About the Artist

Cat Stanfield has been drawing and painting since childhood and  formally studied design and fine arts at the Design Institute of San  Diego and San Diego  City College.  Although she was born and raised in California, her years working in the fashion industry as a professional  top model  for the international legacy agency, Elite Model Management required  her to relocate to New York City and Paris, France in the 1990’s.  During these years she  continued to develop her artistic  exploration while maintaining a  successful career being featured in fashion magazines, catalogs and  commercial advertising campaigns worldwide. The influence those years  had in shaping Cathy’s creative style are prominent in her work which reflects a flair for fashion, feminine beauty and a dream-like sense of  intrigue and sensuality. Her preferred mediums are a mix of inks, acrylic,  gouache and photography.  Cathy now resides in the Pacific Northwest nestled in the Olympic Peninsula  just outside of Sequim, WA.

Artist Statement

As a mixed media artist I enjoy the  interplay between mediums and the effects of combining analog with digital illustrative techniques.  For painting, my preferred mediums are inks, goauche and acrylic.  Primarily a figurative artist, my work reflects  feminine beauty and sensuality.

What is your “Dreamland” ?

My Dreamland is serenity. It is the joy of simple pleasures and the freedom from the noise of today’s  chaos and tribalism. Dreamland for me is composition of unity, a space of kindness, a texture of harmony, a linear dialogue that moves us forward and not backwards and a bright ray of light found in the dark.  I connect this to my work through color choices and creating images of strong women who own their imperfections so perfectly.  I find my dreamland in my art studio, the place I love being and love doing what is not possible for me to not ‘do’.

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Charuka Arora

Charuka Arora is a creator at heart. An Artists, designer, podcaster & founder of Arts To Hearts Project. She is Internationally recognised artist
 known for her hand crafted Indian embellished collages & paintings.
Her work has been featured in several international worldwide blogs and publications, including create magazine, candy floss magazine, Fad magazine, The Jealous Curator, visionary art collective, art mums united, Indian artists book of colour to name a few.

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