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Modern Maharani; A Blend Of Modern And Traditional Art

Have you ever been to an art gallery and left with a new love for yourself and all the women around you? Have you ever been impressed by Indian jewelry so much that you had a profound sense of awe and inspiration? That’s precisely what awaits you at the mesmerizing art gallery by Arts to Heart, featuring the remarkable ‘Modern Maharani’ collection by Charuka Arora. The ‘Modern Maharani’ is a solo show that features 27 art painting in the collection.

Upon entering the gallery, a captivating narrative unfolds, painted by the skillful strokes of Charuka Arora’s art. Through her masterpieces, she skillfully explores the evolving standards of beauty for women, leaving visitors in a state of awe.

This article will take you on a journey through this extraordinary exhibition, where each brushstroke and delicate pearl tells a compelling story of resilience, challenging and redefining conventional beauty standards.

Exploring the Exhibition of ‘Modern Maharani’:

The art exhibition is a haven where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly. ‘Modern Maharani’ is not just an art collection; it is a fascinating experience that celebrates the fortitude, grace, and beauty of Indian women. Charuka Arora’s exquisite art pieces showcased intricate jewelry patterns and designs that are deeply rooted in Indian culture and royalty. One cannot help but be impressed by the way Charuka’s artistic expression breathed new life into these traditional forms, infusing them with vital and expressive energy.

When Reality Meets Art:

The beautiful paintings of ‘Modern Maharani’ makes your mind filled with deep thoughts. Each artwork highlights the problem of unrealistic beauty standards imposed on women. All the paintings are named after Indian women and how people expect so much from them and their beauty even though they are just human beings. With her painting, Charuka Arora has depicted society’s expectations on the canvas in a natural and honest way.

The Unveiling of Beauty Standards:

In her paintings, Charuka skillfully shows the contradictions in our shared thoughts. The artwork exposes a conflict that women are allowed to live their life to the fullest but not too much as they are still ‘women.’ Each of the modern maharanis is a celebration of beauty yet a comment on the unrealistic beauty standards that are expected from women. It shows that although society celebrates women growing older, they still don’t want wrinkles and other imperfections. It shows that women are expected to be an impossible standard, always young and perfect.

Celebrating Beauty:

In the midst of all societal expectations, Charuka’s paintings show that no matter what beauty standards exist, women are beautiful. Her art questions the idea of perfection and encourages women to accept themselves as they are. It reminds society to redefine beauty based on our own terms. In a world that often values looks more than anything else, ‘Modern Maharani’ encourages the viewers to reflect and bring about positive transformations.

The artworks in the gallery deeply touch and connect with viewers, evoking a range of emotions that are difficult to put into words. Every brushstroke seems to relate to personal experiences and dreams, leaving a strong impression. The evident skill and dedication shown in these artworks serve as a reminder of the profound impact art can have on our lives.

Among the remarkable collection of artworks in the gallery, there are a few pieces that deserve special mention. These captivating artworks truly capture the hearts and souls of visitors. Standing out from the rest, they effortlessly grab everyone’s attention and garner admiration. Their undeniable charm and captivating presence naturally draw viewers closer, leaving a lasting impression.


Without a doubt, “Apsara” is the heart of the show. Upon viewing this captivating artwork, one cannot help but sense the delicate yet potent essence of women portrayed through the meticulous details and luminous pearls. It serves as a reminder of the inherent grace and strength that women embody. Standing in front of this piece, observers are transported into a realm of elegance and beauty, encompassed by the artist’s skillful brushstrokes.


 “Kalpana” is a thought-provoking artwork that sheds light on the unrealistic beauty standards imposed by society upon women. Created using acrylic, pearls, decorations, and gold on Italian vegan leather paper, it serves as a powerful reminder that true beauty stems from embracing our authentic selves. The amalgamation of different materials and textures within this artwork evokes a sense of liberation and self-acceptance, fostering a deep connection. Standing before it, one realizes the importance of celebrating individuality and breaking free from societal pressures.


Gayatri is a beautiful artwork created by Charuka Arora using acrylic paint and pearls on a wooden panel. The painting is elegant and graceful, with intricate details and shimmering pearls that make it look ethereal. Gayatri combines traditional Indian jewelry with a modern art style, blending the past and the present seamlessly.


Padmini is a captivating piece of art by Charuka Arora made with pearls and decorations on gold paper. It has a luxurious and regal feel, with the pearls and decorations arranged in intricate patterns inspired by traditional Indian jewelry. Padmini’s presence on the golden background adds a sense of majesty, celebrating the beauty of Indian women and their royal heritage.


Kalpana is a stunning painting created with oil paint, decorations, and lace on canvas. The leopard symbolizes women and encourages them to embrace individuality. Kalpana encourages viewers to celebrate uniqueness and self-acceptance.


Gangubai is a captivating artwork made with acrylic paint, stones, and decorations on sandpaper. It represents strength and resilience, symbolizing the spirit of women. The use of stones and decorations adds depth and texture to the artwork, symbolizing the obstacles women face on their journey to success.


Reekha is a mesmerizing artwork created with oil paints, gold pens, and decorations on sparkly paper. The painting showcases intricate patterns and designs, with golden accents and decorations that give it a radiant and captivating presence.


Neerja is a remarkable artwork that combines oil paint, decorations, gold threads, and wood on a wooden panel. It exudes regal grandeur and strength, capturing the essence of empowered women. The interplay of gold threads and rich colors adds a dynamic visual element, making Neerja truly captivating.


Lata is a captivating artwork created with pearls, decorations, cutwork, lace, oil, and acrylic paint on vintage paper. The painting combines different textures and materials, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and intricacy. Lata pays homage to the artistic traditions of Indian jewelry while celebrating the beauty of Indian women in a unique and expressive way.


Prathiba is a remarkable mixed media artwork that combines decorations, paper collage, and gouache on a wooden panel. The painting showcases a confident women, with a vibrant and layered composition. The use of mixed media elements adds depth and visual interest, capturing the inner strength and beauty of the subject.


Razia is a captivating artwork made with oil paint, decorations, gold threads, and wood on a wooden panel. It embodies regality and power, symbolizing the courage and determination of women who have defied norms and overcome barriers. The meticulous attention to detail and the interplay of different materials make Razia a testament to the resilience and beauty of women.


Nargis is a striking mixed media artwork that incorporates oil and acrylic paints, cutwork, decorations, lace, and collage on paper. The painting is visually stunning, with vibrant colors, intricate details, and layered textures coming together harmoniously. Nargis celebrates the diverse facets of femininity, capturing strength, beauty, and individuality.

Each artwork in Charuka Arora’s ‘Modern Maharani’ collection showcases the artist’s mastery in combining traditional Indian jewelry motifs with contemporary artistic expression, creating evocative narratives.

Charuka Arora’s ‘Modern Maharani’ provides a meaningful experience that helps visitors appreciate the strength and resilience of women. The gallery showcases captivating paintings and thought-provoking artworks that start conversations about the unrealistic beauty standards society imposes.

It reminds us to embrace diversity, inner strength, and beauty that goes beyond superficial expectations. By celebrating women who defy norms and create their own paths, the gallery inspires visitors to embrace their uniqueness and acknowledge their own beauty. It’s an unforgettable journey that promotes understanding, inclusivity, and self-acceptance.

If you have a chance, it is highly recommend to visit ‘Modern Maharani’ before it concludes on May 30th, 2023. Allow yourself to be amazed by the art painting of the luxurious Indian jewelry culture.

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