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Ep 53. Kick starting a thriving art career & achieving dream goals in her art business with Canadian Artist Celine Gabrielle

I n the 53rd Episode of The Arts to Hearts Podcast, Podcast Host & founder of Arts to hearts project Charuka Arora is joined by Canadian Artist & Painter Celine Gabrielle.

Celine is a

????FINALIST 2021 Salt Springs National Art Prize

????WINNER 2020 People’s Choice Artist Project Toronto

????Podcast host of Art Ok Cool Podcast

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A collaboration between @artstoheartsproject & @visionaryartcollective

Guest curator: Victoria J Fry, Artist, educator & founder of visionary art collective

Theme: Home

Eligibility:Women artists across the globe

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Timestamp Speaker Transcript
00:00.33 charukaarora Hey, you guys welcome back to the arts 2 hearts podcast this is your host charka and I have a very very talented, Super entertaining hundred percent honest and an amazing amazing person cline with me today. If you’re on the internet and an in the creative fave. You must know and of course a part of our community. You must know who celine is by now she’s been on fire for the past few months and there is so much so much that she’s done just recently that we all have been blown away. I have been following celine for a while and I was we had like we got we tried to do this interview a couple of times fortunately I was able to grab her here today and I have a her on the hot seat welcome to the podcastline.
00:54.76 Celine Thank you for having me I’m so excited to be here.
00:58.44 charukaarora Thank you for coming. How does it feel to be on the other other end Also like I know you also host a podcast. So how is that feeling.
01:07.46 Celine Yeah, it’s It’s always I like talking So I like talking to people and I like talking to interesting people like yourself. So no, it’s a lot of fun and usually my podcast. We don’t do a lot of interviews Mostly it’s just the cohost chatting and I.
01:13.64 charukaarora Um.
01:21.20 charukaarora Yeah, yeah I know yet.
01:26.62 Celine So it’s you know, talking to somebody new is fun.
01:29.23 charukaarora Amazing I Just got you know we were just recording this and ah, it’s like I can’t like I’m also still visualizing. How would you record your podcast now because I had this feeling every time I would listen to um podcast especially because I. I am a podcaster myself so I have this like image of like you know how you would record like a podcast because that’s how I do and now I’m thinking how fun you are and you’re having those conversations on your phone and recording that.
01:55.10 Celine Yeah.
02:00.96 Celine Yeah I know it’s super casual like I should level up and get some better recording equipment. But I honestly like I just I put my phone on my little tripod. So my microphone is close and we just talk so.
02:13.21 charukaarora You are inspiring me you know, but because that’s a fact is sometimes um so I have this problem honestly I actually this is such a big part of why I have you here because you have to share a lot of things about this. I really love your approach towards saying which is very um, you know very focused with getting things done. Maybe that’s the mom mom in you the you know of course I know a lot of things about you by now because. I remember so you know we did the art Queen session and believe me, you gave 1 of the best advice I’ve heard so far I was like this is my golden like this is it resonated so much with me which was that like you know, um, how you did not um.
02:49.57 Celine Um, yes, ah thank you.
03:07.00 charukaarora Buy another expensive, Beautiful journal notebook because you would try to save it instead. You got that ugly 1 dollars 1 and then scribble your way out of it and I was like when I heard that I was like what the hell am I doing why did I not think of this.
03:08.97 Celine Yes.
03:14.55 Celine Go ahead.
03:25.59 charukaarora And believe me I have it here with me. So just after we finish that event I opened my jaw and I I I wasn’t looking for the prettiest I was like what is the ugliest thing I own the ugliest thing I own.
03:30.12 Celine Yeah.
03:39.83 Celine The flow.
03:41.18 charukaarora And there was this 1 little diary. My my dad gave me I don’t know from some office or I don’t know and I was like this is it. This is it and I now believe me and I’m actually now looking for the 1 that you actually showed us because by the time I heard your first advice you gave this advice actually twice.
03:45.15 Celine Yeah.
04:00.30 charukaarora The first when you gave it on your own podcast. The second you gave it on the art queens. Yes, this I’m looking for this now I am.
04:06.71 Celine My my disaster my disaster scribbling? Yeah well you know what? it’s just also like the microphone thing for the podcast like when I was younger. Um I So I struggle with Perfectionism for sure, but you probably.
04:11.21 charukaarora Oh my goodness.
04:22.11 charukaarora You do.
04:25.42 Celine Oh big time but you wouldn’t notice it because I’ve just it. It held me back for so long because I would think oh I want to do this but I can’t do it until it’s perfect. So I want to start a podcast but I have to have the right microphone I have to have the right.
04:31.24 charukaarora Yeah.
04:43.15 Celine Like even right now today I’m like I’m in my office slash storage room. It’s not your looks yours looks so pretty I’m like you know, hanging out in the the back room and I I’m like oh I should get 1 of those like pop-up backgrounds or something and then I’m like you know what. Maybe I will I’m not saying I never will. But it’s gonna stop me from starting then I just say screw it I’m just gonna start anyway and it’s not gonna be perfect, but run is better than perfect. So those planners when I would obsessively just want them to look pretty I don’t know for what.
05:01.39 charukaarora Yeah, yes, yes, yes, yes.
05:20.38 Celine They wouldn’t get used and the point of it is to use it right? So I had to strip away the the need for making it perfect and just get it done and that’s been really helpful.
05:22.20 charukaarora Yes.
05:31.34 charukaarora This has been such an a I I Really really this has been such an incredible advice from you because I was like sometimes like things are very obvious but you don’t like you. They’re laid in front of you but you still can’t. For me when I started podcasting and I I have picked time like perfectionism thing even when I and like I hi even it feels very hard for me to like um I know that it becomes ah like like a hurdle in my in my progress at times.
05:53.36 Celine Um, yes.
06:07.19 Celine That.
06:09.17 charukaarora So I try to keep it away but it still comes like I still wouldn’t have um like you know I felt like when you said that you could just do like you could buy all those journals but to really make this work just expend that 1 dollars and get this 1 and I was like that’s. That’s true because that resonates with my brain because I’m not going to be afraid of scribbling that I’m not going to be afraid of writing it I’m not going to be distracted by beautiful pictures this that and I was like why did I not think of this Why why? So good.
06:42.84 Celine I don’t know it’s 1 of those things right? Sometimes you just have a moment and something clicks and it works and you’re off.
06:51.55 charukaarora Amazing. Okay I there’s there’s so much. There’s so much regarding all of this that we need to talk but let’s first would you want to introduce yourself or should we just because I’m sure a lot of would a lot of would already know who you are and why now how many.
07:01.59 Celine Oh Sorry was to do that. Um, oh my god so it’s been good and so for I’ve done. Um.
07:10.53 charukaarora Interviews have you done decently. You’ve become this like you know it’s hard I was like.
07:21.84 Celine Obviously today I did the jealous curator a couple weeks ago and then before that I was on the artists business plan. Do you ever listen to that podcast. Yeah I like that 1 too. Yeah, super fine, right? Yeah, so that’s it just a few but oh and then we and I talk to the our queens too. Yeah, but.
07:23.64 charukaarora Yes, yes, Yes, yes, super fine. Yes, you were on the hot creams. Yes. A busy woman. Oh That’s that’s yeah, yeah, it’s It’s all same.. You’re always sharing a golden thoughts.
07:41.46 Celine Ah, Podcast. That’s my membership thing but still yeah thank you I try so yeah, a little bit more about what so I’m celene gabrielle um I’m an artist. Right now I’m painting mostly with oils and I do like large scale really bold bright paintings of the figure so people but with a really strong focus on fashion and I’m very interested in like. Stories behind the clothes and how clothes connect to identity and how we see ourselves or maybe how we want to present ourselves in the world I also see fashion as like fantasy I love like Okouturo but I’m always like who’s wearing that and where are they wearing it like it’s cool, but it’s. Sometimes so ridiculous. But I love that and so yeah, that’s a really It’s a really strong draw for me right now. But I’m also like dabbling with still with a theme of identity but I have this idea for like an installation project. Do you love do love installation art.
08:52.50 charukaarora Yes I love installations I love it. But I’ve never done it.
08:55.68 Celine Ah, do you feel about installation me too. It’s so like immersive, no neither neither but you get like you can get in it well sometimes depending on what it is but it’s just more you know there’s and dynamic like so I want to? there’s some visual elements.
09:06.90 charukaarora Yeah.
09:14.41 Celine But I’m also looking at like some audio elements to include and maybe some lighting and different things like that. So I will need like a space to put this together. So right now I’m just playing around in my studio with it. But that’s hopefully something to work towards in the future.
09:18.74 charukaarora Hello.
09:27.63 charukaarora Wow, Amazing and will this also be in context to fashion.
09:34.60 Celine Yeah, no, it’ll be more related to like so fashion I’m also interested in like pop culture. Um, so more of a connection between like the culture and the world we’re living in and I and our identity so still with that identity.
09:43.15 charukaarora Um, yeah.
09:50.80 charukaarora Oh Wow Oh my goodness I am really just like excited to see.
09:53.32 Celine But it’s not really Goingnna have anything to do with fashion. Yeah, ended it be and sculptural so not painting anymore. It’s gonna be like a physical. Yeah, so that’s what I’m trying to put together on stuff.
10:03.50 charukaarora Are you working on scultures as well. Right now we haven’t seen any on social media yet. Oh yeah, oh my god.
10:12.21 Celine No, it’s like very hush hush see you you wanted from like tid Bitts I haven’t really talked about so there you go. So I’m like so like my studio like my secret lab working away.
10:23.75 charukaarora This this makes me oh my God You know what started happening now every time people lie I have these conversations and you guys say something I start having these like I’m a very visual thought person. So I start imagining So now when you’re saying I am imagining you like the dexters lab. You know how.
10:34.84 Celine Yeah.
10:43.32 charukaarora How he goes how he goes in the secret lab. Ah, and then you know would hide away sad them nobody finds out is that what you’re doing hiding away from your children.
10:51.40 Celine Yeah, a little bit ah a little bit. Yeah, my studio’s in my house but it’s completely separate like you have to go out the front door around the corner and then back back in and so I’m like completely separate and I’m just you know working away experimenting and having a lot of fun. So.
11:08.55 charukaarora The secret lab the secret lab of cyline. Oh my god okay, let’s let’s talk more about your work. First thing I really I am really pressed to ask this question that I haven’t been able to ask you.
11:10.33 Celine We’ll see. We’ll see what happens. Yeah, exactly.
11:28.40 charukaarora Which is how how on Earth Do you paint so freaking good with oils.
11:34.40 Celine I Do Okay, do you use oils.
11:36.89 charukaarora So this is why I feel this way I am not trained in the arts I was trained in design then I started so I started my journey with gae and watercolors I Still love them everything and then I felt like um I Sometimes honestly I’ll be hundred percent honest sometimes.
11:42.99 Celine Okay.
11:56.10 charukaarora Of the mind I feel like my attempt to always get into oil painting is because you know how it’s always kept ah kept on the pedestal like you know like this hierarchical so I have been I’m still working with oils I’m not great at it. But I just feel like ice.
12:03.30 Celine Um, yes, yeah.
