About the Artist

Dawn Bisharat is an award winning Connecticut based artist. She was raised in Los Angeles, California and was successful as a young concert pianist, performing throughout California with the Bisharat Trio.
Dawn is a graduate of Bennington College, where she studied painting under Pat Adams.
After raising her daughters in Madison, Connecticut, where she continues to be a full-time music teacher, her inspiration continued to grow and her passion for painting was re-ignited.
Over the last several years, Dawn has been juried into various Connecticut art associations and galleries. Most notably, the Greenwich Art Association’s Bendheim Gallery by juror Allison Rudnick (Associate Curator in the department of Drawings and Prints at the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

Artist Statement

Painting has allowed me to explore the world and see things more openly. From the continually changing warm shades of light to the cold winter marsh mornings, inspiration can always be found. I am at my happiest connecting with my brush and easel, laying down the day’s adventures to canvas. To have a passion that is both beautiful and challenging, allows for a satisfying finish to the day and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

What are your “Treasured moments” & how do you connect it to your work?

My most treasured moments have most often been centered around food. I come from a large Lebanese family and I have profound memories of joy, laughter and tears centered around the family dinner table. These memories have nourished my lasting feeling of being loved and cared for. When I paint food I often tap into certain moments in time when I have enjoyed being with friends and family or even the solace of being alone at midnight. Simple and happy times in the kitchen with my mother, making pies and chatting about the day or days to come linger with me. Delicious moments of devouring donuts with a girlfriend late at night while the family slept are escapades that filled my days with sweet memories. I tap into the joy of these snapshots in time and feel such warmth in these memories.


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Charuka Arora

Charuka Arora is a creator at heart. An Artists, designer, podcaster & founder of Arts To Hearts Project. She is Internationally recognised artist
 known for her hand crafted Indian embellished collages & paintings.
Her work has been featured in several international worldwide blogs and publications, including create magazine, candy floss magazine, Fad magazine, The Jealous Curator, visionary art collective, art mums united, Indian artists book of colour to name a few.

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