Francesca Artoni

About the Artist

Born in 1978 in Guastalla in the province of Reggio nell’Emilia, she has always been passionate about any creative form, despite her technical and scientific studies, she has always cultivated her passion for drawing, painting and writing.
By attending a basic photography course in Boretto (R.E) in 2013, a strong desire to deepen photographic culture arises.
Over the years she has dedicated herself to the deepening of themes such as origins, family, memory through the experimentation of various expressive techniques and languages ​​that lead her today to use photographs and recycled materials to tell new stories with a careful eye to enhance feelings and emotions.
Only recently has she approached the world of collage and foud photography.
in the various years the awards obtained in photographic award, many participations in collective and personal exhibitions at national level.

Artist Statement

These three images are an excerpt from a larger work entitled “Cryogenics”.
I used ice to stop the deterioration of the plants, flowers and small insects in my garden.
In the ice everything has thus remained unchanged, as if by freezing it has managed to freeze time.
I then wanted to freeze part of my family album.
To circumvent the unfair spending of time on my loved ones, on my family, on my memories.

“this is my little ice age ….
until the heat comes to melt we will remain like this ”

What are your “Treasured moments” & how do you connect it to your work?

Precious are the moments I spent with my family, the photos remember those happy moments.
the act of freezing something already frozen with photography means being attached to that moment and trying not to forget it, despite
Time passes inexorably.

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