Eve Bridges

About the Artist

Eve Lumai Bridges, also known as Eve Illustration, has recently achieved a masters degree in Illustration from the Manchester School of Art with distinction and in 2017 achieved a 1st class degree in Illustration with Animation from the same institution.

For her degree show, Eve was awarded the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts graduate award which allowed Eve to exhibit with the Academy as a graduate member for 3 years. In 2021, she was selected by the academy to become an associate member. Eve is also a member of the International Collage Guid.

Eve has exhibited works at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2017, 2018 & 2021, Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre and took part in New Designers as part of Manchester School of Art. In 2019, Eve was involved in a project run by film director Danny Boyle and her visuals were used for his launch of the School of Digital Arts at Home MCR. Eve also has a permanent exhibition of works at Elephantstones Gallery, her family’s gallery in the Peak District.

More recently, Eve has had her work featured in Photo Trouvée Magazine and published in books created by the Arizona Collage Collective, The Collage Lab and Fragmented Collective. Eve also exhibited in online exhibitions run by Photo Trouvée Magazine, Fragmented Collective & LenScratch.

Artist Statement

“Forgotten archives, lost memories and decaying imagery are the focus of my illustrative practice. Uncovering and researching narratives buried within collections of found photography inspire my mixed media works.

I work using both traditional and contemporary techniques but most of my final artworks are produced digitally – I never work directly onto the original image – they are far too precious!”

What are your “Treasured moments” & how do you connect it to your work?

Every photograph, to me, is a precious and treasured moment. Fading memories of the past found in the decaying imagery I collect and care for are even more treasured. On the precipice of becoming lost, through my work and research, I strive to bring them back into the light. For I believe that to be forgotten is to be truly dead.


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