Ariel Vivanco

About the Artist

Ariel Vivanco is a Hispanic-American artist currently based in Lexington, SC, USA. She graduated with a BFA in Painting & Drawing and a minor in Art History from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2017. It was at this time that Vivanco also received her TESOL Certification to teach English as a second language from Oxford Seminars.

Post-graduation, Vivanco had her first solo exhibition titled, PALATIAL, at 1305 Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio and co-curated a group exhibition dedicated to expanding and supporting fellow BIPOC artists and creators. She then spent the following two years teaching English as a second language to students grades Pre-K through 6 in Seoul, South Korea.

About Artist’s Work:

My work centers around the experiences of my daily life and the people whom I hold most dear. By focusing on these subjects, I am able to navigate and shape my view of the world while archiving these mundane yet precious moments in time.
The color palette I choose to work in is an homage to my Hispanic heritage and the various works of art, architecture, and (most importantly) foods, I grew up eating. Food has always been of great importance to me due to its necessity and ability to connect people, even from across the globe. Because of this I hope that my work may provide a sense of ‘nourishing aliveness’ to the viewer and allow us to enjoy and exist in the same moment in time together.

What does “Home” mean to you: 

“Home” to me is a feeling — one that can be felt when you’re with a loved one, watching your favorite movie, or sipping a piping hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. As someone prone to nostalgia who has moved around quite a bit since a child, went to college out of state, and spent a little over two years abroad, I have always had to channel “home” in creative ways. When homesick, I’d cook family recipes, listen to my parents’ favorite songs, or use the purple Fabuloso to clean and fill my apartment with the familiar, floral scent. When it comes to my art, I am always sure to include the color of paint (760A-2 otherwise known as Palatial) that bounced off the walls of my most memorable childhood home. “Home” to me can be found in these moments — a feeling of peace even when my surroundings are chaotic.

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About the Artist Istudied art at University of Latvia and get my professional

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