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Jean Cherouny

About the Artist

Jean Cherouny is an artist, mover, maker, shaker, and designer who wants the world to be a better place, who wants more inclusivity and difference to be celebrated! Improv Suits connects us to an international discussion in fashion. Whether Jean is tracing a path with her rollerblades in paint to record her time with color, line, and shape, she pushes the limits of naming low fashion for the high masses. Seeing free art that is inclusive is thought provoking, and that is what Jean aims to spread in contemporary fashion. The Improv Suit parade down Church Street in Burlington, Vermont USA, is a manifestation of this. We have shown Improv Suits at Bubec Studio, Prague 5 in the Czech Republic and in storefronts in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. Please contact her if you wish to make your own Improv Suit.

About Artist’s Work:

Jean Cherouny set out to connect with artists and create a conversation about “making” as an act of creative survival during the pandemic. These conversations and performances are seen and unseen, in person and on zoom. They seek to find truth and connection through creativity.

As the world was shutting down in a world wide pandemic and their social justice upheaval on the streets fluxed, Jean distributed white hazmat suits, material of tyvek house wrap, being used in hospitals world wide against the spread of Coronavirus 19 Sars, to make a creative layer to wear. Improv Suits reaches into the moving display of art for people who want to participate in the equity of expression as an identity making action. Creating this liminal space is a manifestation of breaking barriers in high fashion to low fashion that welcomes, in a caring way, the discourse of inner and outer body without stigmatization.

Some people use markers and others paint and sew, but in all cases use different subjects bespeak diversity. Regardless, all Improv Suiters report that putting their suit on, or draping them for display, is a tool for their vocation and mission to help them thrive creatively.

Finally, the digital print of their suit can be shared with the world for mass feeling for how vulnerable we remain even when we attempt to protect ourselves in perpetuity. If you would like to purchase an Improv Suit print or original suit it will help us continue to create. Prices are set individually by the artist. Custom suits and digital prints are available.

What does “Home” mean to you: 

Home is connecting with others over a table. That was taken from us during Covid. The abundance of connection and love cannot be replaced by this. However, I thought of a way to feel the same sensation of nourishing our bodies by creating Improv Suits. This revealed what our bodies were feeling and how we thought of the safety of clothing as a home. The act of making something to wear became a metaphor for living in the body creatively. We could literally talk on zoom as if it were like sitting at a dinner party. This was inspired by Judy Chicago and her work of having female artists create plates and servings to exemplify the importance of each artists transformative work. Improv Suits happened to glue us together as creatives and attain our true voices and styles.

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