12:14.91 charukaarora I’m still not there I don’t have it like you know this this kind relationship that you start building with the medium that you use I feel like I have that I have the friction still with me and I see your work and I’m like how with everything I know about you I’m like how did you get? so.
12:21.19 Celine Yes, okay.
12:34.44 charukaarora But at this how.
12:35.54 Celine I See that’s funny. So when I was growing up making art I was never allowed to use oils at school at home because of the whole toxicity. Everybody was like scared scared of the oil. So I was only allowed to use watercolor and.
12:45.95 charukaarora Yes.
12:53.42 Celine Mostly watercolor temperm and acrylic right? and I like to blend and so to get those transitions from 1 color to the next with those mediums they were actually the love watercolor because it has a bit of that ability. But.
13:03.85 charukaarora Um, yes, yes I Love all the colors.
13:11.10 Celine Yeah, but acrylic in particular I would fight with it because it would you know some people love it and they were magic with it. But for me I would just fight it and so it wasn’t until um I started creating again and experimenting and I went to do a night class and learned how to paint with oils and honestly.
13:13.24 charukaarora Yeah, die up.
13:30.90 Celine I don’t know it’s just like magic as soon as I understood how you mix a little bit of the paint with a little bit of medium and you get that buttery me consistency I was good I was like all right. That’s all I needed to know I’m going and so that being said, the first.
13:37.70 charukaarora Yes, this is it.
13:49.98 Celine Um, the very first painting I did was still a bit of a mess because you have to let the layer like you either do an ala prima technique right? So wet on wet or you do what I do so I paint in layers. Um.
13:58.86 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes.
14:06.31 Celine And so therefore you need to let the first layers dry before you go again, takes a while and then our preamble chat that we had you know it gets really humid here in summer too. So I was trying this in summer and so then when it’s humid. They really don’t dry and so you know there were a few early efforts that were kind of a mess. But once I understood how I liked to work in layers and so then I started working on a few paintings at a time because if I can paint on 1 do a layer. Let it dry and then work on a few more by the time I get back to that in a couple of days.
14:33.41 charukaarora Yeah, that way. Yeah.
14:43.50 charukaarora Yeah.
14:43.27 Celine It’s ready for me again right? So yeah I think it’s a lot of trial and error. But the actual medium itself that creamy butteriness was just like my heart was sick right from the first first attempt yeah for sure.
14:49.87 charukaarora Yes, your when did you learn pair oil painting I Still can’t believe that are you really really is there like this secret thing that.
15:00.12 Celine 2019
15:08.70 charukaarora Like you know you’re not telling us and like you know, just something how.
15:08.60 Celine Well, but I think I mean I was making art for a long time so you have the ideas and the concepts are there. It’s just like you were saying earlier find that perfect medium match. You know it’s.
15:15.00 charukaarora No, but you are so good with this? yeah and the oil has been that for you and what were you using before oil painting.
15:24.10 Celine Like absolutely a hundred percent. Yeah, so before it was mostly just acrylics and watercolor but I didn’t paint anything between graduating high school and then about 201829 I started dabbling again.
15:41.44 charukaarora Um, my goodness you I know.
15:43.41 Celine Life just took me on you know I had another career I had a family and so I just picked it up again and and that’s when it really all came together because but I had been digging about it.
15:50.91 charukaarora You did not really pick. You haven’t really picked it up again. You’ve killed it. You’re killing it. You’re acing it. Yeah.
16:02.12 Celine Thank you? But you know I had all that time to think about it and I would I would about it I would go to Museums I would look at other people’s artwork like it was always I was building in my mind but just not letting it out. So I think.
16:13.31 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah.
16:18.50 Celine Once I was ready and able to it just all started to come out.
16:20.87 charukaarora Yeah,, that’s true. Okay, ah so let’s talk a little bit about for anyone who’s not heard ah a little of your backstory with your previous profession and then I’ll ask my next question. And do you want to explain a little bit more about that.
16:39.17 Celine Yeah, so um I went to an arts high school wanted to be an artist but then got terrified the whole starving artist right? like we’re I don’t know I think it’s very common at least in North america did you hear that a lot for your yeah.
16:52.34 charukaarora Every I never knew an artist all my life never never seen never heard never believed.
16:57.94 Celine No Exactly right? like you. But yeah, so that’s what I even though I was in an arts high school people were still saying Oh. It’s so Hard. It’s so hard and then I would look up like what artists were making and it wasn’t very much anyway. I I terrified myself. Out of like I talk myself out of it. Ah out of pursuing it and so anyway like like you mentioned this is out there So I’ll I’ll keep it short. But basically I decided to become an Esthetician instead. Um and I found work right away and I actually really enjoyed that work So just in case sthetician.
17:27.44 charukaarora Yes.
17:36.93 Celine Day Spa manicures pedicures Potty treatments I mean you submit everything smells good. You get good skincare products. It was that I I liked it I really did um and so I started a small business for myself a little day spa and um.
17:43.45 charukaarora Yeah, yeah.
17:54.59 Celine But it was in a small town and so it was very hard to staff and so I wound up doing a lot of hands on work myself long story short did that for like 20 years total that in that industry and then um.
18:04.83 charukaarora Just just Wendy yours.
18:11.20 Celine And yeah, but then it started I was born with a risk condition actually and that profession aggravated the condition and so it started getting progressively worse and worse the worse the worse the longer I did it and then at 1 point it just was excruciatingly painful and I just couldn’t. Physically provide services anymore and I was having trouble finding staff and the surgeons and specialists were like you need a different career and so I just closed the business and had to figure out what was next so from there I.
18:40.35 charukaarora Oh my god.
18:49.70 Celine Didn’t know what I was doing but at that time in my life I was very into like fitness and working out and stuff and so I I did I’ll do that and so I dove into that and I was teaching group fitness classes and I was doing personal training and I I did nutrition training and all this stuff and I was trying to make that.
18:53.67 charukaarora Yeah I heard that.
19:09.44 Celine My life but at my corerum like an artsy kid who wants to sit and draw and eat snacks right? like I was I was working out very regularly and I was really fit like that was probably the fun part of my life but it at my core. That’s not is to want me right? so.
19:17.76 charukaarora And. Yeah, who you are yeah.
19:28.00 Celine Anyway, you know like midlife crisis I guess and my husband was talking with him and he’s like why don’t you just start making art again. So that was that in eighteen finally I decided okay, now’s the time to see if I even can still do this and then what will come of it.
19:31.42 charukaarora Yes.
19:47.42 Celine And so I spent 2018 experimenting twenty ninth when was when I started working with oils and then yeah, so then it just snowballed from there. How was that was that a nice kind of summary. Okay, good. Yes.
19:48.63 charukaarora Okay.
19:59.16 charukaarora Goodness Absolutely you covered everything perfect now comes my question I had this in my mind and you know I will ask I ask this especially because I feel like I I also had like I’ve had several cardio I have.
20:07.20 Celine Okay.
20:14.32 Celine Yeah.
20:16.94 charukaarora Alternate careers like as a podcaster or like you know, branding marketing and all of that. But so like my question is but I’m going to just give you an example before that like I had a business before not for 20 years I just had it for 2 years it was something that I always thought I was trained in fashion.
20:34.69 Celine Um, okay yeah.
20:36.44 charukaarora And that was something that always thought that I wanted to do and um I did I did I I worked for a while and then I thought I will start my own business start a small business and the the difference is my reason for closing down was very different as per you I. I Figured that I was like I was always this creative person and how or maybe I wasn’t really ready and I did not know what went into a business and I wasn’t ready for it and I went into this this rabbit hole and I went into a very dark face and I was like you know this is not me This is not me I.
21:13.80 Celine Well.
21:13.89 charukaarora I need to find myself hush long story short I shut down that was 1 of the hardest phases of my life honestly because a I feel like at least I can speak for myself where we grew up now. It’s not the same because you know you have examples in front of me you. I set an example for those that you don’t like 1 courier will not define you like in India the pattern is like you know you be a doctor you be a doctor for your life. You be this man then you be this for your life. You be that there’s never been a conversation about having multiple revenue streams.
21:48.82 Celine Right.
21:50.50 charukaarora You can have more than 1 career or like you know things like that. So I I had a major shock because I thought all my life I thought that I wanted to be this I really fought hard to you know to go study for this and then worked and then you know start this business I put all my savings. Every little thing I had into it and I’m like I can’t do this It’s not that it’s not working. It’s that I don’t want to do this so this was this. It was a very dark period I had so many things like I felt like 1 day I knew everything and the other day I I don’t know who I am anymore.
22:13.78 Celine Right.
22:24.90 Celine Okay.
22:27.56 charukaarora My question is you did your a statistician profession for 20 years you loved it. You were very good at it and you were very successful at it 1 dear doctor tells you to shut your business down. Ah, apparently.
22:32.97 Celine Where.
22:45.79 charukaarora Eventually you had to I know you haven’t really spoken a lot about this period between closing that down till finding yourself back again till today. How has that been for you.
22:57.73 Celine Yeah, I’m glad you bring that up actually because so I guess I’ve always been very career oriented like that’s probably why I got scared with the arts because I didn’t think I was going to be able to be successful that made me nervous. So then when aesthetics.
23:11.25 charukaarora Yeah.
23:17.72 Celine Came along and it’s still a thriving industry right? I was like okay I could see this for the foreseeable future and so there was opportunities and I liked that and so that was easy transition. The it’s really. Funny that you talk about that because so what happened was you’re right I had to shut the business. Um, but like I say I was already like as a hobby really into this like fitness world at the time and so I just thought easy I’ll just do that instead right? like it. It felt really It felt like oh okay, no problem and that I I guess because of my experience with the other business I was able to grow that business and so I was still making an income and getting people to come to class and sign up for personal training. So I was going along but like you just mentioned. Deep on the inside I knew I knew in my heart. It really wasn’t me and I couldn’t see like doing that forever. But I didn’t know what was next and so anyway that was still though another probably I can’t even remember like 5 years that I worked towards. That but what happened was fine. Finally I just became so unhappy I just knew that it wasn’t for me, it was not It was not filling my cup right? Like how how you want something that feels authentic right.
24:45.82 charukaarora So yeah I get that feeling. Yeah.
24:50.37 Celine And so that’s where I came to that crossroads really in like 18 when I was just talking to my husband about how unhappy I really was even though it was going. Okay and I was having some success I just you know it just wasn’t the person I wanted to be. It wasn’t how I wanted to spend time. So.
25:04.28 charukaarora Um, yeah.
25:09.22 Celine I I stopped doing all of that. That’s when he’s like well just stop. You know you have my support. We have established some stability through and so just stop doing all that since you really have been talking for twenty Whatever years about art just try that like just.
25:12.89 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah.
25:27.23 Celine Believe in yourself and give it a try and so that period almost five minutes after five minutes almost 5 years after I closed the spa and had still been doing fit that was actually the hardest period because it finally I finally like had to mourn that stage of my life.
25:35.61 charukaarora So yeah.
25:43.55 charukaarora Yeah, yeah.
