How To Put Up Your Own Solo Art Show As An Artist w/ Emily Mullet, A Mixed Media Artist

artist emily mullet solo show

Are you an artist? Do you want to put up your own solo art show? if yes then this episode is really for you.

Emily Mullet is a mixed-media artist based in Phoenixville, PA. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting and Graphic Design from the College of the Ozarks in 2012. She uses printmaking techniques to explore her interest in floral imagery and the female form. Much of Emily’s work is influenced by contemporary street artists, drawing inspiration from aerosol paints, stencils, and wheat pastes.

solo art show
emily mullet

Creativity and exploration are essential elements to Emily’s creative practice. From screen printing to stop motion animation, she uses whatever medium necessary to convey her work.

And in this Podcast episode, we asked her everything about how she created her own art solo show.

So before you start listening to this podcast episode, let me share with you some of the insights of the episode. So keep on reading to know what you will learn from this podcast episode.

emily mullet
solo show

In conversation with Emily Mullet

I’m curious as to what prompted you to put up a solo show of your artwork.

So previously, I launched my work just through my own website and Instagram, and it’s purely an online experience, especially during the pandemic, which of course was really the only option.

artist emily mullet solo show

So with this show, I felt like I finally could invite people into my space, and we have a 3-car detached garage from our house, which is very excessive. We don’t need it, but we bought the house primarily for the garage because my husband and I had the vision to convert it into a gallery space and gathering space. So the timing was good in 2022 when we could have people over for most outdoor events. It’s in a garage space, but people would be comfortable coming out,

so I thought let’s just really create this as an Art experience; I wanted there to be physical art that people could see, but I also wanted there to be a lot of interaction with the art, which you can’t do online as you can in person

so that was kind of the big vision, and I work really well with having a strong end goal because that fuels my daily studio time. So yeah, that was always what I had in mind for showing the work.

artist emily mullet solo show

Did you think, “This is so good, I could make a full show out of it” once you come up with the concept of “mind blooms” or you made the decision eventually?

I think it was in the fall, and I felt like it was a very special concept, so I knew it had the potential to become something big, so I just let my brain kind of cook on it and think about it, and then My thought was, you know, that I primarily saw my work through myself.

artist emily mullet solo show

My thought was, “Can I put together an experience that’s powerful enough that would bring interest from galleries or outside people who think, Oh, if this is what she’s putting together entirely on her own?” She can fill a gallery or a showroom and, you know, make a really powerful impact and connect with the audience.

So the show was to celebrate the collection and the work, but also to kind of provide a foundation for my work as an artist on a professional level, and so that’s why. We had a videographer come and document the whole thing because it was really important to document the experience and just capture that.

artist emily mullet solo show

What’s really brought you to the idea of hosting your own solo show?

I think it’s because it was the easiest thing to do because I didn’t need to be invited by a gallery, and I didn’t need to rent a space somewhere else because I had the physical space. So even though it’s a lot of work, It was also the easiest and most accessible thing. I thought to myself, “Yes, yeah, I didn’t just have a bird hit my window.”

solo show

I didn’t need anyone permission to do any of the things that I wanted to do, and I was the one making all the decisions. which felt really good for the first time introducing a body of work because it’s exactly what I wanted it to be and it wasn’t being influenced by someone else

you know, good intentions, even if they were, but it could change the course of how I wanted the work to be interpreted.


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