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5 Landscape Paintings By Women Artists To See The World Beyond Realism.

The purpose of abstract art is to reveal the artist’s inner vision through a symbolic representation that goes beyond the realm of what a person can imagine. And the paintings of landscapes are an excellent illustration of combining nature and abstract art.

In this week’s Arts to Hearts Project Feature Article, we are featuring five women artists that paint such beautiful landscape paintings that will take you to another world of imagination.

So keep on reading to learn about them all.

Rebecca Tucker (@rebeccatuckerpaintings)

Rebecca Tucker, b. 1973, lives in Greater London, and owns an Interior Design company in Wimbledon. She is a Lancashire born/London-based painter, with a BA in Fine Art from Reading University in 1996.

Her paintings are the result of a visual ‘discussion’ between abstract and more representational methods of depicting subjects. Rebecca is keen to play with the viewer’s perception of subject and space in her paintings and then pull that preconceived idea back to the appreciation of what are essentially abstract marks on a two-dimensional surface.

Recent notable successes include being selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022, being shortlisted for the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2022, being selected for the 2021 ING Discerning Eye exhibition, being longlisted in the 2021 Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize, and featuring in Gita Joshi’s ‘Art Seen’ magazine, spring 2022.

Rebecca is represented by Wychwood Gallery, Hampstead Garden Gallery, Mint Art Gallery, and BobCat Gallery, and has been exhibited in group shows and at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea and Hampstead, London.

As an active member of ArtCan Org Rebecca has had pieces accepted into several curated physical and online exhibitions with the group.

Other galleries and exhibiting experiences include selection by Gita Joshi for an online show with New York-based Visionary Art Collective, solo shows with Stripe Santa Cruz, a lifestyle store that features new artists each month; inclusion in the Visual Artists Association show in 2021; inclusion in the SFSA Open at the No Format Gallery, Deptford 2021 and a self-curated group show alongside two other artists at Blackall Studios in Shoreditch in 2011.

Chantel Bettencourt (

Chantel Creates timeless original artwork for those who want to encapsulate a memory or emotion that has moved them.

She uses her love of movement with the palette knife to dance the colors and figures around the canvas in an
expressionist style. All while staying authentic to the feeling of the painting with her unique vision.
Although Chantel’s love of art started at a young age, it wasn’t until going through the passing of multiple family and friends deaths and Post Partum that she sought out a creative outlet that would help manage her mental health.

Her journey into art and mental health began to unfold in January 2021. Not only did painting allow her to express her pent-up emotions, but it also brought her a feeling of inner peace and got her into a meditative state of mind. Her love of art was reinstated. Chantel knew she needed to continue painting, tell her story, and help others feel less alone by seeing their emotions expressed through art.

Julia Katrina (

Julia Katrina is based in Ontario, Canada. Julia’s paintings have been inspired by her travels across Canada, the USA, Europe, and South America. Many of her paintings reflect the beauty and geography of Ontario.

Julia uses oil paint and cold wax medium to create impressions of nature, landscapes, and waterscapes on wood panels. The paintings are created in layers using a palette knife and bowl scraper.

Julia’s work has been juried into several gallery juried art shows in Ontario including Latcham Art Gallery Annual Juried Art Show (2020), Scugog Arts Annual Juried Art Show (2021), and Newmarket Juried Art Show (2021). Her paintings have also been featured in several magazines including Murze Magazine and Wandering Autumn Magazine.

$5 from every painting sold is donated to SickKids Hospital (The Hospital for Sick Children located in Toronto).

Deborah Eve Alastra (@deborahalastra)

International living and travel along with her current residence in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA, have strongly influenced Deborah’s work. With an enormous ever-growing portfolio, her paintings range from antiquated urban scenes in Europe, and small towns in Mexico to lush gardens and landscapes throughout the areas she has lived and traveled. In the winter she focuses on unique stills, snow scenes, and scenes for children’s rooms. Described as impressionistic-village naive her work has touches of whimsy and beauty displaying her vision of the world. Suitable for all ages in the home, hospitality, and corporate settings. Displayed here are selections of her work, many more pieces available can be viewed on her Instagram account:

Amanda Gallagher(@absintheandinkart)

Amanda practiced documenting experiences and memories. she works in oil and acrylic paint mediums on top of a unique spray paint abstraction, and has recently adopted the use of palette knives as her key painting apparatus. This technique makes a curious display of soft subjects engaging with an abstract space that displays architecture, landscape, and decay. 

she’s previously explored subjects where nature has overpowered human intervention in paintings and lithography, and now looks to the emotive qualities of the Canadian landscape and rural environments.

So this is the work of our featured artists.

And we are excited to tell you that our new call for art is on the same theme, Biosphere-Art, Animals, and Environment.

So if you want your work to be seen by an international community of 20,000+ readers, listeners, and followers worldwide, that includes leading art patrons, collectors, gallerists, artists, platforms, and more, you can submit your work to our new call for art.

You will find all the details by pressing that button, and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

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