HOME: A Virtual Art Exhibit featuring 33 International Women Artists

Exhibiting Artists

Kasia Muzyka | Leslie Song | Brooke Ebeling | Natalie Pivoney | sara Schroeder |

Ellen Maidman-Tanner | Danielle Boghanim | Anne Estrup Poulsen  | Frances Evans | Heather Drazyenn |

Fatema Lodhge | Cindy Ruskin | Michelle Reeves | Francesca Borgo

| Marta Liemane  | Sara Hardin  |

Kat furtado | Annie Thompson | Laura Radwell  | Cristina Ciccone | Amarilis Singh |

Laura Cannon | Charlotte Condie | Sara Hodgson Brown | Fernanda Martinez  | Isabel Monti | Jean Cherouny | Aliyah Mickens  | Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan |

Noami Thornton | Ariel Vivanco |

Jennifer Kumer |

Exhibition Essay

What is home? A place, a person, a feeling or all. As we live in the contemporary times, the definition of what “Home” means to each one of us has evolved. For some its the mother country far away, for some its the arm of their loved ones, for some its the dream they live everyday and for some it’s a place within. We all are chasing our own meanings and connections. But, what still remains constant is the warmth it gives & the safety it brings. We want to bring together this new definition, this new perspective of what “Home” to you means now. These ideas can be inspired by the fairytales you read as a little girl, or an alternate reality you live in. The country that you feel belonged to or the love that makes everything fulfilled. We are excited to use art as a tool to bring this meaning to life. Be it a painting, sculpture or layers of mixed textures we are excited to visit your home with.

Curator’s Note

The most exciting part of this exhibition is seeing the many ways in which artists interpret “home”. For some, home is a physical place – for others, it’s an indescribable feeling. This concept is quite personal to me as my own idea of home has shifted and evolved over years of traveling and relocating. This exhibition explores the notion of home and what it can mean beyond a tangible form. Furthermore, this show invites the audience to contemplate what home means to them. It’s a true pleasure to curate this exhibition and to see the diversity of work pertaining to this concept.

Victoria J Fry, Founder Visionary Arts Collective

Editor’s Note

A big thank you for the support we have received so far. I am truly grateful to my beautiful community for making what Arts To Hearts is today. If you like this exhibit and what we do please don’t forget to share this and help us spread the word. It will truly mean a lot to us and help us reach a wider audience. Until, we meet again. Sending my best to you always x

Charuka Arora, Founder Arts To Hearts Project

Where is your HOME?

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