Samantha Reynolds

About the Artist

Samantha Reynolds is a Long Beach based artist. Drawing from memories, dreams, her work looks for magic in the ordinary. An abundance of various items and textures weave themselves into her work creating mixed media paintings, collages and fiber works. Samantha graduated from California State University Long Beach with a BFA in Drawing and Painting in 2018. She has since worked as a scenic painter and teaches private art lessons.

Artist Statement

My work reconstructs fragmented, fading memories and captures moments of longing through a combination of paint, fabric, collage, glass and other found objects. Whether it’s a vague memory, a fleeting moment or feeling of yearning, my crows nest of materials integrated into my work offer a tactile experience grounded in a sense of unplaceable familiarity.

What are your “Treasured moments” & how do you connect it to your work?

The longing for moments that have since passed is a major component in my work. I am so often overwhelmed with negative thoughts and memories that I look for moments that treasure and memorialize them through my paintings. I used to feel profound sadness when I was in a pleasant moment because I knew that it would soon pass and fade away. By capturing a moment and the feeling in it I can hold on to it a little longer. A birthday party for a doll, fireworks in a backyard or a tender moment during the last Christmas spent when my family was intact are all shrouded with feelings of deep loss as they are no more but are also pieces of a greater joy and love that exists with me and become my treasured moments.

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