25:45.29 Celine Which sounds kind of so but it was so important to me and it gave me so much but I never allowed myself the time to feel sad that I had to move on until finally. So yeah I was sort of similar like you were saying you went through dark I did I felt really low and a bit hopeless and just.
25:53.14 charukaarora Yeah.
25:59.86 charukaarora Um, yeah, and you know you know I think the hardest part at least what I can recall Honestly, if if you ask me a lot of things I don’t recall anymore because it was like I it it was so hard. Um, but.
26:04.36 Celine His.
26:13.92 Celine 1
26:16.96 charukaarora More than anything I think the first thing that I still remember and um, that’s something especially from people who’s like I either are multi-passate or like you know have had experiences like ours who keep moving you know like professions.
26:29.80 Celine Welcome. Yes.
26:34.30 charukaarora Or maybe when 1 is just not enough I remember not trusting myself enough I’ll tell you why I had this feeling because um, you know when you do something at least for me I can say that because you know when you’ve been doing you think that you want to do something all your life. You trust yourself with it and then you go with it and then.
26:35.19 Celine Right.
26:53.43 charukaarora You end up learning that This is not something that you want to do you like I felt like what if I start another thing What if it’s not that what if this is not that.
27:10.54 charukaarora I yeah so like it’s dinner time for my dogs papa. The was a banka and yeah, so I think the biggest thing was. The next like even I still remember the first time I said out loud that I wanted to be an artist and I was like in 100 percent honest I felt like you know the self talk that we do to ourselves I was like you know thisll be another thing that that’ll be like a few I still like.
27:32.60 Celine Yeah.
27:46.48 charukaarora So many months and years I felt like I’ll wake up 1 day and I’ll be like oh my god this is not going to work and I’ll have to do something else honestly deep down. Maybe I have I still have that fear did you feel any way like that.
27:58.26 Celine Absolutely we still I still have thick fears like or thoughts like that I would say you know it’s just human Nature. We doubt we doubt ourselves and we’re like we’ve been taught to doubt ourselves ah culture and our environment. You know it’s like some people will have extreme success and a lot of people will not right? So I don’t know the only thing that I could say is that you just I think at the end of the day. What was so different or so good about this time is that.
28:21.63 charukaarora Yeah.
28:37.26 Celine I From the very beginning decided I was only going to make art that I wanted to make I wasn’t going to make something that I thought would sell or that somebody else would like or I wasn’t going to offer to paint family portraits or what like I was.
28:43.20 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah.
28:52.99 charukaarora Yeah, yeah.
28:55.59 Celine Um, going to do what I wanted to do and initially that was hard like I did have people reach out to me and be like hey can you paint my son I was like Nope not doing that you know it just I knew it wouldn’t film yet. You can nothing. But if it doesn’t fill you up and make you excited to create it Then what.
28:59.41 charukaarora Yes.
29:06.80 charukaarora Ah, yeah feel right? Yeah, then there’s no find. Yeah, absolutely.
29:15.30 Celine Right? And the truth of the matter is too in terms of like multi-passionate and I know I’ve talked about this many times but 1 of my favorite creative inspirational books is big magic by Elizabeth gilbert. It’s so good and she has no shame talking in the book about.
29:25.73 charukaarora Yeah, Love Love. Yeah.
29:33.95 Celine I mean she had already had 2 novels out eat pray love have come out and she was still working like a day job to make sure that she had that stability before putting all of that on her art and I’m just like you know there’s absolutely no.
29:37.81 charukaarora Yes, yes.
29:49.51 Celine Shame in in that and sometimes we put too much pressure on our creativity since that’s like what we’re talking about right? if we think oh we have to sell all of our work to pay the bills and or else for a complete failure. No, it’s not true like.
29:55.20 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah.
30:08.98 Celine Sometimes it’s about exposure Sometimes it’s about what’s in on trend like even recently I’ll give you a perfect example. So the art fair that I went to in New York right? There was art around. Yeah, super fine. So there was art around me that I personally.
30:13.37 charukaarora Yeah, yeah, I Yes you did super fine.
30:29.10 Celine Wouldn’t pay five dollars for and it was lying off people loved it and so you know it’s very interesting that um and she was doing exactly what she wanted to be doing and so I feel like you just.
30:29.40 charukaarora Yeah, yeah.
30:47.66 Celine Honestly have to be true to yourself if you can pay all your bills strictly from your creativity great if you need a little bit of a you know if you need some yeah some extra support from other there’s absolutely no shame in that but keep creating like cause you just don’t know like 1
30:54.99 charukaarora Yes, a Bo system. Yes, yes.
31:06.27 Celine 1 little thing 1 little catalyst can create so much woach right? Like that’s really this year for me I had 1 small opportunity that has like snowballed into many more. So.
31:07.28 charukaarora Can yeah yeah.
31:19.79 Celine And it just happened actually speaking about being low it happened when I was rejected from something else I really wanted and I was feeling like bummed and like oh I.
31:24.35 charukaarora Lord and God was like you you wanted this. Let me give you more.
31:31.56 Celine Yeah I was like oh you know I suck this isn’t gonna happen and then you sit down and you’re in a slump on your couch with your cup of tea and then something on your inbox just changes everything right? So I don’t know I think what I I wrote to myself on the unlike my idea Bulletin board very very.
31:37.80 charukaarora Yes. Um, yes.
31:50.70 Celine Early on was just keep showing up and I still look at that piece of paper because I think that was that was my personal challenge with a lot of things and I think probably it’s quite relatable is that. We do something for a little while and if it doesn’t if we don’t get the expected outcome immediately. We stop and we and we didn’t Fail. We just stopped but had we kept going. You know you never know what could have happened So right.
32:07.86 charukaarora Yes, yeah, yeah.
32:18.30 charukaarora Yeah, right? That’s true I can I I agree to this because a lot of times I would you know you always reflect back and then you know you think in retrospect that what if what if think like that and I honestly a lot of times I would think that.
32:24.19 Celine That was my big full of physical.
32:32.65 Celine Ray.
32:37.69 charukaarora What if I did not shut that business and I had the courage to pivot as much something that I take as an experience of failure I would have just taken the same experience as an experience of improvisation. But again that is what.
32:49.47 Celine When.
32:53.48 charukaarora Ah, Lord of what what society and where you are your peer pressure and all of those things play um in role where people tell you I was with this perception that once you pick up you pick 1 thing up and that’s what you do all your life as like you think of 1 I nobody I was I was young. Maybe I was Naive. Um. And maybe you know I was too influenced and I wasn’t maybe daring enough to think that you know I still think that what if I had the courage to not stop but to pause because you you know this this external pressure that’s always on upon like upon a lot of us that you need to be performing good all the time.
33:21.98 Celine A.
33:30.81 Celine Okay I am.
33:32.33 charukaarora Like you have to be good all the time that you’ve been and I felt like I was under that pressure at that point so much that I felt like oh my God I feel like starting a business means So I’m going to always be doing good but that’s not true. That’s not how that’s absolutely absolutely Not how a business works and you know I. Ah, okay, let me ask you another question which is we’ve come back Look We’ve come to the point. Yes.
33:52.67 Celine Well wait before you hear I just want to say 1 more thing. It’s you though because as much as I say you know that I had to tell myself to keep going I think also you and I both know like with me with the fitness and with you with your business. They’re also coming a time when I I did I tried.
34:07.23 charukaarora Yes.
34:12.42 Celine And it just never felt right and so it was eighth quit right? like have to like really tune into our gut and our heart and understand that Yes, sometimes even if you’re not feeling it the success but you’re enjoying the process and you get great pleasure from it. That’s when you keep going.
34:12.85 charukaarora The right? Yes, yes yes.
34:26.96 charukaarora Yes, yes.
34:32.31 Celine But if there’s something that never quite feels right? that it’s also okay to let things go you know.
34:35.96 charukaarora Absolutely yeah and there’s not It’s so subjective honestly like sometimes I need to check in and honestly I do that I do that check in even today I would because I still have this fear because I like when you start like when you. Try your hands at multiple things and figure like oh this is what I don’t want this because I did that I did that for in the last 10 years I’ve tried so many things and I’m like this this is the pool that I like this is the pool I don’t like so I’m like oh I like this here. Don’t like this here like this here. Don’t like this here.
35:05.91 Celine Um.
35:13.30 charukaarora But then deep deep down I have this fear what if 1 day I wake up and I don’t I so I don’t enjoy what I’m doing right now. What would I do and I keep thinking of that idea. In fact, that’s something that happened to me recently I started as.
35:21.78 Celine Yeah.
35:29.87 charukaarora I started with painting I fell in love with painting in the beginning that was how I actually started in the Midway for some reason I I lost myself like um I went into collage I love collaging also but you know it was this I maybe I had this idea I could do either this or I could do either that.
35:38.22 Celine Oh.
35:49.84 charukaarora Like again preconceived notions that we pick up and then we become too hard on ourselves. Only recently I think just last week I felt like I had that groove back I I went into a state where I realized why I fell in love with being.
35:51.91 Celine The hair.
36:03.23 Celine Yeah.
36:05.80 charukaarora And I was all this while I thought like maybe I thought I wanted that maybe I did not want that like this this self- doubt is like a continous loop that that you’re that you you just need to keep and I have no answer like there’s nobody. There’s no inner voice telling me No, you know this is not something that you. You You have to figure it Out. You’ll have to keep pushing and then you’ll know this is I This is making me or breaking me because in my experience when I push too far when it’s not needed I have done more harm than good.. What do you say.
36:33.17 Celine Um, right? Yeah, absolutely. It’s I mean that in our self talk is so so so powerful positive or negative right? So no, it’s just.
36:46.87 charukaarora Um, yeah.
36:51.90 Celine Learning about yourself and I like what you said earlier too when you were like trying things and I’ll put this in this pile as a not for me and this pile is something I love and even something you love like painting your love for it can fluctuate like you know things come and go I.
37:04.91 charukaarora Mean radical.
37:10.00 Celine Been with my husband for 22 years I met him when I was nineteen and I was this I listened to like a thousand podcasts. So what I was listened to was about relationships and something that this couple who had been together 50 years said really stuck out in my mind and I think it’s not just relationships. It’s I think.
37:12.13 charukaarora Oh Wow. Okay.
37:26.90 charukaarora Um, yes, okay.
37:29.20 Celine Attach it to anything that you love But what? what she said was is they said what was your secret to such a long relationship and she said we never fell out of love at the same time. So I protected me like with my husband like some days I’m like oh my God you’re the most annoying man.
37:40.95 charukaarora Um, oh my goodness. Um, yeah says.
37:48.70 Celine And he’s like loving on me, you know and then other days you know if it flip flops like I love him. So so much it like you know and it’s the same I think with creativity like some days. Love it. Love it. Love it and it loves you back like it cooperates and then ah as you go to paint and it fights you please head it is hide but you didn’t.
37:57.50 charukaarora Um, yeah level. Yeah yes, yes yes, Um, yeah, yes, yes.
38:08.40 Celine Stop loving it. You just have to like come back to it right? and give it another try. So I think with all of our interests. They’re gonna come and go and if you can follow your curiosities. You’ll continue like you said you worry if you wake up and you’re like oh I don’t like what I’m doing anymore. You’re.
