Paintings representing feelings of connection, expansion and growth with Fernanda Martinez: Artist Spotlight

Artist Bio: Fernanda Martínez is a mexican artist based in Oakland, California. She graduated in communications and moved to California where she created La Tinta Art,

her personal brand. Fernanda’s art and murals are best recognized for its highly expressive spirit; through her work she explores the relation with the environment by incorporating nature elements as themes, her primarily medium is acrylic. Through her one of a kind vibrant pieces, Fernanda aims to inspire people to celebrate life and pay attention to details.

Over the past years, Fernanda has exhibited her work throughout galleries and local events; she has also collaborated with brands licensing designs for seasonal retail and textile collections. La Tinta’s products can be found in local bay area stores and select online platforms.

About Artist’s Work :

In my creative practice I tend to construct stories where colors are more than simple elements. I like to think about each color as a unique entity that comes to life as the process evolve. In the end, color determines the wholeness of each and every one of my pieces.

I describe my process as experimental and intuitive, where reflection is present in every aspect of it. When there is no plan, there are endless possibilities that contribute to my artistic practice growth.

Painting is reflecting and finding the truest connection to oneself, then, feelings and thoughts arise, building a unique story behind each artwork. My paintings are short stories, holding many hours of self-conversations and joy.

Each one of my pieces is a unique statement that represents feelings of connection, expansion and growth; same as we perceive the power of earth by its foundations, grounding, seasons and colors.

What does “Home” mean to you : 

Home is where the heart and soul rest; its meaning goes beyond the physical territory, it is the foundation of a person’s values, memories and security. Our home shapes our thoughts, goals and behaviors even more than what we admit. It is our shelter when we need a safe place to rely upon; every time we lose direction or feel disoriented, we go back to our refuge.
Sometimes home is a person, a pleasing memory, a marvelous idea. Sometimes we feel like we don’t belong to the place or situation we are currently living at and we realize that home is not other than ourselves.

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