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Top 5 lessons for working & selling Artists in 2021 with Editor Charuka Arora

 The pandemic has hit the world in ways one can’t imagine, yet it has taught Me and quite sure, You, some valuable lessons as an artist & in life. Hasn’t it?

So, let me quickly share with you my Top 5 lessons as an artist in 2020. These lessons have been valuable for me as a working artist- making money  by selling my art and also and especially selling art online.

These have been instrumental in making 2020 one of the most remarkable year for me as an artist.

Let’s quickly go through these top 5 lessons I recommend every artist to read.

1. If it does not feel right, it’s probably not right

As an artist we are always multitasking. Be it our work or our brand as an artist we are continuously trying new things and new avenues.  But, during these moments of creation also come moments of doubt. We would find ourselves second guessing or own ideas and values for any reason.

‘ Should I apply for a residency?

“Should I sell my work online?”

“Will people like my art?”

“Am I good enough an artist?”

And, the list can go on! And, believe me I am with you.

But, 2020 has truly taught me this that there is no perfect time to do something you have been dreaming about than NOW. Listen to your intuition and do as your heart says. YOU know best!

2. You cannot serve from an empty cup

Now,  that you are all set to create your dream work, projects or apply for that solo show or residency. Let me tell you one of the most under valued lessons yet the most essential one. While you are at creating your life and making your dreams come true. Don’t forget to take the much needed rest. Don’t overwhelm your self and remember we have a lifetime to achieve our goals. And, that doing them at a sustainable and healthy way is the long way to go.  Your best work is yet to be made!

3. It’s okay to ask for help

Being an artist can be a tough job and sometimes we may struggle to reach our goals. And, if you are a multi-passionate artist like me (I’am pretty sure you are, since you are still reading this). You probably have more ideas than you can count. And, while we cherry pick each and every one of them. It’s important to gain additional help, support and even perspectives from your colleagues, friends and family.  Make sure to keep an open heart and ask for help when required.

4. Nothing is off limits

There are No rules. There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to creating. Another of my limiting belief before the year of 2020 was this unbelievable one. You know right, ‘What were you thinking, charuka?’.

So, when it comes to creating art. Let those voices keep at bay and truly listen to what your heart wants to creat. And, just create! That’s it! Dont like the way something already works? Shake things up.

Dont like a certain way art world works? Create your own solution!

Every gap is an opportunity and every idea can bring a change!

In just 2020, I started Arts To Hearts Project, My embellished collage works that were covered by national & international magazines and platform and launched my ‘artist brand’ lab.

5. Create from a safe space

Lastly, my most important and transformational lesson of the year for you is this.

FIND, CREATE & CURATE A SAFE & UPLIGHTING TRIBE & PEOPLE AROUND YOU. This definitely is my most important learning of this year. For the longest time, I lacked the support and community of like minded individuals. And, in 2020 i decided to change that for good!

2020 made everything go global and you no longer only have to depend on your immediate community for support. Be ready to open your hearts and find your community all over the globe!

Communities like allshemakesart-queensart gorgeousart mums unitedvisionary art collective  Arts To Hearts Project etc. are my favourite and recommended to find uplighting, encouraging women artists that will rock and support your world!



I am so excited when you respond to me. Every email from you in my inbox is still so, so exciting. Everything I do I do to share with you! Seriously! So I just wanted to take this moment to shout a HUGE thanks, and to encourage you to reply to me with what resonates with you, speaks to you, or just anything like your ideas on what you want me to share, what  you’re loving and what you want to see more of! I can’t WAIT to hear back!
Drop me a comment or email at [email protected]

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