Artists! Here is how Email Marketing can grow your Creative Business.

Credits: Ekaterinas Popova

In today’s global economy, companies of all sizes must invest in marketing to stay competitive. However, as artists, we need to think of ways to expand our fan base without incurring a financial burden.

I know you must think that social media is one of the best tools to market one creative business. I agree social media works wonders, but it has its challenges, like its own algorithms and policies, so it’s better not to depend solely on social media for our marketing. 

So now you must be wondering what we can do then. The answer to that is an email list and email marketing. 

And in this article, you will learn about an email list and how you can build it as an artist for your creative business.

But before coming to that, to make a successful email list, you must know your target audience. And if you don’t know how to do it, then we have the article How to find your target audience and you can read it on our website for free. Read Here.

Now coming toward the main subject of the article, the first thing is we must know what an email list is. 

So basically, an email list is a list of email addresses that a business gathers of their customers/visitors to send them the latest updates, discounts, information, and other details in digital format in their inbox. 

So if you have ever come across a ticker asking for you to subscribe to their channel or newsletters, which I am sure you must have, then that is their way of collecting the email addresses of their new customers or visitors. 

Now that you have the basic knowledge about what is an email list. Let’s move towards how to build an email list as an artist for our creative businesses.

Building an email list from scratch might feel like a lot of work but trust me, it will be one of your most essential investments. 

So when you start building your email list, the first step is 

1- To select an efficient email marketing platform: 

This step will be your first but most crucial step in building an email list. There are many options available on the internet. Some are free of cost, and there are some that you must pay for.

When you are just in the beginning, you can start with free platforms, and as your email list goes up, you can eventually shift to the paid ones. 

If I talk about Arts to Hearts, we use flodesk as an ERP to send our beautiful emails to our subscribers and community. The reasons we prefer using flodesk are because of its convenience and how easy it is to use. 

Then, flodesk is ideal for small businesses, artists, illustrators, designers, and creative professionals. They indeed are one of the leading in sending beautiful emails. If you want, you can subscribe to flodesk here using our affiliate link.

So start with deciding on the email marketing platform that aligns with your needs and budget. Then move on to the next step.

2- Create pop-ups for your website

Using pop-ups to encourage visitors to join your mailing list or subscribe to your business is an excellent strategy if you own a website.

However, that’s also OK if you don’t have a website. You always have the option of creating one for yourself, and if you need assistance, read our post on how to create an efficient artist website, and then you will be ready to go.

So make pop-ups on every landing page of your website and make it easy for people to subscribe to your creative business. 

3- Provide your customers with values & great incentives 

If you want more people to sign up for your business or blog, you must provide them with valuable content, resources, and incentives. If you want people to trust you with their emails, you must ensure that you deliver exactly what they want from you.

For example, we at Arts to Hearts send an email twice a week to our audience, letting them know our content every week, like some information about our new podcast episode, article, our call for art, and about our shop that we have just made live recently on our website. You can visit and see what we have in store for you by clicking this link. So basically, we update them on everything new and resourceful in the world of artists.

Arts To Hearts Project Subscription for women Artists

To provide value and incentives to your customers/ visitors so that when they sign up, they know that they will get something good in return for sure. 

Example of an artist email list offer: Ekaterinas Popova

4- Be clear with your message 

Your email sign-up should clearly state what it offers or what people will get when they sign up on it. If you provide a discount, it should mention that you are offering downloadable templates or anything. It should be clearly stated on it. 

So that the customer or visitor will know exactly what they will get in return, so always use clear and right words to forward your message. 

So experiment with the different call of action words like subscribe, download, or get my e-book, etc to know what performs better and works better for you and use that to make more people sign up for your business or blog.

Example from

5- Promote your sign-up forms on all your social media platform 

Social media is a great tool to reach many audiences, so make sure you have your sign-up form on all your social media accounts. So when someone visits your profile and sees the form, they will instantly fill it out because it will be easy for them to reach out to you again or see what you offer in the future. 

So be visible and make your sign-up easy and convenient for people as much as possible because the easier it will be, the more people will be able to join and subscribe.

So these are some of the steps that will help you begin your journey of making your email list. 

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So that’s all from my side. I will see you next article till then, take good care of yourself and have a great week ahead. 

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