Brooke Ebeling

About the Artist

Brooke Ebeling is a contemporary painter currently residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she is not holed away in her studio painting, she’s working to create programming and opportunities to empower young artists in the community. She’s developing a world with more artists making and selling work they love to create, and doing so with joy and confidence.

About Artist’s Work:

These pieces are part of a larger series titled “Memories and Realities”, focusing on the ways in which we interpret the events of our past, and how it contrasts with how we experience our current reality.

These reality paintings focus on the present, and the quiet moments that make up our day-to-day lives, especially now in this “post”-covid world. We now seek solace in simplicity more than ever before, creating a home out of the remains of what our lives used to be. There are little moments of beauty and nuance in the seemingly mundane. People are messy yet precise, loud yet reserved, serious yet funny, sad yet hopeful – and these paintings work to reflect all of it. How will we look back on these moments in the future? Will the memories of these quiet events become as fantastical as our childhood memories often are?

What does “Home” mean to you: 

Home is mismatched socks and favorite mugs. It’s hot showers and late nights. Doggy kisses and partner hugs. Home is where all the messy things come together to create the big picture. Where you can exhale, and you’re free to just “be”.

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