38:16.17 charukaarora Yes, yes.
38:25.76 Celine The type of person I can tell for sure like you have so much curiosity you wait five minutes you feel a little bit down and then something will spark your eye or your imagination and you’ll be off on a new adventure right? like it’s never too late. Something is always a corner. Yeah.
38:37.89 charukaarora Ah, yeah I think it is again comes comes back to the mindset that you know and again I think life teaches you experience and yours teach a lot of you and like in my in my 10 years
38:49.35 Celine Absolutely.
38:55.97 charukaarora Working I’ve realized like I have patterns like we all have patents like you understand how you work what works for you? What you like like I am someone like especially when it comes to like let’s say running arts to hearts or anything like that I’m very organized I Love having structures.
38:58.15 Celine Yes.
39:12.38 Celine Um, yeah, yeah.
39:14.41 charukaarora But I’m also a person who hates structures I absolutely hate structures if someone tells me how to do what to do I wouldn’t do it. Believe me I would but like my brain would force me not to do even if I have to do what they are saying I wouldn’t do it.
39:33.30 Celine But don’t you know we’re like walking contradictions because I’m the same I’m like oh my god I hate routine and then you know it’s like Summer the kids are home. There’s no routine. It’s like a free froll and I’m like oh my god I can’t wait until fall at practiceable routines. Do you know what? I mean like which the switch is.
39:33.71 charukaarora Because I hate structures. Absolutely yes.
39:44.74 charukaarora Yes, yes, yes, absolutely and you know what I found an answer to this for myself at least for now I Hate routines I hate routines. But I like I want structure because.
39:52.27 Celine You know it’s a human need for everything. Yeah yeah.
40:03.63 charukaarora If I am all over the place I will I will not get anything done I know that I need to make sure like I need to know that this is coming up and I need to be prepared so it So what I you know my answer to this is I I have figured that this is a pattern for me. So like if I let’s say I wake up my my routine for now is like.
40:11.27 Celine Yeah.
40:22.76 charukaarora I would wake up 5 in the morning and then I do my workout and all of that and then I had to some days I would head to studio like 10 in the morning. So last last four months this was my routine I would wake up in the morning I would work out then I would um.
40:29.74 Celine Yeah, yeah.
40:39.79 charukaarora I actually pushed myself into work because I wanted to escape from other things. So I sat on my desk here at my home at 8 in the morning I would get my calls done in the morning which was for us 2 hearts and by 10 I would wind up I would do all my calls in the morning and I would wind up and then I would go to the studio.
40:44.20 Celine Yep.
40:58.23 charukaarora Even if I wouldn’t do anything in the studio I would just you know maybe like because I was having a creative block and all of that. But that time I dedicated to like you know doing things to like I think 2 months 3 months into it and I was like what the what the hell am I doing and I was like this. Why is this so I why am I having this every day every day and I was like you know. I can’t do this I can’t do this anymore. So I I flipped everything around and I was like I’ll wake up I will not not do calls the first thing in the morning then I started painting in the morning. So I figured that I am someone who cannot follow something for too long I like to have structure but own and then keep.
41:32.20 Celine And I paid.
41:37.68 charukaarora Evolving that structure in regular intervals and it keeps that that brain of mine engaged and like that curious like it once it sets to a patterns. It starts hitting it so but it needs structure to work on it. So I give it structure shake that structure.
41:47.82 Celine Yeah, with Funn and that’s what you figured out right? like your routine is like a non-out routine. But that’s your routine kind of thing right? like you. We just figure out what works what works best right? And so that’s amazing.
41:56.27 charukaarora Yeah, yeah, yes, yes, that’s true. Okay, my next question which is again something I’m very interested in.
42:07.37 Celine Done that? yeah.
42:15.93 charukaarora I’m interested in everything honestly, but this 1 um, you also mentioned that you also grew up not having a lot of like art. Let’s say examples around you or feeling like you know you came from a very stable background which was like you worked. In like as an as a statistician for 20 years you made good money for yourself. You were stable and all of that we know being an artist does not come with all of that and you started at forty being an art like your art track.
42:51.31 Celine Um, yeah, absolutely.
42:53.54 charukaarora How was that um I remember when I said this um out loudud that I wanted to be an artist. Ah subconsciously I I mean even today we all know it’s not like a bed of roses. It’s not as it’s not the most stable profession. Um, how hard was it for you coming from such a stable successful profession and then moving into this completely opposite end of pole at forty something you’ve been doing for 20 years and then coming just opposite world.
43:26.81 Celine Yeah, yeah, well. Okay, so I really believe in trying to be as transparent as I can especially when it comes to talking about money because that’s something that is always especially like you can go Google salaries for a lot of things but people.
43:36.50 charukaarora Um, yeah.
43:42.52 charukaarora Yes.
43:46.55 Celine Build their art practice from a number of different ways and how they make money is so varied. So um, in terms of stability you know I think I was actually a little bit back to what I said about just doing whatever I wanted Well I had worked and um.
43:50.10 charukaarora Yeah.
44:05.94 Celine You know financial literacy has been something that’s been important to me So my husband and I have really made an effort to you know like put money on our mortgages and and and get that financial ability. So yes, my original career afforded me like a home and a.
44:08.15 charukaarora Yeah.
44:14.42 charukaarora Um, and gout.
44:23.54 Celine Home studio and some stability there. We also were lucky enough to have some opportunities to get a couple of investment properties. So that’s another ability and my husband is employed right? and so I have that that. So again, you know.
44:31.40 charukaarora You are? Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah.
44:42.89 Celine I I put that out there because I don’t want anybody to compare and think oh you know? well she can do it all on her I’m not doing it on my own I have a lot of support and I have 20 years of you know, established foundation. So that’s worth mentioning. Um, the other thing in terms of income that actually haven’t.
44:49.15 charukaarora Yeah, yeah.
45:01.67 Celine Talked a lot about. But so this year okay so the canadian census for this like time frame right now I just looked it up the other day cause I was really curious the average fine artist in canada makes like 20000 canadian dollars
45:19.61 charukaarora Okay, okay.
45:21.33 Celine So I didn’t actually know that in 2021 um I should have maybe looked that up or maybe maybe I would have set my goal lower. But anyway in 2021 I had a goal that I wanted to earn thirty thousand dollars from my artwork now that to some people sounds like peanuts that to other people sounds like a lot just depending on.
45:26.47 charukaarora Um, yeah.
45:37.40 charukaarora Made it yeah baby are yeah yeah, yeah.
45:40.62 Celine You know where you’re at the truth of the matter is that wouldn’t be enough to sustain my lifestyle and my family so that’s why I bring up that I have this other stability right? because yeah I’m doing well and I am reaching certain goals and and that’s 1 of them. Um, but it wouldn’t be enough if that was all right.
45:58.41 charukaarora Yeah, absolutely.
46:00.42 Celine So that’s the other thing to talk about too is how I’ve been able to reach um to pass that goal is not simply with painting oil paintings. So here’s ah, here’s ah the things I’ve done this year that have contributed financially I sold paintings.
46:11.12 charukaarora Um, yeah.
46:17.61 charukaarora Um, yes over.
46:19.21 Celine I Sold fine art prints. That’s something that I got into um I took on opportunities in my local schools like there were opportunities and I can’t speak for wherever everybody else lives but there were some opportunities that school had money for funding for the arts and so I got work doing some workshops and teaching in schools. I painted a mural. Um and I made some money from that I have gotten paid for doing some speaking. Um, so I’ve just lumped it all together to reach that goal but it wasn’t specifically just paintings right? And so I.
46:39.23 charukaarora Yes.
46:45.58 charukaarora Yes, yes, specifically yeah.
46:58.90 Celine Maybe we have to look at and maybe you don’t want to do any of that other stuff. Maybe you only want to make work from paintings or whatever your medium is which is totally fine too. But you have to figure out that puzzle and put it together to work to reach your goals does that make sense.
47:01.82 charukaarora Yeah.
47:13.95 charukaarora Yeah, absolutely I so agree to that because I think a lot of times people don’t tell you? um this because nobody knows why? but um you I think relying on 1
47:17.24 Celine Yeah.
47:24.28 Celine Yes.
47:32.90 charukaarora As a creative professional, especially I wouldn’t comment it for other professions because I’ve I’ve realized this like it does not work everywhere but especially for creative people who are independent are working independently not relying on a single source of income is. Not only save for them financially. But I feel personally such a big safety shell for our own creativity also because I feel like let’s say the past 1 and I’ve been very vocal about this and I’ll say this here on the podcast also in the past 1 year
47:53.36 Celine So.
47:59.40 Celine Yes.
48:11.20 charukaarora My life went down the train everything that happened passing off my mom everything I I haven’t really made work. Um, since since January I have tried and it’s not that I haven’t tried I have tried really hard.
48:11.74 Celine Um, or.
48:30.68 charukaarora But nothing because if I’m not in my mind and soul I Really can’t make anything because I was not there I wasn’t ready and I and I wasn’t so I wasn’t doing I wasn’t pushing myself too hard because I wanted to make money I had that safety shell.
48:45.43 Celine 1 right.
48:47.17 charukaarora Because I am I am not reliant on only 1 source of income but subconsciously my self worth was still attached to it I’ll be honest about that I did not make work I did not sell sell work.
48:55.90 Celine Rank.
49:02.66 charukaarora Let’s say October here I just I think I start now I have finally this month I moved into another studio and I feel like I’m starting to put myself like my back my life a little bit back together because on the internet. Everyone thinks everything is like come like you know.
49:18.77 Celine He asked? no.
49:20.69 charukaarora Because that’s what it shows but it’s not that’s not the truth I’m it’s not that I always try to put the real side. Always forward, but you can’t always set you know, send sadness or pain or like struggles. You Also want to send out like. Your own sanity I don’t want to keep talking about how hard things are I would want to talk about how I can do better because that’s also going to take me forward and somewhere this this self worth was something that has been something that I’ve been work like you know fighting with so much because.
49:43.45 Celine Yeah.
49:55.73 charukaarora It wasn’t the money that was stressing me. It was the fact that I haven’t been able to make work and sell work for almost this year if you’re sitting in October and I have just started making more work and it was this self-worth that was so so invested and attached to this this process. And it made me feel like what if I’m not an artist enough. Not this enough and that enough and I feel like people don’t talk about it. People don’t tell you that when people like when artists are making 1 entire series. A lot of time. They are not selling anything because they are working on their next body of work when they actually make.
50:26.90 Celine Okay.
50:31.25 charukaarora Selling the next body of work. They’re actually not making a lot of work and on the internet or on the outscart anywhere physically virtually things are looking differently but they’re working differently. What do you think.
50:43.35 Celine Um, well first of all I’m so sorry for the for you having to deal with the loss of your mom like that’s just heartbreaking and to give yourself some give yourself a hug you know like don’t. I don’t honestly know the the grief of loss of something like that I could totally understand why there’s no spark. You know what? I mean like that is just and people are dealing with all types of grief all the time right that we we are not aware of and so.
51:13.12 charukaarora Yeah.
51:18.58 charukaarora Um, yeah.
