5 Mixed Media Women Artists Who Are Making A Name For Themselves In The Art World

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In the art world, there are countless mediums that artists can use to create their work. Some artists prefer sticking to one medium, while others like experimenting with different mediums to create unique pieces. Some mixed-media artists use a combination of different mediums to create their artwork.

In this week’s Arts to Hearts Project feature article, we will feature 5 mixed-media women artists who are making a name for themselves in the art world.

These artists use a combination of mediums to create beautiful and unique art pieces. We hope you enjoy learning more about these talented women.

So keep on reading to learn about it all.

Tara Axford (@tara.axford)

As a mixed media artist working with prints, collage, mixed media, fiber arts, and photography, I am interested in the push-pull of constantly searching for something… Are we developing something new or constantly referencing and being influenced by the past? I draw inspiration from my surroundings, I find patterns, textures, and imperfections. The forgotten, the weathered, the discarded appeal to me. 

My current practice is to explore my surroundings and the sense of place. I like to ‘zoom in’ on an environment and work with that. That could mean photographing found objects, ‘foraging’ natural elements, and arranging them to be seen differently. I enjoy abstracting the essence of a place to create something new. So the viewer can also experience something they may have previously overlooked with fresh eyes. Currently, I am exploring found objects, patterns, and textures and how it reflects the sense of place and creates a connection to it.

Some of my influences come from the work of Robert Rauschenberg, Rosalie Gascoigne, Fred Williams, Vera Neumann, Ray Eames, and Lucienne Day.

All either collected, arranged, and worked with patterns, the graphic, the abstract.

Susan McCreevy (@susanmccreevyartist)

Are you drawn to artworks that give you a sense of tranquility and peacefulness?

I create works of art that are a fusion of painting and printmaking. The paintings consist of layers of mystifying and unique elements for the viewer. The colors I am drawn to are often a limited palette of blues, yellow ochre and aqua greens which evoke a feeling of peace. Botanical shapes and patterns found in nature excite me which in turn allows me to create my own honest, authentic art.

I love to mix my mediums and intrigue the viewer with some of the combinations I use such as hand printed elements combined with the ancient technique of encaustic wax, using gold to embellish elements.

I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone college of art with a BA Hons degree in textile design and printmaking in 1998. After a significant break to raise my daughters, I found my passion for art again, social media has opened up a whole new audience to me and I now have collectors of my art all over the world. 

I am selling my work in “The Riverside Gallery” in Inverness and “Logie Steading Gallery” near Forres.

Denise Cerro (@denisecerro)

Denise Cerro’s background includes parallel careers in visual presentations and as a faux finish and mural artist. Mural work eventually led her to paint on canvas, and her merchandising eye for putting things together stirred an interest in mixed media and assemblage art. Originally a self-taught artist, once Denise began painting on canvas, she learned as much as she could about painting techniques by taking countless classes and workshops in both representational and abstract painting. 

My current mixed media work merges my art and craft family influences, and my use of layered papers and textures serves as a foundation for my semi-abstract paintings.  I paint what I like and know…still life, flowers, landscapes, figures, faces, textures…while pushing them into abstract places. My inspiration is life around me and my curiosity about how I can convey that onto canvas.

Along with creating in her home Southern California studio, Denise teaches mixed media painting classes and is a founding member of the art collective F1VEart Studio in the Arts District Liberty Station in San Diego. 

Michaela McMillan (@michaelamcmillan)

I make bold, colorful sculptures using recycled materials, creating the next life for unwanted objects. 

My work is influenced by a childhood of parables with hidden messages and parents with a ‘Good Life’ philosophy  – Grow Your Own, Make Your Own and Recycle.  It makes me smile to remember.  I’m sure it was often done out of financial necessity, but that mentality has stayed with me.  

​I was named after a wildlife documentary filmmaker, Michaela Denis. As my namesake, I have always been inspired and curious about animals and nature and fascinated by their exuberance and fragility. 

My collections are statement pieces intended to be playfully serious and hold parables about our lives today.  They start as pages of words and ideas and are interpreted using recycled and found objects with decoupage, assemblage, and stitch.  

The pieces are visions of my imagination mixed with realities, depicting scenarios of animals, people, and nature. 

My artworks are flirtatious sculptures with hidden secrets for your home.  They add a colorful twist and talking point to make your space unique and eclectic.  They focus on telling stories through unusual materials to become objects that are cherished, loved, and bring you pleasure. 

Mina Kann Fliegen (@mina.kann.fliegen)

I’m Mina – an intuitive artist and self-proclaimed creativity researcher. When I’m in my studio, swinging my brush, I feel like I’m flying.

I share my ideas to spark creativity, tips on acrylic painting and mixed media, inspiration, and many creative journeys with you so that you too can find your own personal expression and open your heart to the beauty of this world.

So this is the work of our featured artists. And if you want more creative inspiration, read our article, The Top 50 Creative Inspiration Websites For Artists, here.

And we are excited to tell you that we are launching some new products in our shop that are essential for every artist. So if you want to look at them, please visit our shop, and we will be happy to get feedback from you all. Until then, keep creating the magic you do. Have a happy weekend Good Bye.

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