your art as the ideal holiday present

As the end of the year approaches, the air is filled with festivities. People are finalizing their holiday plans, and are looking forward to spending time with their friends and family. However, this time is especially important for artists who want to increase their art sales. With the spirit of sharing, one of the biggest task on everyone’s to-do-list is to buy gifts for their loved ones, and as an artist, you must grab this opportunity and hold on to it!

Selling your artworks during holidays demands a shift in your strategies. From email marketing to online promotions, there are a number of things that can help you reach out to your customers. But ultimately, the customer will be swayed by your artworks and holiday deals. That’s where it becomes important for you, as an artist, to position your artwork as the ideal holiday present. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of some simple but effective strategies that can help you do just that!

Create Holiday bundles

When we say holiday bundles, we don’t necessarily mean creating holiday deals with discounts and coupons. While this is definitely an effective strategy, it is equally important to create a bundle that screams ‘holiday gift’.

Wrapping sheets

Choosing gifts, especially during the holidays, can be sometimes about the optics. If your artwork looks aesthetic to the eye, a buyer may be more inclined to buy it. One of the things you can do is offer a free gift wrapping service. You can illustrate your own holiday friendly gift wrappings, and with a small additional cost, give your buyers an option to have their orders wrapped before shipping it to them. It will save them the entire hassle of gift wrapping.

Holiday-themed bundle

Another thing you can do is to create a special holiday-themed bundle. You can create some extra accessories that are not available during the rest of the year, and are made for people who are looking to buy gifts. For example, you can create holiday cards or ornaments such as Christmas tree decorations, Christmas postcards, tiny miniature pumpkins (in case of Halloween) etc. The best part about this strategy is that it may not take you a lot of time or resources, but simply throwing such freebies along with your artwork can be a huge reason why people would consider buying your art. After all, who says no to free gifts?! Additionally, you can name these bundles as your ‘holiday gift bundles’.

Offer commissions

Near the holiday season, many artists decide to create commission ideas. These commissions are open for the holidays, and are directed at people who are specifically looking for gifts to buy. A commission idea is excellent for those who have skills to paint or draw an image of a home.

You can start by sketching some artwork examples and ideas, and share them with your audience. You can then sell these artworks as framed art or get them printed on holiday cards. For example, you can create artworks with images of door with a wreath on it. If you are good at making portraits, you can make such framed artworks, where people can give you their photos for references. Such customized artworks always feel sentimental during holidays.

Artwork by Gitte Kleo

Holiday gift card

Create holiday gift cards for your customers.  You might be aware of this idea, but sometimes artists can underestimate its importance during holiday season. As you market your artwork as the perfect gift to buy, give your customers the option to purchase a gift card. There will be many buyers who will love you art and will be interested in buying it, but somehow they won’t be sure what their recipient is going to like. They could feel overwhelmed with the choices, and while they do love a certain art piece, they may believe that the recipient will be able to pick the right artwork for themselves. In such a case, a gift card can solve their dilemma.

Instead of letting your customer go away in a state of confusion, and ultimately not buying anything, give them the incentive to gift their loved ones with an option to surf your inventory and choose their own perfect gift!

Curate more affordable deals

With the holidays, you get a chance to increase your sales, and for that to happen, you don’t necessarily have to bring your prices down. We understand that there is a wide range of art collectors and buyers, which is why, there will always be someone to buy your art. However, not every buyer will have a huge budget, and that’s okay.

If you want to increase the pool of your customers, an easy way is to create artworks that fall within a more reasonable price range and are not as expensive. Offering a wide variety to your audience can increase the chances that there will be something for someone out there, and more buyers will be interested in looking up your holiday deals. You can create various deals that fall within different ranges. This way, you will still get to make profit without compromising on your own business. You can also decide fancy holiday names for these deals to make them even more appealing.

Artwork by Sinéad ni Chionaola

We hope that our list gave you some awesome ideas on positioning your art as the perfect holiday present. Right now, you must narrow down the strategies that work best for you. And remember, while we have presented you with some suggestions, do not let these hold you back, and do try to modify them on your own terms. After all, you know your business better than anyone!

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