51:23.19 Celine That’s again, why I’m always like you cannot compare yourself to anybody because you don’t know what they’re dealing with and so give yourself grace you know like you’re still showing up in so many ways you’re such a beautiful spirit who gives so much and so the fact that you would feel like oh I’m not living up to my potential or whatever it just happened like that.
51:28.28 charukaarora Um, yeah.
51:42.75 Celine Very new. So I just want. Yeah I Just want to send you some love and tell you you know it’ll be okay, um, and then dealing with stuff like that like yeah it it definitely I mean I I think the reason I didn’t.
51:44.80 charukaarora Thank you I.
51:59.59 Celine Pursue art in the first place was because of the whole self-worth like that I would never be good enough that I would never measure up right? It took me not just 20 years of life experience. But I think age age wisdom. You know it all just it just helps move forward and I think.
52:01.69 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
52:18.12 Celine You have to go through hard things like yourself with dealing with what’s happening you know in your life. It ultimately will probably give you strength in the future. It’s just in the moment right? So yeah, just being kind and and having Self-love and.
52:19.23 charukaarora Yes.
52:27.74 charukaarora Yeah, yeah.
52:36.29 Celine Understanding that things will get better and you can’t equate bad things in life with your skill and talentability right? yeah.
52:43.44 charukaarora Yeah, nothing stays forever. Yeah, and you know why I I say I missed the point. Actually why I shared this which was something that made me in retrospect that I still I was struggling but I was still so struggling with self worth I wasn’t struggling with money at that point.
52:52.83 Celine But.
53:01.63 Celine From home life.
53:03.43 charukaarora And that was because I had multiple revenue streams that I was consulting or I was um, designing freelancing. Whatever Um, and that made me money and that a lot of them did not need to be in person there. But had I been just dependent on 1 source of income and Heart Forbidden If there was something more like like if this happens to anyone else and if you are not able to show up in person if you because art is just it’s just not painting. It’s also being present.
53:36.60 Celine West.
53:38.49 charukaarora It’s being present in that moment and when you’re not even if your hands and body are working if your mind and soul is not working. You can’t really do anything about it. So I was like you know and I felt at that point I was like how important and how grateful I was to understand that. Yeah.
53:44.26 Celine I absolutely.
53:57.10 charukaarora It was not only it. It was not only a financial safety net but I was able to take this amount of time. It’s been over 6 london in Eight months nine months that I’ve been able to take this amount of time just to experiment with and just to make just to be unhappy with who I am just to be unhappy with my creativity.
53:59.61 Celine Yes.
54:10.56 Celine Yeah.
54:16.11 charukaarora Just to be like to be utter, unhappy and I’m okay with that because I know that at some point at some point if I keep showing up I will find what I’m looking for but I need to keep showing up but I can only afford this because I was not pushed.
54:17.76 Celine Yeah.
54:33.35 charukaarora Putting the financial pressure on it.
54:33.69 Celine Yeah, absolutely the financial I mean yeah I’ve talked to other people about that too and it’s just it takes the pressure. It takes the pressure off like if you’re going through a period when you’re not feeling inspired or dealing with some hard life stuff and you have that financial. Foundation or other things that you can continue doing that You don’t need your whole mind body and spirit like you do with creativity I feel. Um, you know you can survive and you can keep going. But if if you put so much pressure on your creativity and your art practice and then.
55:01.80 charukaarora Um, yeah.
55:11.99 Celine You have something devastating happen and you have no financial support system to fall back on then he’s screwed right? But for some reason there’s this shame with like oh I have a day job at the post office thing and I create artwork at night like then I’m not a real artist and that’s.
55:15.10 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s.
55:24.58 charukaarora Yes. Yes, Oh my God Yes, Yes, yes, yes, please go ahead. Absolutely I I am with you.
55:31.91 Celine But am I in my allowed to Square I Forgot to ask that’s bullshit. Well I think you will yeah you really have to figure out a way I’m not saying you shouldn’t make financial goals I. Think you know everybody should be millionaire artists. We should all you know, live off our creativity. There’s a need for it in the world and people should buy what we create but until that happens no shame in doing whatever it is that you need to do.
55:53.34 charukaarora Ah, hundred percent.
56:09.48 Celine To be able to support your creativity.
56:10.40 charukaarora And Creativity is not a linear path. You know I’ve had this question so many times even to us ourselves I feel like I I I overthink I am a big time overthinker. So I ask myself all kind of bullshit questions and then I were like why am I doing this. Why am I selling this and like.
56:25.59 Celine Approve.
56:27.41 charukaarora You need to like unless you need to convince yourself as more than anyone else in the world and like you know 1 another think anyone who’s listening if they also like if they’ve struggled with pricing acceptance to pricing and all of those things I think this 1 reason to really help me which was creativity is not a linear flow.
56:38.62 Celine Burn.
56:46.86 charukaarora It’s not like if if I go to excel and I can work on an excel every day and you like you know I’m not I mean I’m not trying to demeanion anything but my I mean it’s not Formulas. It’s not um, it’s not something that’s from point a to b and you know that no matter what you when you comment sit here you open your. Laptop. This is what you are going to do and you know creativity comes on its own and goes on its own some days you’ll have brilliant ideas and for months you may have nothing at all. So what you are getting is not for 1 day you are getting for. Also for those days where you may not meet creativity creativity may not be your friend that day for that that month and you like it’s not like you know when things are coming and going and you always need to keep account that this is such a I feel like.
57:36.79 Celine Mother.
57:44.00 charukaarora This process is such a intuitive process and such like that you can’t truly put a tag on this. It’s so priceless.
57:51.37 Celine Yeah, and like the thing is the fluidity of creativity though. The only thing I’ll say about like the the caveat to that is that you still have to show up like that’s where I think Perfectionism can really hold people back because if you say you wake up and you’re like.
58:01.90 charukaarora Yeah, yes.
58:10.61 Celine Um, my god I’m not feeling creative and then you don’t go to your studio. You don’t create anything you just give into that then creativity will not show up because you’re not open to it. So I think if you go anyway and even if you force yourself to tooth just a few minutes that day you might create crap and that’s fine.
58:19.99 charukaarora Um, yes, yes.
58:27.69 charukaarora Fine.
58:29.49 Celine You just keep what to yourself. But at least you were creative and you were open and you were receptive right? So yeah, like you have to let it flow and if you aren’t feeling it and you acknowledge that too much like if you acknowledge Oh I don’t feel creative So I’m not gonna even put myself in a creative space and.
58:32.35 charukaarora Yeah.
58:45.97 charukaarora Ah, yeah.
58:49.32 Celine And you never know like oftentimes I’ll start painting and it like honestly squeezing out the paints mixing the paints I’m like you know like just. Going through the motions because I decided to show up and I’m not feeling it you put a few brush strokes on you’re still not feeling it and then literally I have no idea what happens it’s like magical fairy pixie desk gets sprinkled on you when you weren’t paying attention and now you’re like flying right? So I hadn’t.
59:18.65 charukaarora Like yeah yeah.
59:23.42 Celine 1 and started mixing the paint I wouldn’t have gotten to that next like vibing time and had that wonderful sprint to create. So yeah I think it’s you have to listen to yourself also push through.
59:32.50 charukaarora That’s true I Also think like absolutely absolutely and I think you know I Also it’s like a ah muscle that you need to keep training like like.
59:44.12 Celine Yes, absolutely.
59:48.12 charukaarora I was someone I used to hate working out like I I would do I’ve done yoga for years like I could so relate to who you like um, you just said because I was we like so we when I grew up here in India we never had like this. We did not have a like a fitness culture or like.
01:00:04.63 Celine Yeah.
01:00:06.40 charukaarora You know when when fitness is not like Lifestyle. It’s not a part of your lifestyle It’s very hard for you to pick up on it and I struggled with like like gaining weight and losing weight and like at some point I was like you know I don’t want to keep doing this to myself and then feel low about it and all of those things. I’d rather make a change and um and add it to my lifestyle than a temporary face and I used to hate Jim I still hate him honesty but I am someone but I am someone who I love showing up like. I think 1 thing that I’ve learned in all these years is consistency that no matter how hard it is in the first place if I keep coming at it I will get better and it’ll get better. Um, it’s been a few years for me to you know either being I believe me I was I used to sleep at four in the morning. And then I would wake up 12 in the next like on on the next day and then I would ma I was the most erratic person like the typical creative like you know how we like yes a hundred percent I grew up that way I was but at some point I realized that.
01:01:10.70 Celine We my now.
01:01:20.65 charukaarora Where I wanted to be I needed to be more disciplined and I needed to be more informed and like I needed to make some conscious changes in my life and that’s when I started making the practice of you know, waking of 5 in the morning that sleeping on time and then training my mind because I had such a big block with someone who’s habitual to working night.
01:01:21.79 Celine For the.
01:01:32.42 Celine Okay.
01:01:40.46 charukaarora If you ask that person to wake up in the morning and then work during the day. It’s very hard. It’s very hard like the big is when you’re mind but it’s again I feel like creativity is another practice I feel like I I think I see everything as a practice in life now like waking up in the morning showinging up for your workout.
01:01:44.30 Celine Absolutely yeah.
01:01:57.74 charukaarora Or your creativity if you keep coming at it like it. It just starts like it starts feeling second nature to you it at some point an effort may becomes natural and your muscle gets that training and you are no more making it. Attempt it. It comes naturally to you? Okay, my next question to you I have spoken more than you are now you need to speak.
01:02:18.80 Celine Absolutely yeah, it just comes with.
01:02:29.64 charukaarora Okay, 1 1 1 1 more thing that I want to ask you is you’ve done so much in the past like you just said you started you started dabbling in 2018 then 2019 and 2021 right we’re in 21
01:02:40.35 Celine Yeah.
01:02:46.21 Celine Yeah, anyone.
01:02:47.89 charukaarora I’m right? Yes, can’t believe it how many things have you done so far. Do you want to list this for people quick. Can you count your successes that will be so good I Remember how powerful that was for a session. We have it with you.
01:02:53.99 Celine Moment. Ah I I have I have my in my handy Dandy Notebook Yeah I I don’t know if I can find that page now. But um, hold on let me see I’ll go to my art section. That’s where I keep track of all this stuff.
01:03:04.33 charukaarora Yes, go for it.
01:03:17.68 Celine So I’m going to go through everything or just some things go the real. Okay.
01:03:19.87 charukaarora Yes, go go go I Just want I want people because you’ve also opened up so much for me I would have this like this self self doubt and you know this imposster that if you don’t come from an art school if you start late and. Like all those things you are such a good example, you started 2018 This is 21 You’re more like you have done so much.
01:03:45.21 Celine Okay I have some here I’ll I actually I didn’t update I added more when I we spoke with the our queens. This is a little bit behind but anyway okay here we go so I so this is everything that I was able to accomplish in 2021
01:04:02.66 charukaarora Route.
01:04:04.90 Celine Okay, so I had my first golo show I was featured in my first print magazine which was candy floss I completed a ten month membership um program which was a monthly commitment and a group show at the end I was approached to have a pop-up show at a big shopping center and. Why they found me because they were following or they were on Instagram and looked up a hashtag for Nova scotia artists and that’s how they found me so that was pretty cool. Um I started the podcast called art. Okay, cool and um you and I were both on.
