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Victoria J. Fry: The All-Rounder Artist Shaping the World of Contemporary Art

In the colorful and ever-changing world of contemporary art, where creativity knows no bounds, artists don’t limit themselves to just one role. They seamlessly transition between being creators, curators, promoters, and mentors, all to enrich the art community as a whole.

Among these immensely talented individuals, let me introduce you to Victoria J. Fry. With her vision and creativity, she not only creates stunning and captivating artwork but also redefines the way we perceive and interact with contemporary art.

But that’s not all, Victoria’s influence extends far beyond her own works. Through her ventures, she is leaving a mark on the art scene, forever changing the way we experience and appreciate art.

With her passion for art and creativity, Victoria is inspiring a new generation of art lovers, introducing them to an infinite world of possibilities. And in this week’s “Women in Arts” section, we will shine light on Victoria. So, let’s dive into the life, journey, and incredible creativity of Victoria J. Fry.

About Victoria J. Fry

Victoria J. Fry, a painter, curator, and founder of Visionary Art Collective and New Visionary Magazine. With a childhood spent in England and Singapore, Victoria’s artistic journey is influenced by the English countryside, memories, and personal experiences. Her captivating paintings, rooted in landscape and perception, have garnered recognition in esteemed publications like Vanity Fair UK and Art Reveal Magazine.

Driven by her mission to amplify artists’ visibility, Victoria has worked closely with 200+ talented artists, offering invaluable guidance and support in advancing their art careers. As a curator and collaborator with renowned curators and gallerists, she facilitates captivating group exhibitions. Victoria’s dedication extends further with her contemporary art magazine and engaging podcast centered on art and entrepreneurship.

Victoria’s impact as a speaker has been felt at esteemed events and organizations, including the Women’s Caucus of Art in Washington D.C. and Photo Trouvée Magazine. Her curation expertise shines through exhibitions for Create! Magazine and Arts to Hearts Project, while her discerning eye has made her a sought-after juror for the Women’s United Art Prize.

A graduate of the School of Visual Arts and the Maine College of Art, Victoria immersed herself in the vibrant art scenes of California during her formative years. Now residing in New York City, she continues to inspire and innovate.

A peek into the life of Victoria as an Artis

Victoria’s Artwork: A Mix of Color and Emotion

Victoria’s work delves into the relationship between place and memory through contemporary landscape painting. Her paintings capture the moments between waking and dreaming, where imagination and reality intermingle in a semi-conscious state. Drawing inspiration from her childhood memories of the English countryside, she finds comfort in foggy fields, variegated hills, and the changing seasons. Her work serves as an attempt to preserve and perhaps even romanticize these moments lost in time.

Throughout her creative process, she often ponders whether it is possible to reconstruct memories of a place she once knew. she wonders if it is feasible to discern what is real and what no longer exists when the memory is still present. These essential questions continue to guide her work.

The titles of her paintings, including “Finding Our Way Home” and “Do You Still Remember?” allude to a personal narrative unfolding throughout the series. She perceives this artistic endeavor as an opportunity to further comprehend the intricate relationship between perception, color, emotion, and experience.

Her artwork tells stories without words. Each piece invites the viewer to stop and ponder, to explore their own thoughts and feelings. It’s not just about what you see on the canvas; it’s about how it makes you feel.

A peek into Victoria life as a Creative Entrepreneur

The Visionary Art Collective: Supporting Emerging Artists

Victoria’s dedication to the art community led her to create the Visionary Art Collective (

This platform is more than just a showcase for emerging artists; it’s a support system. It’s a place where artists can share their work, connect with others in the industry, and get the exposure they need to grow. It’s a testament to Victoria’s belief in the power of community and collaboration.

Our mission at Visionary Art Collective is to uplift artists through magazine features, exhibitions, podcast interviews, and our mentorship programs.

New Visionary Podcast: Conversations about Art

Victoria also utilizes the power of meaningful conversations to inspire and shape the art world. Through her podcast, “New Visionary Podcast,” which can be found on Apple Podcasts, she engages in in-depth discussions with talented emerging artists.

These conversations delve into their creative processes, diverse inspirations, and personal experiences, offering valuable insights that ignite the imaginations of both artists and art enthusiasts alike.

By providing a platform for artists to express themselves authentically, Victoria’s podcast not only amplifies their voices but also fosters a deeper connection between artists and their audience, creating a vibrant and enriching experience in the realm of art.

New Visionary Magazine

Contemporary Art & Professional Development

New Visionary is a contemporary art magazine presented by Visionary Art Collective. Within the pages of this publication, you will discover thought-provoking and exclusive interviews with a diverse range of artists, visionary curators, entrepreneurs, and influential educators.

In this new visionary magazine, you will find collections of artworks that defy expectations, spark your creativity, and evoke deep emotions. Alongside these captivating visuals, you will also find a treasure trove of educational resources, invaluable career tips, and so much more.

A newly Launched Venture of Victoria J. Fry

Warnes Contemporary: A Curated Selection of Art

Victoria’s exceptional eye for talent is brilliantly displayed in her curated platform @warnescontemporary her newly launched art gallery for emerging contemporary artists worldwide.

By showcasing a diverse range of contemporary artworks from talented artists around the world, she not only promotes individual pieces but also celebrates the vast creativity and cultural diversity within the global art community.

Her dedication to highlighting the beauty and richness of artistic expression creates an immersive experience for art enthusiasts and fosters a deeper appreciation for the vibrant art scene worldwide.

Join Victoria on her artistic journey on @warnescontemporary, where she continues to nurture and expand the boundaries of creativity, providing a platform for artists to reach new heights while inspiring a worldwide audience with the boundless possibilities of contemporary art.

In the end, I would just say that Victoria J. Fry is much more than just an incredibly talented artist. She not only creates stunning works of art but also assumes multiple roles as a curator, podcaster, and community builder. As a leader in the art world, she is continuously pushing boundaries and shaping the future of contemporary art.

Through her various platforms and initiatives, Victoria creates spaces where artists from all walks of life can thrive and express their creativity. She fosters an environment of collaboration, encouraging everyone to engage with art in new and meaningful ways. Her inspiring journey serves as a powerful reminder that with unwavering passion, boundless creativity, and relentless hard work, one can truly make a lasting impact in the world of art.

And If you want to get in touch with her you can find her on:

With this, I will take your leave and will come up with another talented personality from the contemporary art world. Till then take care of yourself and keep creating the magic that you do. Good Bye!

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