About the Artist

I am a Venezuelan artist living in Costa Rica since 2012.

My formal training begins in 2003 when I studied drawing at the Angel Academy of Art and the full curriculum at the Florence Academy of Art, that conformed 5 years of solid training in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy.

 I was editor of the Florence Academy extensive library, assistant and editor of the Art History program, and manager of the Advanced Painting headquarters. 

I also obtained 2 scholarships awarded internationally by the same Academy, and I received the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Academic Painter in 2008.

 With 2 years of experience as an instructor at The Ravenswood Atelier in Chicago and 2 years at the Daniel Suarez Art Center in Caracas, I founded the Atelier del Sol – Academy of Arts, in Costa Rica in 2012, where I currently teach full time.  I paint together with my pupils and I set up the first Academy of academic realism in Central America.

Artist Statement

My work is a mixture that uses academicism and respect for drawing as a base but blends with surrealist and modernist elements, with mostly topics of mistery and animals.

It’s strength is the ability to use color and play with contrast and temperature. 

I think that our work should represent the time in which we are living. And one of these elements that characterize our era is the digital world.

My work, although being purely traditional, oil on linen and wood, is inspired by the colors of the digital world, admiration for the lighting effects of filters and knowing how to play with them, which gives it a modernist look despite being executed in a completely traditional way.

What is your “Dreamland” ?

One of the most important characteristics of my present work is what i called been Oneiric. 

For several years now, dreams and that mysterious source from which inspiration comes, which I like to call my Higher Self or my great mystery, has become one of my main focuses when creating art. 

There is nothing more personal than that source. There is nothing more spontaneous, purer, genuine than that place where dreams come from.

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Charuka Arora

Charuka Arora is a creator at heart. An Artists, designer, podcaster & founder of Arts To Hearts Project. She is Internationally recognised artist
 known for her hand crafted Indian embellished collages & paintings.
Her work has been featured in several international worldwide blogs and publications, including create magazine, candy floss magazine, Fad magazine, The Jealous Curator, visionary art collective, art mums united, Indian artists book of colour to name a few.

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