01:04:31.20 charukaarora Now.
01:04:42.00 Celine Create magazine’s binge worthy podcast list. So congrats you that’s crazy so that was exciting. Um I created and taught some pop-up sorry pop art workshops with 6 different high schools.
01:04:43.41 charukaarora Yes, same to you same to you.
01:04:55.67 charukaarora Um.
01:05:00.87 Celine I was approached to paint a mural and then I designed it and completed that in July I have been working on actually 2 I talked about 1 but I actually have these 2 installation projects that I’m I’m working on. Um I grew my Instagram from 12000 followers to.
01:05:11.22 charukaarora Working on.
01:05:19.79 Celine I think now I’m over 3500 um I gave my first art talk and then I actually gave 3 for 3 different exhibits that I was a part of I was included in a group show at a cadia university gallery that’s in my town here locally.
01:05:21.70 charukaarora Um, wow.
01:05:37.52 Celine I completed the artist navigation course I’ve been an active member of the art queens society um I taught another weekly art class to like at-risk girls I would go in and spend an hour once a week with them I hired an.
01:05:41.43 charukaarora Yes, yes.
01:05:55.92 Celine Assistant to help me do some of the behind the scenes stuff but it wasn’t the right fit so it’ll lasted 3 weeks. Sorry I 1 I got a feature my local newspaper I started selling prince I was featured on um, an art newsletter called vanderlove newsletter based out of Switzerland um.
01:06:13.20 charukaarora Live.
01:06:15.73 Celine And they found me on Instagram as well I learned oh I learned how to build a crate and had to ship a painting to san francisco through satchy art I did giveaways on my Instagram to help grow my following I was part of an online exhibit called bubbled.
01:06:25.20 charukaarora Oh wow.
01:06:35.50 Celine I Started a tiktok account to see if that could help me grow which it’s you know work in progress. Um I was featured on the jealous curators newsletter called no such thing as too much art and then because of that the artist Ashley Longshore saw my work left my work and then.
01:06:35.37 charukaarora Yeah.
01:06:53.40 charukaarora But yeah, what.
01:06:54.85 Celine Bought 2 pieces. Yeah, so that was pretty exciting. Um I applied for over twenty different open calls grants and random opportunities I am currently a finalist in the Salt springs national art prize which is like 1 of the biggest r prizes in canada.
01:07:12.87 charukaarora Which I have a very positivesiting feeling for I told you I ah said that the other day Also I am what it I have voted what you want to plug in plugin right here.
01:07:14.17 Celine Um.
01:07:17.94 Celine You We’ll see we’ll see then oh yeah, so if you guys so we can when does this coming out though the podcast because voting ends October Twenty second so it’ll be over right? Yeah, exactly.
01:07:27.31 charukaarora Um, when oh this is tomorrow but maybe by this time you have already won it by the time we publish it you will.
01:07:36.60 Celine Anyway, it’s fine, no work. Yes, maybe so there you go go find me and see if I won and if I didn’t don’t feel bad for me. It’s okay, it’s part of it right? we win we lose plug it. Um I’ve sold 8 original paintings which is. Great because it takes me like a month to six six weeks approximately to even finish a painting so I only painted like last year I did 8 paintings in 2020 in 2021 I wanted to do 10 I’m only at 8 right now. So I still have a few months to paint 2 more so we’ll see um and then the last thing on this list was that I’ve spent I didn’t count how many hours but many many many hours reading books watching youtube videos listening to podcasts like arts to hearts.
01:08:11.46 charukaarora Um, Monster go.
01:08:30.66 Celine And all the other great ones and just learning and having a growth mindset. So whatever I don’t know I try to learn so there you go that’s that’s some I think I missed um, that’s 2021 yeah I don’t I mean.
01:08:34.83 charukaarora Yeah.
01:08:40.39 charukaarora Oh my this is just 2021 how how
01:08:50.33 Celine So back to you know what? when you were talking earlier about structure and this and that so I like routine but I also like well I don’t even like right now because my husband’s working overseas and until you know 2 months ago. My daughter was here with me. He’s been gone. Um. About a year and a half he comes to visit but he’s primarily over there. Um I’ve had to be flexible so you know when I was talking about my planner. 1 of the things like at the back. It’s a section called to do and so I actually like flip through my book. Every single day and pick like when things come to mind I write it down and then when I am preparing for the day I pick 1 or 2 things that I’m going to do that day. So it sounds like a lot when you read it in a list but there’s 3 hundred and 6 days and so even if you do 1 or 2 things each day you actually.
01:09:30.45 charukaarora Um, nine 10
01:09:39.10 charukaarora Yeah.
01:09:46.70 Celine Accomplish a lot and what I love about having it written down in my little planner is that I could see what I accomplished because before I would write a to do list on my notes on my phone and then if I would complete it I would delete it or I would write it on the piece of paper and then I would lose that piece of paper. But.
01:09:46.85 charukaarora Um, yeah.
01:09:53.41 charukaarora Yes. Yes, yes.
01:10:03.16 Celine Now I can look back and see like oh you did that you did that and so you know this is art stuff but it’s also personal stuff so you know helping the kids with this or taking them to soccer games or dance class or whatever like you actually see how much you do because you know.
01:10:07.74 charukaarora Um, yeah.
01:10:23.70 Celine Related to our other conversation too. Sometimes I think of myself as like not getting a lot done or you don’t remember everything that you do and then you feel like oh I wasn’t really productive but when it’s all like written down and every time you accomplish 1 of your goals or your tasks you add it to your list.
01:10:30.94 charukaarora Um, yeah, absolutely.
01:10:42.80 Celine You realize that you’re you’re doing a lot and you should feel at least proud of that you know.
01:10:45.90 charukaarora Yeah, yeah, Absolutely you know I think you’ve mentioned this somewhere and this is my question do you and I also want but I actually wanted to ask you this other time but Then. Thought I’ll save it for this but selfish being selfish. But do you think?? um, do you think a lot of that you’ve done and where you are your energy has a lot to do with your experience and age.
01:11:18.19 Celine Oh absolutely yeah I Just know like I’ve always been a goal-oriented person and I’ve always you know done stuff. But I think the older I get the more willing I am to try like I think I was definitely holding back.
01:11:32.62 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah.
01:11:36.97 Celine As a younger person um looking stupid failing I really had this big fear of failure and news flash. You’re gonna fail and I failed a lot at a lot of things that I wanted and they didn’t work out or it didn’t go as planned and I’m still here and I survived and so I think.
01:11:43.28 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah.
01:11:56.54 Celine For sure for me age and experience I think experience also helps you move forward and continue to try.
01:11:58.46 charukaarora Yes, yes, um, you know your you are really really good at goal setting and like I’m not actually talking about goal setting as goal setting. Like it’s not that you have this like you know I can see it in you that what you’re doing comes from very real life practicality of experience learning like you know when when you do a business and especially because I think maybe I’ve I’ve seen this in my own house in my own.
01:12:24.85 Celine Yeah.
01:12:35.64 charukaarora I come from a business class family I’ve seen my father everyone in a family who has done business I have been a business owner for these years and I think um I have seen that in you like your your agility your um, it’s It’s not always the hard work. But it’s also the smart work and what what I really like about you is that how you focus on that.
01:12:59.72 Celine Yeah, yeah, it’s often The little things that accumulate and make this difference which we we just we discount like we have the big goal that’s great. You can have the big nugget up here. But there’s like ah you know could be a hundred steps between here.
01:13:02.98 charukaarora Um, yeah.
01:13:18.44 Celine And here and so you just have to be willing to do like the grit the grut work you keep working yourself up because yeah and not feeling bad that it’s like I think Instant gratification is also something that is more of a youthful thing that I think.
01:13:23.20 charukaarora And going up.
01:13:33.85 charukaarora Yeah.
01:13:36.84 Celine You know as you get older. You realize that really the best things in life actually took took time like the instant like the going out for drinks. Oh it’s fun or whatever. But what does it get you in the long run hey look not knocking that I was a party girl I Enterprise was a lot of fun but I’m just saying like.
01:13:46.90 charukaarora Um, yeah, you see.
01:13:56.23 Celine If you have big dreams or big goals. You got to know that even most like okay I Love Lizzo I Don’t know do you like Lizzo the singer. Do you know who that is Lizzo L No okay so she’s american.
01:14:04.34 charukaarora What is that? No I’m not into music.
01:14:14.60 Celine No, okay so she’s an American pop star. She’s having huge success right now. But I follow her and I follow her story and I find people like her inspiring because people are like Wow overnight success and she’s like what are you talking about? I.
01:14:15.76 charukaarora Okay I.
01:14:26.30 charukaarora Um, yes you know.
01:14:30.55 Celine Like doing the grot work for over 10 years I would go to shows and nobody would be in the audience but I would perform anyway, you know what I mean like I love people and not just celebrities. But I mean all kinds of people with stories very similar to that like you just.
01:14:37.39 charukaarora Um, oh wow. Yes, yes, keep showing.
01:14:49.30 Celine Keep going if it’s really what you want and if it’s not then you need to switch course and and keep figuring it out like there’s no straight line.
01:14:53.66 charukaarora Yes, yes, yes, that is so true like yeah I think um, this is what because especially as a creative I’ve also understood this fact and come to come to acceptance because ah so again, the biggest take is accepting.
01:15:11.42 Celine Yeah.
01:15:13.60 charukaarora That I may evolve I think this is something I struggled personally a lot with that what I’m doing today may not be something I want to do tomorrow and I will evolve into something I don’t have to stop I don’t have to doubt myself I just need to accept that and grow with that evolution. And keep showing up keep taking 1 step at a time.
01:15:33.85 Celine And you don’t need to apologize like the fact that you like painting but you also let collage and maybe tomorrow was going to be something else like it doesn’t matter. We’re allowed to follow our curiosities like we we pigeonhole ourselves to think oh people know me as X and so I have to you know continue.
01:15:46.46 charukaarora Yes, yes.
01:15:52.44 Celine Show up in that way and we don’t like we’re allowed to constantly be evolving.
01:15:57.79 charukaarora I Lost you.
01:16:01.50 Celine Hello I Think you’re frozen.
01:16:03.13 charukaarora Can you hear me. Um, hello.
01:16:18.22 charukaarora Um, we’re back. Yes.
01:16:32.15 charukaarora Yeah, and I think I also mentioned this in art Queen session what I really literally admire about you is your energy. Um, what I really feel like something I read we all know about is that you nobody feels confident all the times you fake it till you make it. But the way you fake it is so poor like it you I can see that conviction in you because we’re all faking it like I mean I’ll be honest, we’re Ros we’re all scared. We’re all, um, we all have impostor have you. You you are. You are very pretty You are so Fashionable. You paint so good. Maybe this is something you could explore.
01:17:26.13 charukaarora Best.
01:17:36.95 charukaarora Till we are making it I feel like what you must feel Today. You’re more confident because you’ve like to your own self. You’ve come You’ve come from where you began. So of course your your confidence level will be different but when you may have started. You may have had several doubts and as your ambition is also going to go Bigger. You’ll start doing more new things you will feel scared of them. But you’ll still do it because we unless we really do that we don’t get the confidence what I wanted to ask is so what I wanted to ask is. How how do you do this? No fuck given attitude. How yes.
