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Eliza Ali: Raising the voice of Women in the Art Industry through ‘ART SHE SAYS’

In the art world, where women have historically faced marginalization and lack of representation, we are now witnessing a significant and long-awaited shift towards equality and recognition. This transformation is not only reshaping the landscape of the art industry but also empowering women to take up space and make their voices heard. 

As more women creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, curators, and gallerists step into the forefront, their unique perspectives and creative visions are becoming powerful catalysts for societal change and the empowerment of future generations. 

Through their vision and hard work, they challenge conventions, break barriers, and inspire others to pursue their passions fearlessly. This week, in our Arts to Heart Project’s Women in Art Series, we are excited to shine a spotlight on one such woman: Eliza Ali Founder and Editor-in-chief of “Art She Says” 

Eliza Ali, an American journalist, editor, art dealer, filmmaker, and creative director, is a name that stands tall in the vibrant landscape of the art world. Based in New York City, she has carved out a niche for herself by becoming the voice of women in the arts.

The journey of Eliza from Law to Art

Eliza initially pursued a career in law, but soon realized it didn’t satisfy her creative aspirations. So, she decided to study at a women’s college where she fostered a love for art by immersing herself in the fascinating world of art history. Fuelled by her passion, she started on her professional journey at Hamptons Magazine, where she kickstarted her career.

Later on, she ventured into the realm of corporate law, working as a paralegal for an entertainment law firm. Collaborating closely with top-notch attorneys and high-profile clients across different domains, including art, film, and media, she got an insider’s perspective of the industry. However, this experience served as a catalyst for a major shift in her path. It was during this transformative phase that she recognized the pressing need for greater representation of women in the art world.

Determined to drive change, Eliza took the plunge and founded ART SHE SAYS, a platform dedicated to elevating and empowering female artists. Through this venture, she aims to challenge norms, break barriers, and create a more inclusive art community. With her unique perspective and unwavering determination, Eliza is forging a new path in the industry, one that celebrates and amplifies the voices of female artists.

Birth of ‘ART SHE SAYS’

In 2018, Eliza launched ‘ART SHE SAYS’, a media platform dedicated to women in the art world. This initiative was a game-changer, providing a space for women artists, dealers, collectors, curators, and entrepreneurs to share their stories, gain recognition, and connect with each other.

Through its diverse range of content and networking events, it has created a supportive community where women artists, dealers, curators, collectors, and entrepreneurs can connect, share their stories, and gain recognition.

The Instagram page of ‘ART SHE SAYS’ serves as a vibrant digital gallery with a massive following of 113k, showcasing an array of artworks from emerging and established artists. It allows followers to discover new artists, stay updated on current exhibitions, and gain insights into trends in the art market.

Beyond providing exposure for artists, ‘ART SHE SAYS’ has a broader societal impact. It challenges the gender disparity in the art world by promoting women’s voices and contributions. In doing so, it not only transforms the narrative for women in the art industry but also inspires a new generation of women artists to pursue their dreams

Work and Influence of Art She Says

‘ART SHE SAYS’ offers an eclectic blend of content – from insightful articles on art business and market trends to features on exhibitions and artist profiles. Additionally, the platform organizes networking events and provides digital media strategy, emerging as a holistic hub for women in the art world.

Along with this, ART SHE SAYS is more than just a magazine; it offers an art advisory service specializing in connecting private and commercial clients with female artists. The platform also collaborates with galleries to curate meaningful exhibitions that highlight the work of women artists.

For those looking to delve deeper into the art world, ‘Art She Says’ The Collector’s Club provides a membership designed to empower women in the arts. The club offers special opportunities for artists, art dealers, and collectors, fostering a supportive and inclusive community.

Eliza’s Vision of Democratizing the Art Industry

Beyond just creating a media platform. With ‘ART SHE SAYS’, she aims to democratize the art industry by providing opportunities for women to freely express their creative voices and gain the recognition they deserve. Recognized for her efforts, Eliza has forged meaningful relationships with influential women at renowned art advisory firms, auction houses, museums, and galleries, thereby amplifying the network of women in the art world.

Furthermore, Eliza has emerged as a vocal advocate for greater representation of female artists in the art market. Leveraging her platform, she tirelessly champions their work and organizes numerous events and exhibitions that celebrate the success of women in the creative industries.

These include a series of sold-out talks featuring leading professionals in the fields of fashion, architecture, music, and more. With an unwavering passion for creating meaningful dialogue, Eliza continues to drive positive change and inspire countless individuals in the art world and beyond.

Eliza’s Work Beyond ‘ART SHE SAYS’

Eliza’s impact is not confined to ‘ART SHE SAYS’. As an art dealer, she leverages her keen eye for talent to identify and promote promising artists. As a filmmaker and creative director, she weaves compelling narratives, often highlighting the experiences and contributions of women in the art world.

In her interviews, Eliza has often spoken about the importance of hard work, perseverance, and staying true to one’s vision, inspiring many young women to pursue their dreams in the art world.

Eliza has curated numerous art shows in Tribeca and the Chelsea Gallery District, two of New York’s most popular art hubs. These curated shows have often focused on promoting women artists, aligning with the mission of her platform, ART SHE SAYS.

In addition to her work with ART SHE SAYS, Eliza has also served as a guest curator for other platforms. For example, she was selected as the guest curator for the Women’s Print Issue 2022, where she had the opportunity to select artists for the print edition. This further demonstrates her influence in the art industry and her commitment to elevating women’s voices within it.

If you want to get in touch with her you can find her at:

Eliza Ali’s passion and relentless determination have brought about significant change in the art world. Her journey shows her belief in the immense potential of women in art.

Through her initiative, ‘Art She Says’, Eliza has not only changed the narrative surrounding women in art but also established art as a potent medium for driving meaningful societal change. Her efforts and approaches serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists and advocates alike, fueling their belief in the transformative power of art.

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