6 Things To Do For A Successful And Creative Year

While we all have different ideas on what success means to each one of us as an artist, we can still follow some some tips and tricks to be one successful artist. Many creatives want to become best-selling artists, making a full-time income and even becoming wealthy from their work. Whereas others might want to become well-known in industry or academic fields and make the art history books.

Regardless of what success might mean to artists, there are some tried and tested pathways you should ass in your life right now to have a most successful and creative year of your life.

So, Here are 6 things to do for a successful and creative year: 

1. Be Mindful

Mindfulness is an important practice. It directs all of your attention and awareness to the present which can benefit you in ways you have not thought about. Mindfulness practices can help us to increase our ability to regulate emotions, and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s well known that mindfulness can help us to develop greater resilience to life’s ups and downs, lead to greater calm and increase our awareness of our thoughts. Mindfulness is choosing to be in the present moment and adopting a compassionate non-judgemental stance towards your experience.

2. Live Fearlessly

Do what you desire, and succeed in life by living fearlessly. Take risks. Successful people are not scared of risks and experiments. When you take risks and experiment with creativity it helps you nurture the big achievements. Whereas fear will only self-sabotage you. Learn to separate your fears from your intuitions and sometimes even follow your intuitions through the fears. So you should always follow your dreams instead of your fears. Just be true to yourself.

3. Take out time for something inspiring

When you discover something which inspires you or nourishes your soul and brings joy, then you should never let those things go away and should definitely make room for it in your life. Listening to or watching something inspiring will always be a positive way of learning new things. So take out time from your daily chores, get inspired by the amazing motivators worldwide, and just don’t listen or watch. Start implementing those thoughts and ideas and your life as well.

4. Begin your day with creativity

Start your day inspired, instead of checking your phone as the first thing you do in the morning, do something more meaningful. Writing early in the morning is one of the most creative ways of starting your morning. Or there are so many other ways like exercising or meditation, just do something different that will give you some mental stimulation. When you start your day with motivation and inspiration, then it goes around throughout your day.

5. Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself involves exiting the comfort zone, going the extra mile, and immersing yourself in activities that require courage and creativity. Don’t settle with something general or something that you are already used to. Challenge yourself for bigger things in life, and take on new tasks. Challenges will always help you grow your belief that you can. Challenging yourself helps you take control of your life, build up your confidence and eliminate barriers that were holding you back. Because most of the time – you are only confined by the walls you build yourself.

6. Start Networking

Networking is one of the most powerful approaches to developing a successful career. Also, it helps us grow and learn the latest news and developments in our Fields.

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Written By: Akanksha Verma

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