01:18:50.73 charukaarora I Love your outfit.
01:19:14.80 charukaarora Um, oh wow.
01:19:33.40 charukaarora Then.
01:19:39.99 charukaarora Yeah.
01:20:03.35 charukaarora Um, yeah, you’re back to us as.
00:01.93 Celine Yeah, so yeah I think that’s it I think you just have to follow the twists and turns of life and age helps with understanding that there will be more twists and turns right.
01:20:20.56 charukaarora Um, yeah I live in some pretty similar situations.
01:20:36.96 charukaarora Ah, man.
00:45.39 Celine Like wait. Maybe I should I’m acting maybe I should go I’m such a good fake or I should go into acting right? Ah know I’m I’m just kids like no I’m pretty even know though the thing is this is like sometimes.
01:20:55.91 charukaarora Oh yeah.
01:05.33 Celine Show up. Um, when I’m not at my best and I purposely try to do that sometimes because you’re right? It’s like we are all faking it and um I don’t know I mean it’s part of it’s.
01:21:09.16 charukaarora Yeah.
01:21:15.27 charukaarora Um, yeah.
01:21:22.96 charukaarora Um, yeah.
01:26.96 Celine Oh yeah.
01:21:33.41 charukaarora Um, yeah, oh my god.
01:38.27 Celine Yeah.
01:21:47.21 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah, yeah I agree.
01:49.10 Celine My I was very glad go ahead. Go ahead.
01:21:58.76 charukaarora Yeah, yeah, yeah.
02:01.49 Celine Oh yeah, so we talked about that I think I mean I think we’ve already touched on it I think it just comes honestly with time like you know when you’re so a teenager and everybody ah everybody’s opinion around you matters so much.
01:22:10.70 charukaarora Yeah, yeah, we need to find our own boundaries. What feels healthy for us and what doesn’t like I for 1 I would I mean I don’t like to share everything I like to stick to my work and like things here and there because I feel like.
02:17.57 Celine The more you learn who you are what you like what you don’t like and you realize you don’t have to apologize for it. You don’t give a fuck what you know your neighbor thinks or you know if they don’t like your outfit or like even right now I’m still something So so.
01:22:29.43 charukaarora I Want to be I am someone who likes to enjoy and being that moment but I also feel like I want to show more of it I haven’t found the answer to that yet. But again you need to figure and also there’s never a leaner light sometimes I would show up more sometimes I wouldn’t because I’m not I don’t feel like it I’m not doing it as simple as that. Okay, silly.
02:36.63 Celine Thanks something I’m working on. Um, so when I moved I moved from a city to this small town in my twenty s and so yeah, so at that time I was very back to the fashion I was like very into fashion and.
01:22:48.95 charukaarora You know I can’t believe you can for talking for so long and it’s just been so so wonderful I could go on for hours. But I know that I would have to do this for you for another time again and maybe you’ve done this in another year in this one year I’m still thinking what’s going to happen.
02:52.53 Celine I was like making my own clothes because I didn’t want anybody to have what I had and so I come to this I come to this little town and it’s not just a little town but it’s like Gravel roads and I would be like high heels trying to walk on ground but like it just it didn’t mesh.
01:23:08.50 charukaarora And how is 2022 going to look like how is that looking for you now. What’s happening.
03:10.88 Celine And I could keep myself myself very pristine because it was just me and then you have kids and they’re like that’s when I started Ponytail all the time because they would grab my hair or smear my makeup. You know, maybe pull on my earrings and so my style went from. You know what I thought was really.
01:23:31.37 charukaarora And you made me apply to I yes I hadn’t believe me I hadn’t applied I haven’t applied to 1 single thing entire year because I hadn’t made work I wasn’t in that mental space.
03:30.18 Celine Lovely to like bottom of the barrel I didn’t care if I would you know the kids got I had to get to a place where I didn’t care about if I got messy if I got I just had to be comfortable and able to you know, walk on Gravel roads with kids kind of thing. So my. Change but now that I have teenagers I mean I still can’t wear high heels. Well probably because I haven’t worn than me forever that they would kill my feet but also because of the rough you know I mean we have paved roads too. Don’t get me wrong like it’s not a little.. It’s It’s a town but you know anyway.
01:23:51.15 charukaarora I haven’t applied at all and then when vispo before that me victoria and Mona had a chad and I was like you know I’m not been able to do anything because I haven’t been able to apply and all of them and they were like you know you just go for it. Go for it so you gave me that final la nu and I went and checked them out and I was like you know what.
04:05.92 Celine Um, okay, but I’m trying to like wear bright colors again because I really love them and my kids aren’t going to smear peanut butter on me anymore right? So I can wear nice again and I can put on jewelry because I’m not changing diapers and having to wash my hands and thousands out like.
01:24:10.72 charukaarora Cline is right? Maybe this Jiha will do. They’ll just have a look at my work. Why not and then I did.
01:24:20.26 charukaarora Um, thank you? Yeah yeah, it was a light now. Yes.
04:25.89 Celine I think that’s my lifestyle has changed but I feel kind of nervous like this is a really bright yellow and mostly everybody around here wears Beige like it’s a bit of an older community and so if I walk down the street in this bright hot pink or bright yellow and like bedazzled earrings i’m.
01:24:38.94 charukaarora Yeah I’m I’m please I You oh my goodness I had to ask you about that? Oh my I need that nun.
04:45.33 Celine I’m sticking out like a sore thumb and I’m trying to like feel comfortable again with the no fucks like why the fuck would I wear what they think about my outfit I’m not wearing it for them I’m wearing it because it makes me feel good. So I’m still learning like at even at this point I’m still trying to embrace.
01:24:58.64 charukaarora Um, yeah. Yes, tell me more.
05:04.92 Celine And fully be myself and show up the way I want to not worrying that the 70 year old across the street thinks I’m a lunatic for wearing whatever crazyath that I’m wearing you I mean like well still, it’s still a work in progress and then in terms of like.
01:25:16.79 charukaarora Yeah, that is yeah yeah, yes.
05:23.38 Celine Baking it till you make it sometimes though you know when you’re just having an off date I Just will have that and I won’t show up I Just keep it some. You need that privacy too right? like it’s okay, it’s okay to have a day when you just want to fall your eyes out and. You know lay on the couch or whatever and you don’t need to share that with everybody and you’re not being inauthentic if you’re not sharing that like some people want to share everything like all their lows and their highs and that’s cool too. You just do it do us right for you? absolutely.
01:25:45.40 charukaarora Please share more details with me. Let me know I will also add it to the show notes. So if the word the Monday group before that fills out we need to put this out.
05:58.56 Celine Yeah.
01:26:01.90 charukaarora Okay, view the math time by D Dot com.
06:04.68 Celine Yeah.
06:12.62 Celine Yeah. 1.
01:26:21.41 charukaarora Oh my goodness This is I can’t use such a good cheerleader Anyways I can’t imagine how good this would be have you thought about doing like this like you know these workshops that happen which are like future like goal planning goal setting like things like that.
06:22.90 Celine Okay. Um, as simple as that. Yes.
01:26:40.53 charukaarora In the beginning of the year like your end or something that would be so fun.
06:42.48 Celine Okay.
01:26:46.64 charukaarora Yes, I’m your first I’m your first. Ah I’m your first spot to be filled in you doing that.
06:52.91 Celine Yeah I oh my gosh? Well so I haven’t set like my 2020 yet I’m starting to sort of think about the future. Um I don’t know like I’m just trying to.
01:27:05.88 charukaarora Yes, yes, and I think you have had like such several tricks up your sleeve which and you’ve also tried them executed them and you know you know what’s working what’s not working and a lot of times.
07:08.79 Celine Wrap up this year I applied for that residency that I said I was going to when we were talking on our queens. Um, did you? Yeah I you.
01:27:24.84 charukaarora Um, just sharing that information and you know if what works sometimes I need a new fresh approach for my own cells and I mean please do it I’m coming.
01:27:42.80 charukaarora Yes, do that.
01:27:49.42 charukaarora How amazing I am I can’t wait to have you back again in a couple of months because I know that’s all it’s going to take that.
07:58.71 Celine Proud of yeah, you just made my day That’s awesome. I’m so glad you did that. So I I got it. It was a lot though. Didn’t you find it was like a lot. Yeah, which is fair I mean that’s fine. But anyway so we’ll see that’s out in the universe. But I guess the main thing that is new that I’m excited about.
01:28:01.90 charukaarora Yes, same we still have 1 very important segment left which is the rapid fire I can’t let you go before that it are you ready? Okay, okay, let me pull my questions together.
08:18.53 Celine Is I Also I think you’re aware of this but I’m gonna do like a little artist Pep Talk group and I filled the group.
01:28:21.18 charukaarora Okay, so there’s no right? No wrong, you just have to give me what comes to your mind first. Okay, fine 2 3 1 thing you want to convey through your work in the arts.
08:28.80 Celine Ah I filled it I’m only thinking I’m only taking 6 for the first time but um, and then I had some other people reach out. So now I’m like well maybe I’ll do that’s like a Thursday group I’m thinking. Well maybe I’ll do like a Monday group so I don’t know I’m thinking about.
01:28:39.63 charukaarora To your work in the arts that includes everything that you do.
01:28:49.74 charukaarora Yes, you are you definitely are no no I’m good I shot. Yes, yes, what’s at 1 word that describes you the best.
08:48.23 Celine Okay, well, it’s just basically like we’re gonna do um, it’s like an accountability like so I called it the pep pep rally because you know like well maybe that’s an american thing too. But like you go to the rally right before the football game you get like hyped up, you get ready to play your best game and that’s the kind of vibe. Just wanted to create like a small knit group so that we can have time to actually say speak out loud into the world like what we want to do what we’re gonna accomplish that week and then we’re going to meet every week for 4 weeks and actually like back to my list like check stuff off the list like what did you get done and have that accountability so I’m really.
01:29:10.32 charukaarora You are your beautiful colorful if you could have a studio anywhere in the wall where would it be.
01:29:22.66 charukaarora Ah, you know you really need to come to India and India is hard and it’s colorful and it’ll give you so much inspiration.
09:27.26 Celine Excited about it. So yeah, we’re gonna do that. okay okay I won let’s go to be yeah so it’ll be four Mondays at 7 o’clock and eastern standard time. So wherever you are eastern standard time.
01:29:32.41 charukaarora Um, yes.
01:29:39.53 charukaarora We will do a studio swap I’ll give you my amazing You know I have a fantastic studio. Let’s do this soon and you love because it’s going to be hot here and I love because it’s going to be cold there.
09:47.16 Celine Do the you know on your phone. Ah the calculator just exactly, um, well yeah, it’ll be an hour four times a week and then we’re gonna have like an Instagram group chat for during the day to like keep in touch and pep each other up and be like each other’s squad. You know.
01:29:58.15 charukaarora And it’ll be the perfect.
01:30:02.83 charukaarora Yes, you can come in March feb so from Marched feb like what’s really hot is June july that’s hot like early hot. I love that That’s the worst I love the worst I love the words I want to freeeze in the cold.
