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How to promote your art commissions during Christmas- 5 things you need to know

 As the holiday season continues, Christmas still stands as the opportunity to enhance your art commission sales and ensure that this year stands out for your art business. 

Even if your well-intentioned plans for a Christmas art commission marketing campaign slipped through the cracks, don’t worry – life happens. Even if you didn’t start plotting your holiday marketing back in the summer, there’s still a bit of time to infuse some festive cheer into your efforts. Despite Black Friday and Cyber Monday having come and gone, it’s crucial not to lose heart – you still have Christmas to upgrade your marketing and business plans.

Navigating the art world can be tough, especially during a gift-buying season. At Arts to Hearts Project, we understand the importance of efficiency and smart work for artists. To help you seize the remaining time and finish the year on a high note, we present five things for Christmas art commission marketing success. It’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter and creating a well-thought-out plan that connects with your audience.

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No.1.Start with who would love and collect your Christmas art commission?

When it comes to promoting your Christmas commission art, the key is focusing on the people who genuinely want to buy it. This is the core idea behind the “target audience” concept, and it’s a game-changer in marketing. Selling to those who already have an interest in your art is much easier than trying to convince those who aren’t interested.

Every business targets a specific group of people – those most likely to buy what they offer. These buyers share common traits like age, income, location, personality, and more. Understanding these traits is like having a map to guide your marketing efforts. It helps you know what to promote, how, when, and where.

So, let’s break it down. Think about the kind of people who would love and collect your commission artwork. Ask yourself questions like what they enjoy, where they live, or what values matter to them. This Q&A session helps you define your target audience. Once you know them well, the next step is figuring out how to reach and talk to them in a way that makes them want to buy your commission art. It’s all about making your connection with your audience meaningful and convincing.

No.2 Don’t forget to spread the word about your art commissions

Take a moment to share the real charm of your Christmas commission artwork and highlight the joy it can bring to your audience’s lives. Stay true to yourself, and emphasize if your promotion is something truly special that’s worth their attention.

Moreover, make sure the whole buying process is smooth and inviting, ensuring that potential buyers don’t encounter any obstacles. Holiday shoppers have many choices but little time to spare. They want a hassle-free experience without dealing with broken links, a confusing checkout process, or missing details on pricing, dimensions, and more.

Provide clear descriptions of what you’re offering, how to make a purchase, and easy ways to get in touch with you. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – go through the process as if you were buying art from yourself. Confirm that it’s a seamless experience. Once everything is set, you’ll be all set to shout about your art and make this holiday season extra special for your audience!

No. 3 Promote your art commissions on social media

As the holiday rush intensifies, everyone is on the lookout for bargains, especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram , where Christmas shopping plans take shape. If you have a Facebook Business/Fan page, you’re in luck – there are tools waiting to help you promote your latest offer without spending a dime.

Utilize the ‘offers’ tab to craft a promotional campaign and entice customers with a discount code. By clicking on the offer, customers leave their email address and, in return, receive an email containing the special deal. For an even wider reach, consider linking this with a paid promotion. Print on Demand sites often allow you to create time-limited discount codes, making it easy to offer online discounts through the offer tabs.

No. 4 Add countdown to Christmas: Build anticipation 

Knowing the last-minute shopping spree is inevitable, plan your promotions strategically. Offering a 10% discount on your commission artwork over a couple of weekends before Christmas can attract attention. Release the discount codes exclusively through the social media offer, turning it into an online discount code haven without the hassle.

Keep your audience informed about the latest pre-Christmas delivery cut-off dates. Create a sense of urgency by reminding them that time is running out to ensure their gifts make it under the tree. Leading up to the promotion, host Instagram and Facebook Live events to introduce your offer. Be clear on the timing, avoiding the common “live in five” post trap. Schedule these events, creating social media calendar events for easy tracking, ensuring your audience doesn’t miss out on the excitement.

In the age of 21st-century marketing, live broadcasts are a game-changer. Overcome any fears by practicing in front of friends and family before going live. Announce your live sessions well in advance, making it an anticipated event for your followers. When you go live, it’s not just about promotions; it’s an opportunity to connect with your audience, making them feel like they’re chatting with an old friend. Embrace this personal touch, introducing yourself and letting your personality shine through.

No.5 Try paid campaigns

Consider dipping your toes into paid campaigns to boost visibility for your art sales page. Setting a modest budget, create a marketing campaign with a clear call to action: directing people to your commission art sales page. Rather than aiming to accumulate page likes, the primary focus is driving traffic to where it matters most.

Art lovers are likely to follow your page if they find your creations intriguing, so prioritize leading them to your sales page. Campaigns don’t have to be lengthy; even one or two days can yield results. Allocate a budget you’re comfortable with – for instance, if you spend $10 and sell two pieces, your commission could cover the advertising costs.

While there are no guarantees in advertising, it ensures people are aware of your presence. If you’re new to paid ads, align your budget with the commission for a single painting. For instance, if your art is priced at $50, keep that as your advertising budget. This way, selling just one piece will cover your costs, and anything beyond becomes a welcome bonus.


Remember, reciprocity is key – return the favor when fellow artists support you. It’s like giving a gift to those who’ve been there for you throughout the year, sharing and commenting on your posts, preventing our engagement from hitting rock bottom.

If any of these ideas prove beneficial for you, share your experience with us at our Instagram @artstoheartsproject. And if you have additional tips, drop them in too – we all could use a little help. Above all, we genuinely wish each of you a successful and joyous Christmas!

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