overcoming the challenges of being a female artist

Overcoming the Challenges of Being a Female Artist in 2023: Advice from Professional Artists

Every week, the Arts to Hearts Project Instagram page poses a single question to its members, providing a platform for women artists to share their experiences. The responses to these inquiries are highlighted in the weekly community article, providing a glimpse into the lives and perspectives of these talented creators.

This week, the Arts to Hearts Project asked members of its community about the biggest challenge they would want to overcome in 2023 as a female artist. We were overwhelmed with the response we received from our members who shared their personal stories and experiences. From achieving financial independence and visibility, to gaining recognition for their work and breaking down structural barriers to success, many of them expressed their struggles but also the strength that comes from overcoming adversity.

One member spoke about her ambition to defy gender stereotyping in art by utilizing more diverse forms of expression and using her own voice instead of adhering to mainstream standards. Another spoke passionately about having more representation in the creative industry, while another spoke about being taken seriously as an artist despite societal expectations of women’s roles.

So keep on reading to know what challenges women artists from around the world wants to over come in 2023.

overcoming the challenges of being female artists

These responses are especially powerful because they reflect a sense of courage and resilience that is so often missing from discussions around female artists. They demonstrate that despite the significant challenges posed by systemic inequalities, these individuals remain committed to achieving their goals and making progress in areas that have traditionally been dominated by men.

With this energy guiding them forward, it is no wonder that these women have achieved such success and continue on their journey towards even greater heights in 2023. Through the collective support of our community here at Arts to Hearts, we are determined to do all we can to ensure these obstacles are overcome so our female artists continue shining brighter than ever before.

And The Arts To Hearts Project is excited to collaborate with selected artists to create the studio visit book Vol 1 that will be curated by non other than Jealous Curator aka Danielle Krysa that will be released in April- May of 2023. Each artist will be featured with four pages dedicated to their work and an interview about their studio practice. As a token of our appreciation, each artist will receive a complimentary digital copy of the book and have the chance to be featured on social media.

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