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From Ordinary Tool to Extraordinary Art: The Creative Genius Of Paper-Cut Artists

Every Friday we bring you some of the most exciting done by women artists all around the globe. We try to cover all kinds of artwork ranging from portraits, sculptures, installations, ceramics, textiles, and everything that defines or redefines creativity. Today we have covered the work of some amazing Paper-Cut Artists who hand-cut paper with an ordinary tool- a paper cutter but make the most extraordinary work. The amazing paper-cut lightbox with intricate layers and layers of paper, sea-themed paper-cut frames, storytelling paper-cut frames and a whole lot more work to keep you engrossed.

It just amazes me how versatile paper is and how innovative it can be for artists to work with. Yet again I have compiled a list of women artists whose work will fascinate you. The old-fashioned art of paper cutting combined with the modern art of these artists is just incredible.

So let’s explore some of the exciting works done by these 5 amazing paper-cut artists.

1. Dawn Thornhill

Dawn a paper-cut artist has always been fascinated by the endless possibility of paper, the magical quality of light, and the wonder of the natural world. She brings all these things together by creating beautiful nature-inspired paper-cut lightboxes. Dawn says, “Using only a pencil and a scalpel, I draw, then hand-cut and layer card, adding lights to create a dream-like contrast between the layers to tell a story or capture a special memory, with secret details to be found over time. Most lightboxes are A5 or A4 and are professionally framed in a bespoke box, with UV-protective, anti-reflective glass. I create pieces for exhibitions, and fundraisers and take on several commissions a year.”

In addition to the lightboxes, she has been working on creating a series of pieces consisting of smaller cuts, around a theme, to record and celebrate the positive impact the natural environment had during the recent lockdowns. Every print that is sold raises funds for different wildlife charities.

Dawn states, “I am passionate about wildlife conservation, especially that of Rhinos and African Wild Dog and use my artwork, in addition to the prints, to support some amazing charities working in this area, including; Helping Rhinos, Save the Rhino, Endangered Wildlife Trust, Wildlife ACT and Kalahari  African Wild Dog Trust.”

Explore more about her work on her Website and Instagram.

2. Pippa Waghorn

Pippa based in Kent is a paper-cut artist who loves to work on personalised pieces. She does some amazing work and gives some amazing templates of her work. You can explore more about her work on her profile

3. Claire

Claire a paper-cut artist loves experimenting with paper. Her work will feel like it’s telling you a story or a poem. Claire draws her inspiration from fairy tales. Her work has been showcased in the ‘Tales and Songs Show’ hosted in Panama City, an exhibition of The Guild of American paper cutters. Explore more about her work on her profile

4. Pernille Frydendahl

Pernille based in Vesterbro is an audiologist during the day and a paper-cut artist at night. Her work revolves around the themes of the modern abstract and sea world. The striking colour combinations will catch your attention instantly. You can explore more about her work on her Website and Instagram.

5. Kirie

Kirie also known as Tokyo Note a paper-cut artist based in Japan makes some amazing feminine paper-cut art. Her recent work- the paper-cutting lady with her lingerie will leave you fascinated. She does some amazing three-dimensional paper cut works as well. Explore more about her work on her profile

So these were some incredible works of this week’s Women Artists. If you want to read more about such inspiring women, then head on to our Articles section on our Website.

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