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Fuel Your Creativity With These 5 Must-Read Art Magazines

Have you ever wondered why art magazines are so important? Art magazines provide an outlet for artists and creatives to express their artistry and imagination while giving readers a window into the world of art. They can be invaluable sources of inspiration, information, and education about art.

Art magazines are an important part of any artist’s development. Not only do they provide a wealth of information, but they offer a unique perspective on the world of art. They can help to inspire young and budding creatives to think in new ways and create exciting work. Furthermore, art magazines serve as a platform for artists to showcase their work and gain exposure.

So, in this week’s Arts to Hearts Project feature article, we are featuring five must-read art magazines that will give you an insight into the world of art.

These art magazines, feature interviews with top artists and curators from around the world and explore diverse topics such as art biz, gallery exhibitions, creative inspiration and so much more.

Whether you’re an experienced artist looking for fresh ideas or a novice wanting to get started in the field of art – these five magazines will keep your creative juices flowing.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1- ATH Magazine

Discover, Connect & Engage with Women in Global Arts.

art magazines

Are you looking for an art publication that celebrates women in the arts?

Arts to Hearts Magazine is dedicated to discovering, engaging, and connecting with women in the arts. We feature a variety of artists in each issue, as well as articles and interviews that provide insight into the life of an Artist & their creative process.

ATH Mag is the perfect way to stay connected with the creative community. With a variety of content and a focus on women in the arts, you’re sure to find something that interests you.

Unlock the magical realm of art and imagination with ATH magazine! With inspiring ideas, helpful advice, and works from both up-and-coming and renowned creators, ATH magazine provides a unique window into the world of art. So, grab your coffee and dive into the captivating and mysterious experience of being an artist.

2- Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a leading publication for contemporary art enthusiasts, featuring in-depth interviews and profiles of leading and emerging visual and wearable artists from around the world.

Each issue offers informative, inspiring, and thought-provoking content, perfect for artists, artisan fashion designers, collectors, curators, galleries, and anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the contemporary art world. Plus, our beautifully designed print edition is a stunning addition to any coffee table or art collection.

3- Artmag

Artmag has continued to publish uninterrupted throughout the pandemic, since April 2, 2020 (albeit in a digital format) and we remain 100% committed to promoting Scotland’s vibrant cultural scene.

Each weekly issue includes exhibition and performance arts news and previews plus gallery, museum, and event openings. The features now change monthly with topical features, art & travel articles, and profiles on artist/craft makers, other industry professionals, commentary, and competitions.

We have a loyal and dedicated team which all pulled together to keep the magazine moving forward. Our online blog editor posts daily breaking news and keeps our social platforms up to date. Special Artmag bloggers will once again attend live openings as they are permitted or online, reporting back their reviews.

4- Create! Magazine

Create! Magazine is a global publication for artists, makers, and artpreneurs. Our mission is to promote the fresh, unique work of creatives from around the world.

Each issue is filled with vibrant contemporary art, craft, design, and inspiring stories of makers from around the world. 

Celebrating emerging contemporary artists and creating a welcoming and inclusive community through our print issues and online platforms is our passion. 

5- Artwalk Magazine

Artwalk Magazine is an annual 100-page contemporary print art magazine. Sold online and ships internationally.

Showcasing a diverse mix of art mediums, from around the world, including: “Painting, photography, street art, tattoo/body, sculpture, design and more,” from experienced and emerging artists alike. Articles and reportage in; art theory and philosophy, artist lifestyle, art process, music, film, gallery reviews art business and art workspaces.

So these are some amazing art magazines that you must read. Along with this The Arts To Hearts Project is excited to collaborate with selected artists to create the Studio Visit Book Vol. 1 that will be released in April- May of 2023. Each artist will be featured with four pages dedicated to their work and an interview about their studio practice. Know more about it here Studio Visit Book Vol. 1

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