Redefining & Reliving Attitude Through Art: Artist Feature X Ana Sneeringer

About the Artist :
Ana Sneeringer is a Slovenian self-taught artist who has embraced the freedom of being self-taught. Before she began her art career, she was engaged for ten years in documentary journalism. Having realised her passion for drawing and painting while moving around the world over the last decade, she started her artistic career a bit later in life. Having no professional art training gives her the encouragement and freedom to simply create from her heart instead of trying to find a balance between educational training and personal expressions.
She started painting in the Dominican Republic. Her art there was a mixture of emotional cultural shock expressed through abstraction, but shortly after, she found herself back to creating portraits, which she is now known for. Since then, Ana has been fascinated with the attitude a woman’s face conveys and has made that her primary subject matter.
In 2018, she moved with her family to India, where she currently lives and works. Her art has been exhibited internationally in the United Arab Emirates, India, the United States, Italy, and Canada. She has been featured by All She Makes and Create! Magazine, and most recently was one of five Slovenian contemporary women artists selected by LIDL Slovenia and Europa Donna for a project with the aim of spreading awareness about breast cancer through their art.

About Artist’s work :

I draw and paint portraits of ladies with attitude. I am inspired by women from different cultures all over the world for their some of them I was lucky to meet and know personally, while others are just women who I came across in pictures of photographers I find online. My art is reflection and an expression of my own attitude towards these women, their life and my own life I live with them.

I unconsciously seek women with a strong character and energy, who express raw emotions and aren’t afraid to show their genuine and natural personality. All of my portraits represent quirky and unique ladies.
We can’t run form daily emotions we face. I have a need to capture and express these feelings trough my portraits in order to show the world how strong humans are, and especially women.

My work speaks the language of the country I live in. My home at his moment is India. Living here makes me spin around in many directions – from laughter to frustration. Living in such a colorful country as India you definitely cannot ignore the vibrant environment surrounding you. As such, I developed an absolute love of lively and bold colors. As well a strong will and desire to depict portraits of women empowerment.

An insight to the artist’s creative process/ practice:
Lately, I’ve been noticing that all my art starts with how I feel with what I am thinking, reading or talking about where certain things stand or where they are going. Before I would study certain topic, story and build up emotion/attitude before I would go and artistically address it to convey the emotion trough my portraits. Usually, when I get that strong evoked feeling in me, I am off to my studio, and or if I am already in the studio, I just let go of the thing that I am doing at the moment and start painting. Now being a mom, I am not capable of always going to the studio at the “aha” moment, so I tend to use notes on my phone and write down my thoughts at the moment, and that’s how I get inspiration.

Sometimes, the process starts by having that blank material in front of me (paper, canvas) standing alone for a few days, sometimes weeks, while I gather “experience” and attitude to transfer it any shape of art. Sometimes I look for some reference online (due to not seeing people in person) to use some features, but not the complete portrait, and then I sketch. I wish I would be looser and just do it without using a pencil, but then the whole “biology” of each of my portraits starts with a pencil, and the pencil has its meaning.  Once I start applying the paint, the original sketch of my portrait changes.  But it still carries the same message I am conveying. I am not a structural artist. I guess that’s because I never went to an art school. I start sketching where I feel I should start, from a mouth or an eye or an ear etc., and then I build-up to the full face. When I am applying colors in paint, I follow the feeling at that moment. And then I paint until I finish.

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Her work has been featured in several international worldwide blogs and publications, including create magazine, candy floss magazine, Fad magazine, The Jealous Curator, visionary art collective, art mums united, Indian artists book of colour to name a few.

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