Three Morning Rituals That Can Set You Up For Creative Success w/ Marina Granger, Founder of The Artist Advisory.

About Marina

Marina Press Granger has nearly 15 years of experience working in the museums and galleries in New York City. She holds a master’s degree in Art History and a special place in her heart for artists.

Her work has brought her in close contact with a plethora of players in the art world; artists, collectors, curators, dealers, and consultants. Granger has also curated independently and contributed to gallery exhibition catalogs. It is her advice and experience that she wishes to share with you.

Since starting The Artist Advisory in 2018, Granger earned a Certification in Classical Chinese San Yuan Feng Shui and Reiki I&II. In addition to her practical experience and analytical skills, Granger has been using these spiritual tools to guide artists and businesses towards success.

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In this episode, Marina talks about

  • What is feng shui, and what are its impacts?
  • What are morning rituals, and how it affects our daily life?
  • What are the rituals that she follows, and how can you do them to achieve success daily?
  • She discusses how artists should present their work to galleries.
  • She describes an elevator pitch and why the artist must make an elevator pitch that can set them apart from others.

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