10:22.96 Celine Right? Young man. Yeah yeah, hey there you go. Maybe you’ve given me idea like that could be fun like a goal setting workshop in January or something. Yeah, okay, that would be fun to do in a group too right? because sometimes.
01:30:28.90 charukaarora Um, love it. Then we’re doing this done deal. Your biggest source of inspiration. Ah, okay, who’s your favorite women artist.
10:41.88 Celine Like actually you just gave me that idea like sometimes people around us can see things that we would be good at that. We don’t see for ourselves So it’s so helpful to like chat in a group setting. So yeah.
01:30:49.88 charukaarora Ah, any anyone? Okay, ah yes, lets.
11:12.94 Celine Yeah, okay well I’ll keep you posted on that 1 I’ll have to think think that through a little bit more. But yeah, so actually that would be amazing because that’s what I want to do for sure is set more goals for 2020 and
01:31:22.58 charukaarora Okay, okay. Yes, I will and I will eye her yes and I will add her shoot a show notes as well. Okay,, who’s your go to person when you’re in trouble or in need of advice.
11:32.38 Celine See how many I can knock out. Yeah.
11:41.36 Celine It would be my pleasure. You’re so much fun to talk to you So anytime.
01:31:52.10 charukaarora Oh my god.
11:50.89 Celine Okay, go for it I’m ready.
01:32:02.11 charukaarora Um, and allow. Um, Well yeah, they get it. Yeah, that is so nice to yeah oh my God okay, this could be a little more than 1 word. Can you share like can you share 1.
12:11.84 Celine Yep.
12:16.89 Celine 1 thing I want to convey through my art and wait convey through my art right? Okay I want to convey positivity and joy. Do you want more than that or do you.
01:32:30.89 charukaarora 1 moment I am sure there must have been many ah that really you close like you keep close to your heart that that makes you feel very special for being an artist like 1 incident something that made you various be feel very special memorable. You can’t forget it.
12:36.82 Celine Like how long to go my answers just short and sweet quick. Got it. Oh I’ve always used the word colorful. But for some people they think that’s negative. So I don’t know but I think I’m colorful like just what.
01:32:50.47 charukaarora Something.
01:32:54.54 charukaarora Yes.
12:56.56 Celine Yeah, some were hot.
01:33:09.18 charukaarora Okay, oh I remember that fun. Yeah.
13:10.14 Celine Um I think it like honestly I really believe that no I definitely have to come I don’t love the cold I tend to feel sad with dark cold days. So yes, wouldn’t that be incredible.
01:33:31.86 charukaarora Um, yeah.
13:30.40 Celine Yes, okay.
13:37.79 Celine Um I can’t come when it’s like the hot is taught though I have to come when it’s like you said like today is like 26 that that is perfect. Okay. Okay, but then if we swapped in March and February you’d have to be here at the coldest time That’s the worst so perfect that works perfectly like perfect. Oh my god hilarious.
01:33:57.56 charukaarora Um, yeah, yeah, yeah.
14:10.49 Celine I Love it. Um, then. People People are my biggest source of inspiration. Yeah.
01:34:19.42 charukaarora That truly truly is absolutely okay, if you were to meet young wsseline today. What advice would you give her.
14:25.54 Celine Oh whole, That’s that’s such a mean question. How am I gonna answer that Okay I have lots. You know what I have I have lots of living um, artists that I really admire. But. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings or leave anybody out. Oh I’m gonna do 1 that is no longer with us that was an inspiration her her work was ah a real inspiration when I was a kid and then now as an adult like digging into her life. She just was a trailblazer so that’s Tamara Delem pinkka.
01:34:52.64 charukaarora Yeah.
01:35:01.31 charukaarora Yeah, yeah.
15:03.13 Celine She was very popular in the twenty s and she painted portraits in a very stylized and stylish bold way. So google her tamara. Yeah, if but walk you might know her butddy. Perfect yeah.
01:35:11.20 charukaarora Ah, yeah.
01:35:18.53 charukaarora With you on that saying me oh my goodness. Oh my God a hundred percent.
15:21.10 Celine So that would be definitely.
15:28.14 Celine It’s a toss up between my mom and my husband my mom is like my ride or die. She’s got my back all my crazy ideas she loves it and then my husband obviously is the same. So.
01:35:32.70 charukaarora Um, yeah.
01:35:41.22 charukaarora My God that is such such a lovely eyes. You know when you’re seeing that your art my my entire report card would be filled with Ccc C Ccc and just.
15:41.88 Celine You know I thought too and I’m very lucky to have both and then you know what as my kids are getting older. They’re so interested in like everything I’m doing So they’re they’re getting involved and I’m able to tell them my crazy ideas too because they’re old enough they like envision it. And yeah, so yeah.
01:35:55.14 charukaarora Right? at the bottom that’s where the art thing is because they would always always put art on the bottom. Yeah a plus plus and I was like I would show my mom mom I got this and then she would look from so I would ask her to look from here from bottom to up and not from up to down because and you know apparently like.
16:01.50 Celine So I’ve got a really nice support system I’m very lucky. Yeah.
16:07.78 Celine Okay.
01:36:13.94 charukaarora How kids would be so curious and interested in taking their parents. So This is how it happens here I don’t know where how it happens there like we’ll have this parents teacher meet and then you know they are meant to go to meet their teachers so you could take them to your favorite teachers or teachers who have requested them and I would. I would purposely I would try not my parents do not meet any of my teachers because I know then what will happen and I would take them to my heart teacher which they were never interested in because that’s what I knew. Yes.
16:32.94 Celine Um, I mean honestly I’m lucky to have quite a few but I think the 1 really stands out is a painting I did in 2019 so fairly close to when I started. Um, it’s a vintage yellow with tons of ruffles.
01:36:49.46 charukaarora Oh my god okay silly one last thing which is where can people find you support. You do you want to share anything that’s coming up like you’ve you’ve already done that but please feel free to take the space and let our listeners know where they can find you follow you support you.
16:52.76 Celine And I just yeah so I just saw it in the vintage store and just thought wow that’s a beautiful dress. But then when I connected with the owner because I wanted to borrow it to photograph it for a painting. She told me the story behind the dress and it’s it’s 1 of her family and having overcome a lot of really. Um, well like our conversation earlier like twists and turns and really big big challenges and that dress was bought for her. Great aunt um, because she was the first in their family to graduate high school and this is the dress that she was going to wear and so that story touched me and then.
01:37:20.32 charukaarora Yes, cool.
17:31.87 Celine Just the woman’s reaction. How incredibly honored she felt that I was interested in the dress and the story just was really that was really touching that was pretty special I mean I I find people have such a strong react to my work and.
01:37:36.91 charukaarora Yes.
01:37:44.71 charukaarora I’m a regular listener. So guys if you ah that I can vouch for it. So don’t forget to check it out for sure and she is so celine has really covered a lot of things on the podcast which has happened in her own professional life and she’s really talked.
17:50.45 Celine Tell me all kinds of beautiful things and so I feel touched a lot but just knowing the history of that specific dress and then what it meant to the family and then to have that forever in a painting I think is just really special. Yeah.
01:38:02.43 charukaarora Us through shed so many things behind super fine which was so so helpful because I had a lot of questions I’ve been thinking of doing art fair for so long and I’ve just been thinking about coming from India the entire cost and like all of those things and I feel like it was so so so helpful for me.
18:10.74 Celine I would tell her just keep being your little weirdo self like keep keep going. It’s okay because you know again, we were talking about that self-doubt and I didn’t fit in at all I Mean. Had friends and everything don’t get me wrong I was okay, but in particular like in elementary school. You know before before I was 10 The cool girls were like the long I’ve always had hair that was kind of around here. They would have the long hair the long point until they’re athletic and.
01:38:29.81 charukaarora Yes, please do.
01:38:43.17 charukaarora Yes, yes I think so I think so if not, you can always come back and talk about it. Yes, oh my God Thank you? So okay, cool.
18:47.30 Celine Top in all the sports and they would get straight a’s and I was like I was none of those things I had weird haircut and funky clothes and I was like a C students so except art I would get a’s and art and everything else.
01:39:02.43 charukaarora I Love how you guys say that? okay cool, you know? yeah.
19:07.27 Celine Was a struggle you know? anyway, but I had yeah had a lot of I wanted to fit in but I wanted to be myself and so I really struggled with that and so looking back I would just say don’t worry about fitting it just keep being yourself because it’s you’re allowed to do that. So yeah.
01:39:11.90 charukaarora Yeah. Yes, yes.
01:39:31.48 charukaarora Um, you do that? Okay cool, Oh man, it works it. It’s it’s fun. It’s you you.
19:40.94 Celine Yeah, yeah.
01:39:49.35 charukaarora It’s it’s very fun guys. You definitely should check the podcast out. It’s really helpful celeen and ja both are very very kind and happy and they share so much that I’m sure will be so helpful for all of you so again celeen thank you so much for your time I know it’s been way Beyond that we expected but I knew this was going to happen. So.
19:51.25 Celine Examine me.
20:02.67 Celine Yes.
01:40:09.20 charukaarora Thank you so much? Yeah, same your I really am hoping I know you’ll be back here much much faster than we all can expect and we’ll have so many new things to ask you and share.
20:24.95 Celine Yeah, that’s where your love was right I can totally relate. That’s the same. Yeah.
01:40:27.45 charukaarora Thank you? Okay, cool Bye wait I have.
20:47.54 Celine Absolutely okay, so my website is celine gabrielleart dot com all of my social medias celaine gabrielle art. Um, what else? Oh so my podcast is called art. Okay, cool and. And yeah, it’s a little bit um, different in that Jade is a friend of mine who’s also an emerging artist and she and I really sort of talk about and pick apart like what we’re doing while we’re doing it and sharing like the behind the scenes. So if you’re interested in that if you know that that. Piques your curiosity did you.
21:33.58 Celine Thank you.
21:48.83 Celine Um, okay.
22:00.29 Celine Good I’m so glad that’s yeah, that’s why we do it and then yes, so I think I’m going to do another artist another group for the artist pep talk and I’ll give you information that you can share with your listeners ar I’ll I’m sure I’ll talk about it on my stuff too. So if you follow me over there. You know it’ll all come together and my email is celine gabrille art at gmail. So if you just have questions reach out to me and I will answer everything that you want to know I think that’s everything did I cover everything. Good exact, perfect cool. Okay, cool. Okay cool. That’s why you know what? So I’ll tell you funny story when we went to go. When we decided we were gonna do it or I decided and I was you know a name all the names I had like brainstormed were taken other things and so Jade said to me, she’s that’s my co-host. She’s like well what do you say all the time and I’m like well. I don’t know and then I had to think and I thought well I always say that you know somebody will say do you want to go for coffee I’ll be like yeah okay, cool. So I just thought art. Okay, cool where you go. There’s a title. So anyway, it’s kind of a free title but whatever it works. What thank you.
23:49.76 Celine Um, thank you for having me. It was a lot of fun.
24:06.25 Celine Great. We’ll talk soon? Okay, okay, cool bye.


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