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5 reasons why artists should create limited edition art this Christmas

Artwork by Brooke Ebeling

With the globalization of the world and mass production of goods, everyone ends up with the same stuff in their home. From clothes to furniture, there isn’t any uniqueness left anymore. We are not here to debate whether that’s a good thing or not, but to highlight how the quality of being ‘one of a kind’ has become a commodity of its own. As the holiday season reaches its climax, our one advice for all the artists is to create their own limited edition art for Christmas.

You must have noticed how the business strategy changes for many brands during the holidays, especially Christmas, which is considered one of the biggest events of the year in most countries. You will start to see products that are only available during the Christmas holidays, and by labeling them limited additions, the brands increase their appeal. The fact that you won’t get to buy something after the year ends is something that can be daunting for some, and hence, consumers flock to buy it just so they can experience/own something that is not really widely available.

When we talk about art, that appeal increases tenfold. For passionate art collectors, art is something that is unique and makes the viewer really think, and each individual piece is meant to have a story of its own. Even when you make multiple copies/replicas of Mona Lisa, the original will have a value that won’t match any other piece in the world.

So, what’s the reason behind this phenomenon and what are the benefits of having limited edition art for Christmas? Let’s find out!

Significance of limited edition art for Christmas

limited edition art
Artwork by Sara Hodgson Brown

Make your art exclusive for this Christmas

When somebody owns a piece of art, society automatically sees them as someone who is cultured. It gives a statement that the person has an excellent taste. When you limit the number of copies available, you increase its demand. When art provides uniqueness and a sense of rarity, it’s a goldmine for art collectors because you’re giving them the chance to be in possession of something only a few other people may have in their home. Now, you have attached a sense of prestige and privilege to your limited edition art, and art collectors will definitely want a piece of that!

Increase your art’s value for Christmas

Another very intentional advantage of creating your own limited edition art this year is that you can price it higher than your usual art pieces. Something that is not as widely available, is definitely going to have more value, and art collectors won’t mind paying for it. During Christmas, art collectors are already looking to splurge, and when they see a rare piece, they naturally find it reasonable to spend such an amount on that piece of art.

What’s more is that, as a result, pricing your limited edition art will benefit you both; the artist and the art collector. As an artist, you pour your time, energy, and resources into your artwork, and sometimes the monetary value you get does not justify all that work that went into it. By adopting the ‘limited edition’ strategy, you are allowing yourself to set a price that truly justifies everything that went into that artwork. For the art collector, it is a win-win situation because they are already looking for a piece to get, with your art, they will have a chance to buy a valuable asset and both parties end up satisfied!

Artwork by Kassondra Friedman

Maintain the quality of your artworks

Curating your art especially for the holidays means that you have more control over the production process. As opposed to creating a large number of artworks, when you are selling limited number of copies/artworks, you can make sure that the quality of your work is up to the mark, such as its details, craftsmanship etc. This is also something that is extremely important in the art business; to maintain quality of your work. With the upcoming holiday rush, it will be even more difficult to manage the orders and workload. Once you roll out your limited edition art, you’ll be able to manage your business during the holidays without compromising on your vision and art’s quality.

Tempt new art collectors with limited edition art

Creating limited edition artwork for Christmas also means that you will be catching the eye of those people who are not familiar with your work or have never bought a piece of art before. A limited edition will give them an extra nudge, and the people who have never really bought any art before will now consider it.

Let’s consider this. If you have been meaning to buy a Burberry coat since forever, would you spend a hefty amount on something that every other person owns, or would you rather get something that only a handful of people could buy? You will definitely want to spend your money on a product that you won’t spot on the fifth avenue! Same is the case with first-time art collectors during Christmas, as they will consider a limited edition art purchase worth their money. It is safe, it is rare, and usually, it is coveted the most!

Market your art in a better way

Limited editions allow artists the opportunity to do their promotion and marketing in a better way. As an artist, creating a limited edition piece means that your strategy is going to be simple: to highlight how exclusive your limited pieces are so it creates buzz and anticipation among art collectors. You can create promotional campaigns that include putting up pre-orders as well creating a sense of urgency such as count-downs. Moreover, you can also increase your reach by showcasing your limited editions artworks in galleries and Christmas festivals/bazaars.

Artwork by Francesca Artoni

Marketing and promoting your artwork at this time of the year does count because you have the chance to increase your art sales during the holidays. With the significant increase in the number of buyers and art collectors during Christmas, it’s time to seriously consider creating a limited edition piece of art so that the chances of boosting your sales increase tenfold. As art collectors look for artworks to buy, they won’t be able to resist the temptation of getting something that is a rare piece itself. So, start planning your limited edition artworks and campaigns today, so that you can get them ready before Christmas!

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