5 Ways to overcome your limiting beliefs as an artist

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Limiting Beliefs’? Limiting beliefs are thoughts that we consider to be true and that usually have a negative impact on our lives. They’re often a system to prevent even worse negative feelings. This kind of thought process can drastically affect how you act and in turn, the results you’re able to create in your life. Your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself can either boost your progress or hinder your success. So today, with this article we have compiled a list of 5 Ways you can overcome your limiting beliefs right now and thrive in your life as a creator.

1.Realizing your Limiting beliefs:

Identify the negative thoughts stopping you from being yourself, from being that extraordinary, most abundant creator. Okay, so first it’s imperative to figure out the problem. This first step can be a little tricky but essential. Be patient with yourself & ask what is something that is stopping you put yourself out of them in the words. Ask yourself what is that struggle that you’re facing right now. Once you know what is these things that are limiting you from achieving what you want ‘There’ you have identified your limiting beliefs.

2. Pick up the problem, and write it down:

Now, that you have identified the problem you have to write it down & see how can make that work. The problem was limiting you from doing what you really wanna do. Identify your negative beliefs & let go of them. Don’t make yourself think that you can’t do it. think that you can & nothing can stop you from achieving that. Now that you about your negative beliefs, you have to stop operating from the system. So now, for that, you have to write it down. You have to write all the lies down, the negative thoughts that you have in your mind are not true & they do not define you. All you gotta do is now, you have to give these lies some language. This can sound a little stupid but definitely, it’s not as we can only let go of this belief system if we will pinpoint them & give them some tangibility.

3. Identify the positive belief system:

Having a positive belief system is the most important step here. In this step, if you will find any difficulty you have to speak to yourself like you would have talked to a friend. Encourage yourself love self embrace yourself. To make this work you have to do something that can encourage you when you are on your low just like you would have done it to somebody you love if they got discouraged in their routine exercise.
Like if someone you love has come to you discouraged & said I can’t do it anymore you would have countered automatically with that’s not true you can do it or something like you got this so that’s exactly what you are supposed to do with yourself you have to give yourself, you have to give them the comfort & motivation you would have been given to somebody you love. That’s how you can call out the truth & realize it.

4. Write down the new truth & say it out loud:

So now the new truth is that what you have written down are your new positive beliefs. Know that you can do anything you put your mind to, there’s absolutely nothing that you wanna do but can’t. All you gotta do is say is a sound that yes you can do it. Period write them on some posted note or stick them around where you can easily get to see them saying them out loud can sound a little weird but it’s not, just scream it when you are alone, or just keep telling yourself that this is the actual truth. Give yourself all the love you deserve.

5. Operate out of this new truth:

Now keep going congratulations you have spoken the truth that turned your life you have done an incredible job you have to now keep breathing life into that truth. Changing your belief system is not something that comes the easy way you have to give time to these things sometimes things will be harder on others but that’s okay all days don’t stay the same. Now you have to operate out of this new truth for example if you are a creator you are gonna create today & you gonna create some good work because you are a good creator. So now that is your new truth write in front of you write it, speak it, live it like it’s all true because it is.

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