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Rachel le Roux

Artist Bio

A British-Filipina self-taught visual artist based in Manila Philippines, Rachel Le Roux works primarily with pencil and oil on canvas, but occasionally ventures out into mixed media and abstract art.

She is known mostly for her love of the female form in motion, where she reveals how their bodies create expressive movement that is entirely in sync with the elements of flow. Rachel captures motion and emotion in her work, catching a single moment in a stolen second. However, most recently, she has revisited her love for abstract art, bringing her unused paint from her figurative work into play as she still continues to explore movement in her abstract pieces. She nurtures her love for both mediums, creating balance and harmony that is woven into her art practice. The ebb and flow of her growth as an artist remains constant and unceasing, resonating in the emotional expression exposed in her work.

When Rachel is not in her studio, she is a mama to two children, a wife and an interior architect who graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Interior and Spatial Design from Chelsea College of Art in London, England. Prior to design school, she spent evenings and weekends in drawing and still life painting short courses at Central St Martins, UAL. She currently runs her own freelance interior architecture and styling business and uses time in between to escape into her art world.

Rachel’s work has been shown in group exhibits, the South Arts Festival Art Fairs and an art auction at Leon Gallery, Manila and her paintings can be found in private homes in San Francisco, San Diego, Virginia, Brisbane, Perth, London, Singapore, and Manila.

Artist Statement

In the beginning of my journey, I discovered my love for pencil and oil on canvas and in my work, I usually unveil the female form in dance or in her solitude or in the stillness within her. She is vulnerable and fragile but also strong and confident. In the process of creating her, my pieces navigate through layers that eventually unravel to become my narrative where I try to tell stories of my own in faces and bodies that don’t belong to me. I am inspired how their bodies become an expressive movement that is entirely in sync with the fabric flow; how that single moment is caught in a stolen second. A breath held. A glance caught. A gaze into herself and who she truly is. She is me and I am her – both unfolding in solitude and both free.

When I try to gather my thoughts about my work, I realise that I am inspired by time and how it
is ceaseless. Whether I’m painting women in their stolen moments or painting abstracts that are the true essence of my utmost rawness –- movement and stillness will always be the fundamental components of my work. They become the main factors that I focus on when I manifest my ideas and concepts. And essentially, when I break it all down – figurative or abstract – my art practice is still truly about time; where each element involved manuevre around each other and dance in their own special way to create pieces that intertwine with everything that is the true nature of my soul.

What does “Gaze” mean to you & how do you connect it to your work?

I describe in my artist statement about how my story is shared in my art through faces and bodies that don’t belong to me. In my pieces, I am able to express what I feel without the use of words. My story and language is hidden in the body movement or in the fabric. Without having to paint faces, one can just imagine the single second where that gaze is held momentarily – you know, the one that grasps the absolute essence of the moment? It’s like the world keeps on moving but you stop looking around and ultimately just gaze into yourself.

In my art, we stare at each other, feel each other, grow together – where her and I co-exist and unravel together in our own suspended moment in time.

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