The Transience of Space & Time: Artist Spotlight on Sona Sahakian

Artist Bio: Sona Sahakian (1996) is a visual artist based in the Hague, the Netherlands. She graduated from the department Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of the Arts , The Hague. Her works consist of paintings, drawings, collages, photographs , installations and films (video art). In recent years she has participated in various groups exhibitions and projects. 

About her work?

Her works are about the search for an inner experience of time, where memories are made experienceable in the shape of fixation and transformation. She strives for a fusion of past and present , which creates a dynamic and timeless dimension. The transience, the cycle of human existence – life, death and rebirth – plays an important role in this; this transforms our reality and strengthens our human consciousness. In her art she wants to stimulate people’s imagination and sensory experiences in which the traces of the past are revived in the present, which remains anchored in her memory and thus enriches her personal history. In this way she wants to inspire people to make an inner journey by really feeling and discovering for themselves what the treasury of their existence is.

Dive into Sona’s creative process

The transience of materials and the alchemical process of fusion plays an important role in her works. She see candle wax as a medium with which she paints and create forms, structures , textures and dimensions. The material is a metaphor for inner silence and a “melted” past, that radiates life force, energy and a moment of stillness, and at the same time refers to the invisible and the intangible. Through the flow of energy, a transformation of consciousness takes place that is filled with purity, softness, light and presence. A moment where being and non-being come together and merge and form a unity.

Also she brings different disciplines and techniques together (in one image). She sees this as an endless process in which different images in a different form and context constantly transform or take on and reappear in other forms. So her works are as a re-used cycle of becoming and perishing, which continues and expands, where every detail and shape plays its own role. They are harmoniously linked in an image where intangible time, memory and transience are united.

By using different materials and their alchemical process she tries to make the transitions between past, present and future tangible. she creates a space within a space, where deep layers of consciousness arise, which have an endless depth. A merging is the search for truth between thinking and being with matter and time. In this way she stimulates the search to find your inner mind, which is constantly changing.

Whats the recent work on your #Heartlist?

Recent Artists on my heartlist are: Anselm Kiefer, Bill Viola, Sergei Parajanov, John Daido Loori, Herman de Vries, Andrei Tarkovsky and Adam Fuss.

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