S2.EP61. Collaging Dreams To reality with Artist Sarah Jarrett

I n the S2EP61 of The Arts to Hearts Podcast, Charuka Arora, Artist & Host of the Arts To Hearts Podcast is joined in by Sarah Jarrett. Sarah defines her self as a Collage Artist. She uses digital and analog processes working in a variety of media. The main thread running through all her images is the human relationship with nature and the natural world. She is particularly interested in flowers and plants as metaphors.

Join Host Charuka as she takes you on a higher self-meditation that will help you connect & embody your inner maharani

What Drives Sarah?

The restless spirit I think and a curiosity to try new directions and keep branching out. I like to have a lot of diverse projects and ideas on the go to challenge myself and push myself forwards.

Listen to this episode to take a peek into the heart & life of Sarah as a creative.


Sarah’s website: https://sarahjarrettart.com/

Sarah’s Shop: https://sarahjarrettart.bigcartel.com/

Artists mentioned by Sarah:

Mary Delany

Olaf Hajek

Charuka Arora, Founder of Arts To Hearts Project

Charuka On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charukaarora/




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