What Is The Best Way To Grow On Social Media As An Artist?

Do you all remember those initial days when we made our first social media account?

Everyone was overjoyed at the prospect of maintaining electronic ties with their pals. We used to post hourly status updates, and would comment on everything and anything.

My first foray into the world of social media was a Facebook account, and I remember it well. My first “status” was probably “HeLlO FrIEnDz I Luv YeW” when I was in high school. To this day, I can’t explain why all the cool kids in my high school typed with a single capital letter and a single lowercase letter, but we all did it because it was the thing to do.

Thanks to Facebook’s “10-year-old statuses” feature, I can chuckle over those posts and remember how dumb and innocent we all were back then.

Back then, it was just to have a fun method to keep in touch with our pals; we had no idea that it would become such a vital part of our daily lives.

Today, the advent of several social media platforms has completely altered our society. Any company, no matter how big or little, that wants to make a reputation for itself and connect with a wider audience needs a social media presence.

When it comes to sharing our artwork with the world and making connections with other artists, it’s even more crucial that we have a social media presence.

This article is for you if you are a creative who is stuck in your social media growth. Here, I’ll go through five tried-and-true methods for building your artist brand via social media and building a money-making business.

Stay with me here, and I’ll fill you in on the details.

Consistency is the key

Maintaining a posting schedule is essential for social media success. You should still make the post even if no one reads it because no one ever became famous overnight. Getting where you want to go requires a lot of determination, bravery, and time.  So make a schedule that works for you and is according to your needs and then be consistent with it.

The Arts to Hearts Project social media accounts, for instance, update fresh content daily. On Mondays, for example, we feature retro material; on Tuesdays, we pose a question; on Wednesdays, we release our article; and on Thursdays, we air our podcast. In this manner, we maintain a steady schedule of daily uploads while keeping the information fresh.

So you should first make a plan and decide on your content and then post it accordingly.

Pro tip: Do some research on when people in your area are most likely to be online and post at those times. You’ll be able to connect with more actively interested users as a result.

Artwork Credit: Charuka Arora

Always Deliver Quality Content

As an artist, whenever you upload an image of your artwork make sure that it’s of the best quality and provides the best experience to your audience.

And as a creative that is more into giving learning and teaching lessons to your audience. Then in order to grow on social media, your content must always be of the highest possible quality and should always provide value to your audience. When uploading content, focus on what will truly benefit your readers and viewers by teaching them something new and/or enriching.

Don’t publish anything merely to publish it. If you must post online, please do it with extreme caution.

Remember to always consider the following factors before publishing:

Number One: Why Should I Upload It?

Two, how will this affect my target market and sales?

Three, will it improve the lives of my key audience?

If you’ve thought of a great solution to every one of these issues, by all means, share it.

If you can’t think of a good solution, posting it as an experiment to see how people react to it is still a fine idea. Learn from their reactions to the content and apply those lessons the next time you’re trying to come up with something new to share. But never compromise on the quality and value of the content that you provide to your audience.

Artwork Credit: Amanda Clark.

Make A Connection With Your Audience

Building relationships with your core audience is the single most important aspect of social media expansion. There are two methods in which you can interact with the target audience to achieve this goal.

One strategy is to join in on existing conversations on topics relating to your specialty. Visit the profiles of your target audience or your competitors to learn more about what they’re sharing and to share your thoughts in response. Create a lively and interesting debate and strike up conversations with individuals. Add value to their content, and share your thoughts about their work. give them positive feedback and show them that you are really interested in their artwork.

Second, you may interact with your audience by reacting to their comments, direct messages, and other forms of communication.

On the Arts to the Hearts Project account, for instance, we ask a question about artists and creatives every Tuesday and then respond to the answers we receive. The members of our community also benefit from our assistance, as we answer their questions via direct messages and elsewhere.

Therefore, it is important to engage with your audience on social media in order to create a lasting relationship with them.

Pro tip: when commenting or replying to anything, always be kind and never react to anything angrily or rudely. When expressing your thoughts, remember to be polite and to use appropriate language.

Artwork Credit: Victoria J. Fry

Do Your Research and Use Appropriate Hashtags.

The adoption of popular and timely hashtags is crucial for gaining traction on social media. It’s the most efficient strategy for gaining exposure for your content or company among a larger group of people.

Do some research to determine which hashtags are most relevant to your goals and the kind of following you’re hoping to attract. 

For that make a list of the top ten hashtags related to your niche, which you can then utilize in all of your posts. There will be more eyes on your content and a greater likelihood of it being seen by more people if you do this.

Here’s a pro tip: once you’ve settled on your top ten hashtags, go comment on ten photographs, stories, or posts using each of those hashtags every day. In the end, the time spent using this strategy will prove worthwhile.

Artwork Credit: Ekaterinas Popova

You Must Never Stop Experimenting with New Things.

Despite the fact that social media is a fantastic way to get your name out there and build your brand, each platform is constantly updating its algorithms, making it difficult to keep up. Your post’s visibility, engagement, and interaction could fluctuate widely from one day to the next, even for the exact same piece of material.

This is for the day that it actually does happen to you. Don’t lose hope; we appreciate your efforts and realize how discouraging it can be when your social media material fails to attract the attention you had hoped for. Even so, we never forget that social media platforms are continually tweaking their algorithms, which in turn affects the content we share on those networks.

In light of this, it is essential that you constantly experiment with fresh material and remain abreast of the latest social media trends. In this way, you’ll have a steady stream of fresh ideas at your disposal, ensuring your social media presence continues to flourish. So this was all from our side, and I hope this will help you in the long run. With that, I will take a leave and see you with another article soon. For now, I wish you well and a wonderful week

Artwork Credit: Crass Waters

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