Hope, Growth, and Femininity: Artist Feature X Emily Mullet

About the Artist

Emily Mullet is a mixed media artist based in the Greater Philadelphia Region. She has a diverse artistic background ranging from ceramics to painting. In her current work, she collages screen printed imagery between multiple layers of reflective resin. This use of resin adds depth with subtle shadows between the delicately cut layers of paper. Emily uses floral patterns and the female figure to explore themes of identity, growth, and human connection. Emily received a Bachelor of Arts in studio art with an emphasis in painting and graphic design from College of the Ozarks in 2012. Her pieces have been featured in CandyFloss Magazine™, PxP Contemporary, SHOWFIELDS, and a variety of shows in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

About Emily’s Work

During the initial COVID-19 shutdown in early 2020, Emily began working with a model through social media to create portraits reflecting the isolating experience. Finely cut lilies, a traditional funeral flower, were layered into the compositions as a faint reminder of the loss of life. However these florals simultaneously carry feelings of hope, new growth, and femininity. These combined elements create a variety of dreamlike states that portray the wide range of emotions felt during the collective experience of 2020. Some pieces present moments of peace and stillness, while others illustrate feelings of confusion and insecurity. This collection of work became an unintentional documentation of the pandemic experience as it unfolded.

An insight to Emily’s creative process/practice

Emily utilizes screen printing and repeating imagery as a method to push her creative boundaries. In the 2020 Dreams collection, she uses the same lily shape to create entirely different moods and environments by changing the color, composition, or masking the figure in different ways. The use of resin in Emily’s work allows her to create a unique depth in her pieces. Thick brushstrokes of paint and finely cut paper appear to be suspended in time in multiple layers of glossy resin. The two-dimensional work takes on the feel of a diorama as light filters through and shadows are cast behind the imagery.

Recent works on Emily’s #Heartlist 

Ashely Longshore

Ashely’s work ethic, focus, and discipline strongly influences my studio practice.

Wayne White

Wayne’s work is an example of executing consistent styles and concepts through multiple mediums.

Sarah Detweiler

Sarah’s relationship with her art and her collectors pushes me to be invested in my concepts and audience.

Find Emily on: 

Instagram: @emilymullet

Website: www.emilymullet.com

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