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Charlotte Condie

About the Artist

Charlotte Condie was born in Long Beach and raised in both California and Utah. Her father’s background in studio arts strongly influenced her early inspiration and exposure to the world of creativity. She graduated in Asian Studies from Brigham Young University. In addition to her program she studied watercolors and traditional Chinese calligraphy at the university. She has created art throughout her life in a variety of medium including competitive chalk pastel murals, printmaking, acrylic and oil painting, and most recently digital art. She draws inspiration from her life in diverse American regions, her struggle with mental health, and life inside a high-demand religion. Charlotte sells wholesale art to local shops and art subscriptions. She has had work featured in Exponent II Magazine, two open entry shows and one invitational show at the JKR Gallery in Provo, Utah. Charlotte currently lives in Metro Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and four children.

About Artist’s Work:

Sometimes emotions are hard to nail down. I feel that art can step in when language fails to accurately communicate what we’re feeling in a specific moment. I love exploring those human feelings we all experience and the moments when they expose themselves. Our stories, symbols, archetypes, and our personal quiet moments all reveal our individual and collective inner child. From those symbols and stories I want to guide that inner child out into the light for us all to recognize. My work in a digital medium lends itself to the diverse ways of expressing an emotion, even in the moment of the emotion itself. I enjoy that I can command a color and a brushstroke almost without thinking. This gives me more time to focus on what emotion I’m trying to capture and what the inner child looks like. I want to hold a mirror up to the world of what it is, and what it could be.

What does “Home” mean to you: 

Home is where my loved ones are. My home is never in just one place. It is where I want to be in times of fear, darkness, and uncertainty. Home for me is comfort and love because it is the people I love.

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